The best Restaurants in Oklahoma City are:

      Rating: 5.0
Category: Steak House
1309 South Agnew Avenue
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73108
(405) 236-0416
Cattleman's is an Oklahoma staple. So the outside isn't very exciting, just go inside take a deep breath and you will be hooked. These are the best... More
      Rating: 4.1
Category: Restaurants
5418 N Western Ave (at I-44 & N. Western Avenue)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73118
(405) 848-7678
I do admit there are some dishes not quite up to the restaurant expectations that I avoid now such as steak. They do have some of the most creative... More
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      Rating: 4.9
Category: Restaurants
620 N Harvey Ave (at Houston Street)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102
(405) 235-3313
I've been to the outdoor portion of the memorial several times. It's beutiful and peaceful. But it is sad. It took me a few visits before I was... More
      Rating: 4.6
Category: Restaurants
6437 Avondale Dr
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73116
(405) 842-1000
No one expects the Coach House to be what you'd call a value, but the prices were higher than I had expected. For 3 people we spent $220, that was... More
      Rating: 4.6
Category: Steak Houses
7 South Mickey Mantle Drive
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73104
1 (405) 272-0777
My husband and I had dinner at Mickey Mantle's for our anniversary and it was truly a memorable evening. Everything we ate: appetizers, salads,... More
      Rating: 4.6
Category: Restaurants
2037 S Meridian Ave
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73127
(405) 947-0779
Shorty's is a fun place with a neat atmosphere. We always feel so comfortable there. It is a little pricey but their owner's club cuts all the... More
      Rating: 4.5
Category: Restaurants
7508 N May Ave
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73116
(405) 842-3764
Dragon roll-never had better! Wonderful experience and I hope to return with friends. They do a great job and everyone should check them out. More
      Rating: 3.7
Category: Dinner & Dancing Restaurants
11710 S Western Ave
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73170
(405) 692-2640
Reading a few of the other responses, it is evident some people are new to the dance world. The prices of Top Hat are very much normal. Look up... More
      Rating: 3.6
Category: Japanese Restaurants
11900 N May Ave
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73120
(405) 749-0120
i go here every year to celebrate my birthday and a couple extra time a year when i have some time the atmosphere is absolutely amazing and the food... More
      Rating: 3.5
Category: Mexican Restaurants
2836 NW 68th St
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73116
(405) 848-8337
i gave it 5 stars because me and my parents love the salsa and queso there! It is to die for, honestly.. the other stuff on the menu is good, but... More
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