The best Fitness-and-Gyms in Brooklyn are:

      Rating: 4.8
Category: Sports & Recreation
137 West End Ave.
Brooklyn, New York 11235
(718) 743-5050
It makes intuitive sense; I was shocked when I reached this conclusion. I am one of those people who has a difficult time following directions while... More
      Rating: 4.6
Category: Tanning Salons
191 15th St (at Between 4th Avenue and 5th Avenue)
Brooklyn, New York 11215
(718) 965-6200
This gym has the best classes and teachers. They also provide child care services for members an exceptional staff. It truly makes your work out... More
      Rating: 4.3
Category: Personal Care
927 Flatbush Ave
Brooklyn, New York 11226
(718) 469-7272
I went from fat to fit. And it didn't take forever and it didn't cost me a million. Love this gym, I've been going for years, best place to spend my... More
      Rating: 4.2
Category: Personal Care
9215 Fourth Ave (at Between 92nd Street and 93rd Street)
Brooklyn, New York 11209
(718) 238-9400
I have to say that this is easiest the cleanest and the most taken care of gym i have ever been in. The gym is high profile and has excellent... More
      Rating: 5.0
Category: Yoga
118 N 11th St 3rd Fl (at Berry Street)
Brooklyn, New York 11211
(917) 868-6916
I've been working w/ Elisa for over a year - she had me hooked right away! She's knowledgable, patient, relaxed and has really gotten me far in... More
      Rating: 5.0
Category: Fitness
414 Degraw St
Brooklyn, New York 11231
(718) 330-9641
Tracie is a phenomenal Pilates Instructor. She caters each session to both my physical and mental state. I went to her with chronic neck/back pain... More
      Rating: 4.1
Category: Doctors & Other Healthcare Professionals
160 Montague St 2nd Fl
Brooklyn, New York 11201
(866) 959-2931
I got the absolute BEST massage ever at Yoga People! Regine, the masseuse there, made me brand new. I went to her twice during the last few weeks... More
      Rating: 3.9
Category: Yoga
792 Union St
Brooklyn, New York 11215
(718) 789-2288
I love this yoga center. It's one of the original centers in Park Slope- started way before there were so many centers in the neighborhood. The room... More
      Rating: 4.6
Category: Fitness
150 5th Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11217
(718) 622-6222
I started working with the amazing instructors at Body Tonic several years after having a two knee surgeries (torn ACL and followup). I'd had more... More
      Rating: 4.4
Category: Personal Care
9215 Fourth Ave (at Between 92nd Street and 93rd Street)
Brooklyn, New York 11209
(718) 238-9400
My husband and I moved from Manhattan to Bay Ridge after having my little girl and joined the closest health club to my condo. After spending over... More
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