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American Boarding Kennel


1102 Highway 13 E (at 1102 East Highway 12 Burnsville)
Burnsville, MN 55337

(952) 894-5100
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American Boarding Kennel - Burnsville, MN
American Boarding Kennel - Burnsville, MN
American Boarding Kennel - Burnsville, MN
American Boarding Kennel - Burnsville, MN
American Boarding Kennel - Burnsville, MN
American Boarding Kennel - Burnsville, MN
American Boarding Kennel - Burnsville, MN
American Boarding Kennel - Burnsville, MN
American Boarding Kennel - Burnsville, MN
American Boarding Kennel - Burnsville, MN
American Boarding Kennel - Burnsville, MN
American Boarding Kennel - Burnsville, MN
American Boarding Kennel - Burnsville, MN
American Boarding Kennel - Burnsville, MN
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I would like to tell everyone about the wonderful service that my dog receives at the American Boarding Kennel (ABK) in Burnsville, MN.\r \r Ace is a highly active, adorable, 8-...


I was considering boarding my eldery Golden Retriever here while I was away for the weekend. The website looked great, so a gf and I decided to check it out. We were very underwhe...

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/4/2013

We boarded our dog at ABK for the 2 years we lived in Minneapolis and always had a great experience. The owner was extremely helpful when it came time for us to move and we had to ship our dog via cargo to the new location. He arranged everything for us (including a vet visit, purchasing the ticket and transportation to the airport) and even kept her another night when the scheduled flight was delayed. We also always added doggy daycare to our boarding (only $8 extra a day) and our dog always came home ready to rest! Staff was always nice and helpful and pick up and drop off was easy. Would definitely recommend to other pet owners. more

Best Experiences at ABK! 1/17/2013

I decided to board my dog at ABK for a week and he really loved it. After suggestions from the front desk he was enrolled in doggy daycare and they let me know about all the friends he made and how much fun and exercise he got. Also, because he was boarding for more than 4 nights the kennel offered a complimentary bath which was really convenient for us. The kennel staff seemed to pay really good attention to his behavior and his eating habits while we were gone. I could tell they enjoyed having him as much as he enjoyed being there. I will definitely bring him back and would recommend ABK to others. Pros: friendly/mature staff, clean, and a one stop shop for me! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/20/2012

I was in a jam and had to find someplace to keep our dachshund for a week while on vacation. ABK was the only place I could find. People have told me they have boarded their dog before and it was ok so I thought I'd try it. What a huge mistake! When we got there, my son was already sad because we had to leave our dog in the first place, so after we start giving all our info, some girl comes out and is trying to throw some kind of leash on the dog and not doing a very good job. So my son say's he'll help her and walk the dog back for her and the girl just grabbed the dog leash from him and started dragging the dog with her. My son ran out the doors bawling his eyes out and embarrassed to let anyone see him crying. I tried to comfort him and tell him it would be alright and that they'd take good care of her for us. Well, they didn't. We got back into town a week later and went straight to pick her up. When we got there, and they brought the dog up, she was crunched up and timid and weary. We could see immediately that she had lost weight. They charged me an arm and a leg and like an idiot, I paid them and son already had the dog and was out in the car with her...on our way home, well the minute I got into the car I could smell the dog...she smelled like dog feces, and had it all over her feet. Dried and crusted all over all of her paws. Then my son noticed a big chunk of skin had been ripped off her nose and it was red and open yet. Also, he noticed a large lump on the side of her ribs. I'm assuming some other dog hurt her or someone hit or kicked her pretty hard because it was rather large. It went away about 3 day's later, but she was very tender in that area. My son and I wouldn't board our dog there again if someone else paid for it. I was not impressed by a single thing at this boarding kennel. The entire experience left a bad taste in my mouth. I wonder what the dog would say if she could speak? No, I know exactly what she'd say. I would not recommend this place to my worst enemy or anyone who cares about their animal even just a little. This place is in it for the money. They could give 2 craps less about your dog. more

ABK is the Greatest! 11/29/2011

I would like to tell everyone about the wonderful service that my dog receives at the American Boarding Kennel (ABK) in Burnsville, MN.\r \r Ace is a highly active, adorable, 8-yr old black lab. Being a ?working mom? I felt guilty that he is stuck at home all day during the week. I checked out a location that offers a 24-hour service with all of the dogs in a large area. Ace went for a trial run and he failed! They were polite and told me that Ace does not like other dogs in his face and he is not welcome there any more.\r \r I then hit the web and found that ABK had day care, over-night boarding, day boarding and dog walking. The dog walking caught my attention so I called. I talked to Dave (the owner) and explained how Ace was black listed at the other place. We talked about the wide variety of options that ABK offers. With Dave?s help, I decided to try Ace in their day care program with Dave watching Ace and his reactions. Again, Ace failed due to not liking dogs in his f more

American Boarding is the Greatest! 11/29/2011

I would like to tell everyone about the wonderful service that my dog receives at the American Boarding Kennel (ABK) in Burnsville, MN. Ace is a highly active, adorable, 8-yr old black lab. Being a more

i love using american boarding kennels! 9/5/2011

i recently needed to board my dog, Baxter, while i was in the hospital. The front desk staff was extremely helpful in setting up reservations and answering all of my questions. Also, a member of the staff even came out to pick up my dog, since i was unable to drive that day! I have to admit i was hesitant on boarding my dog here based on some reviews, but i am VERY glad i left my dog with this caring staff! I went to pick up my dog a week later, and i was impressed how happy Baxter was and he even came up with a report card and bandana! If the report card and bandana didnt seal the deal for me, it was seeing how happy my dog was and how much his tail was wagging! He spent the last 5 minutes there, giving kisses to the gal that brought him up. Prehaps he was saying ""Thank You"" the only way he knew how! more

GREAT PLACE 8/9/2011

I recently boarded my two dogs at this kennel. When I arrived in the parking lot and opened the door, my big dog (Dakota) jumped out over me through the front door, knocking me out with my purse and my little dog (Cannon) came out, too. I was on the ground, all tangled and from out of nowhere an employee from the kennel with a leash was asking my dog's name so she could get Dakota. I was so happy that she was there to get him, while I captured Cannon who would have run off and never come back. I have never boarded either dog before and I think they had a blast there. Dakota was sufficiently tired (I had him in doggy daycare for 1/2 a day) and they both smelled wonderful from their complimentary baths. The employees seemed happy to be working there and seemed to genuinely like their jobs. I wll for sure recommend ABK to others and when I go on vacation again, I will use them again. more

Memorial Day Stay 6/9/2011

We recently boarded our dog Sam at American Boarding Kennel. Things could not have been smoother. Sam seemed to really enjoy his stay. The staff was extremely friendly and seemed to have a genuine care for Sams well being...unlike other places we have tried. If I have one complaint it would be their lack of hours on Memorial Day, but it worked out for us anyway. We will definitely be back! more

Over priced, insensitive staff 6/7/2011

I would look elsewhere. It was not a comfortable environment for us. more

Love ABK 2/26/2010

I have been to ABK several times to board my dog, and bring him to doggy daycare he absolutely LOVES it!! All the staff treats the dogs/cats with the up most care! The doggy daycare staff is great!! They watch the dogs very well and keep things under control at all times!! Some of the staff is young, but they all do an amazing job with the dogs. They always greet my dog with a smile and know his name on the spot!! We have only had our dog groomed once, and we were very happy how he turned out. He usually gets a bath after his stay, and always comes home soft and smelling great!! I love bringing my dog to ABK and will keep returning!! Pros: Doggy daycare, GREAT staff more

Poor service 7/13/2009

We were very disappointed when we brought our maltese to American Boarding Kennels to be groomed for the first time. We had been to several other groomers, but thought we would try this place since it was close to our house. When I called to make the appointment the lady said that it would be no problem at all to drop him off in the morning and pick him up in the evening. They would put him in doggy daycare for free for the day. I thought it sounded great! When my husband dropped him off, it seemed like the entire place was staffed by inconsiderate teenagers who didn't want to be there. They said they didn't need his vaccination records. When they called later to see when we'd be there to pick him up, they said they couldn't put him in daycare because they didn't have his records! They were also going to charge us for having to take him out for a potty break/walk. When he explained to them that we were told it would be included, they informed him that they would deal with it when he got there. They also called both of us, but never left a message. We found out this information when we looked the number up and called them back. Cons: Rude/unorganized staff more

Love it! 10/1/2008

We love this place for all of our needs. We have a mixed breed dog that some kennels/ day cares won't even take. Our dog goes to ABK for grooming, doggy day care and boarding. He loves it and is so happy and tired when he returns from playing so much. It is pretty loud, but that is part of the experience. We get a report card on how his stay went. All of the staff knows his name and greets us and him when we arrive. We also brought him here for obideince classes, which were also very helpful. Our dog gets so excited when we turn the corner and he can see the builidng from the car. We love it. Pros: Daycare, grooming, boarding and training all in one. Cons: Small outside area, loud more

Great Dog Food Program 5/21/2008

Made a recent trip to American Boarding Kennels for dog food. Was I pleasantly surprised! New owners have really fixed up this place. Nicely lit show room is fully stocked with premium pet foods, toys, and supplies. Staff was great, and helped me find what I needed. Also nice training room, which is very nicely decorated. American Boarding Kennel is clearly the place to go for all your needs! Pros: Well lit building more

Happy Hunter 5/16/2008

We boarded our spring spaniel ""Hunter"" here for 10-days when we were on vacation. Hunter was groomed here and he looks great! He seams to have more spring with his new look. Hunter was also trained not to jump up on people, so we were really supprised how well he behaved when we got him back. We will use ABK again. Pros: Great haircut! more

Better every time I visit! 1/14/2007

With bright, new, pet loving ownership, American Boarding Kennels is thriving! Suddenly it's bright, busy, immaculate, well stocked, and staffed by a caring and knowledgeable crew. The showroom is replete with fun and useful pet supplies, and a great selection of premium foods. Training areas are full of sunshine, nicely decorated, and comfortable. Groomers galore do a lovely job on each client pet. And staff has the comfort of each boarding animal in mind-- personal attention to every animal on a regular basis sets this place a notch above the rest. ABK has become a one stop pet place. I'm impressed! more

This place stinks. 12/28/2006

I went to tour this place prior to boarding my dog - the website made it look like a pretty good place. We were ""greeted"" after about 10 minutes by a teenager who didn't seem to know much. She showed us the kennels: barking so loud I couldn't hear her talk, the smell of dog poop/pee so strong I almost gagged, and hard cement floors with little room for the dogs to lay down or move around. Their ""exercise yard"" consists of a small (maybe 4 feet wide) strip of grass along the back alley where they ""walk"" the dogs. ""Trained techincians"" were nowhere in sight. I wouldn't leave a happy, healthy, socialized dog here, much less an elderly dog or one with special needs (medication, special food, extra attention). NOT RECOMMENDED. Pros: can't think of one Cons: stinky and dirty cages, seemingly inexperienced staff, unhappy animals more

Wouldn't leave my dog here with these inexperienced teenagers 7/24/2006

I was considering boarding my eldery Golden Retriever here while I was away for the weekend. The website looked great, so a gf and I decided to check it out. We were very underwhelmed. Cons: no experience, far away, no treatment for pets more

good for boarding, used to be better for training 11/26/2005

Nice selection of pet items, good boarding services. Training services used to be better than they are now - some staff turnover has affected this unfortunately. The store connected to the boarding area and training facility is small but well stocked with pet food, toys, litter, etc. Not as much of a selection for more exotic animals though. more

excellent training 10/25/2005

we took our dogs to them about six months ago for obediance training and we were amazed at the results. they were so good at doing this . they had very experienced and trained handlers who took very good care of our dogs.they had affordable rates for that and in the end i was very satisfied with their service. more

Our Boxer got first place 8/29/2005

We brought our two year old boxer here for training and they did a fantastic dog. She went from being unruly and hyper to being the best behaved dog I have ever seen. She received a trophy for getting first place in dog training for her class! more
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  • American Boarding Kennels, established in 1978, is located in Burnsville, Minn. It provides kennel facilities, including pet boarding for dogs, cats and other small animals and a variety of pet care services. The kennel has an indoor boarding facility that offers year round heating and air conditioning and is disinfected daily, providing pet comfort, safety and care. American Boarding Kennels offers pets fresh food, clean water and bedding and a premium diet food and nutrition plan is also available for special pets. The kennel also provides pet grooming services, such as nail trims, flea treatment, bath and brush and show trims. American Boarding Kennels offers dog obedience classes that include basic, intermediate, novice and utility levels.. Dog boarding; cat boarding; doggie daycare; pet grooming; pet gear and supplies; obedience training; meals; medication; bathing; recreation; quality time with a caring staff

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  • Hours: Monday - Thursday: 8am-9pm Friday 8am-7pm Saturday 8am - 5pm Sunday Noon - 5pm
  • Payments: American Express, Discover, Master Card, Visa