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Editorial review from Citysearch - Review by citysearch c | Geoffrey B. Edmunds, DDS

Geoffrey B. Edmunds, DDS


Editorial review from Citysearch 5/17/2013

Professional? I think not. I was treated by Dr. Edmunds from January 2012 - August 2012. At first he was very nice, polite, and seemed genuine in trying to help me. He kept making promises that he'll be able to ""fix everything"" and ""it will all be ok"". He came up with half a dozen different theories about why my teeth became so sensitive and painful after some simple cavity fillings: everything from large canals to stress. After four months of treatment and a root canal, he was ready to crown one tooth despite the fact that I was still experiencing pain and discomfort. That is when he started to get irritated and frustrated with me. He told that he wanted to to wait to put the crown on until the pain subsided but a week later his office called me to ask why I have not come in to get the crown put on? And this happened 3 times. He would tell me one thing, and then something completely different days later and would get angry at me when I would point out that we discussed a different course of treatment. At one point, I called the office to say that something was wrong and I was in pain. The secretary was very rude to me and when I spoke to Dr. Edmunds, he was very annoyed with me and told me I was being crazy and I was bothering him but that he will prescribe me pain medication anyways just so that I would be satisfied. I was able to convince him that to see me the next week and he looked very uncomfortable when he had to admit that the pain was caused by a very bad gum infection caused by his temporary crown. He had to use a laser to remove the infected gum tissue, but not before telling me that the laser is a $700 procedure that he is performing for free ""out of the goodness of his heart"", not because he was wrong. During the 15 minute procedure, he talked nonstop. He told me that there is nothing he can do that will ever help me. How nobody can help me because it was all in my head. All the x-rays show that there is nothing wrong with my tooth so the pain is all subconscious. He said that if I want help, I need a psychologist or a psychiatrist. He was viscous and this went on for the entire 15-20 minute procedure. I had the contraption in my mouth to prevent me from closing it and I had a laser in my mouth. I literally could not say a word in my defense so I all I could do was lay there and cry while the assistant wiped the tears running down my face. And he just continued on and on. I never received an apology from that man. My last dealing with him was when he called me personally to tell me that I was a waste of his time. more
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