KidScore ratings are your at-a-glance measure of a place's kid friendliness

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What is KidScore?

As a parent have you been to a restaurant or place which you thought would be kid friendly, but that turned out not to be?

  • Kid friendly means different things to different people. The KidScore system aims to help busy parents determine how generally kid friendly restaurants, activities, and other businesses are.
  • We’ve spoken to hundreds of parents to develop a method with which to judge a place's kid friendliness using a variety of criteria.
  • Although we won’t give away our all our secrets, we will say that user reviews, feedback, and information from owners all play a role in determining a KidScore rating.








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Most popular kid friendly places.

Olive Garden
Since its founding in Orlando in 1982, Olive Garden has been dedicated to providing a...
Beaverton, OR
Barnes & Noble
Save with Barnes & Noble Beaverton. Barnes and Noble is the nations leading bookseller....
Beaverton, OR
Baja Fresh
Baja Fresh Beaverton, OR Mexican Grill has been making Mexican food favorites with handmade,...
Beaverton, OR
No sales. No gimmicks. Just brand name and designer fashions for you, your family and...
Beaverton, OR
Kaow Thai Cuisine
Kaow Thai has provided over 10 years of service to Beaverton, OR serving authentic Thai...
Beaverton, OR
Monteaux's Public House
What is Monteaux's you ask?

Simply put, an updated version of ye public houses...
Beaverton, OR

*Note: High chairs and menus are applicable to restaurants and eateries. Other institutions categories are not penalized for lacking these criteria.