UPMC Primary Care Oyster Point

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3045 Marietta Avenue
Lancaster, PA 17601

(717) 207-8017
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I've been a patient at Oyster Point for roughly 10 years. The doctors and NPs I have seen have all been very thorough and caring. They don't seem to miss anything. Sometimes yo...


We are fairly new to the area and were looking for a great medical practice. EVERYONE kept telling us that Oyster Pt was the best so (after trying one different place because I NE...

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/28/2013

I have been going to Oyster Point since I was a teen and now I am in my 40's. Although I do agree w/ some of the other issues in these reviews particularly about the issues getting blood drawn,same thing happened to me,4 different nurses,poked numerous times,bruises etc. I will say that there is one doctor there who makes any minor inconvience all worth it!! He is the most caring doctor I have ever seen anywhere and I would never see anyone else. more

oyster point 4/30/2012

We are fairly new to the area and were looking for a great medical practice. EVERYONE kept telling us that Oyster Pt was the best so (after trying one different place because I NEVER follow other peoples suggestions right away) we got in as patients. I have to say that I like the nurses...friendly to my children when they needed shots, offering them prizes , etc. The staff at the check -in desk is so-so but that seems to be the case in all medical practices-why is that??. The people at the billing desk seem pleasant too. My problem is with ""Kathy""( no idea what her job description is..she didn't tell me). I had phoned because I had received the wrong mail-order prescription and left a detailed message with someone about the CORRECT prescription ( which, by the way, I had been told would be COVERED by my insurance-turns out I still had to pay $30...I don't call that ""covered""!). Anyway, the doc didn't call me back, it was this Kathy who had a note from the doctor and was relaying what was in the note. When she paused at one point I said something and she got really snotty and said ""Can I finish??"". Totally uncalled for..I was simply clarifying something and she didn't want to hear it. So make sure that your doctor actually requests the correct prescription ( look what they write down!) and when they tell you that your insurance ""covers"" a prescription BE AWARE that they think a $30 payment means covered! Final review: Some doctors are careless and have money to throw around; ""Kathy"" is nasty and you don't want to deal with her. Now you decide whether you want to become a patient here. more

Health Care, Minus the Care 1/11/2012

Let me begin by comforting blue73812 by assuring this person that even with insurance, Oyster Point leaves much to be desired when it comes to medical practice. My loyalty since 1992 when my family doctor retired has meant nothing to this practice. When the swine flu epidemic hit Lancaster County two years ago, they refused to offer me an appointment and suggested I call 911 if I had trouble breathing. After years of being called in to receive screening results in person when no health issues were present, I finally received traumatic news delivered over the phone without any doctor follow-up or discussion. A close friend experiencing similar medical issues was offered to meet with a nutritionist and re-evaluated in 3 months time, yet I was given a packet of useless information which other professionals laughed at, and was asked for a 6 month follow up. Needless to say, the doctor you get an appointment with can make all the difference here. Good luck getting the same one each visit! If you are in need of routine blood work, my suggestion is that you get a referral to have it done elsewhere. At one point, three people who tried drawing blood from me at Oyster Point have failed and left me with large bruises from digging needles trying to find a vein. At no other point in my lifetime have I ever had issues at other facilities who have managed to draw blood on the first attempt. Once, I was bruised so badly on both arms, the hospital had to draw blood from my hand. I also incurred great expense for medical testing done by referral due to insurance coding that would have been otherwise fully covered. This facility claimed it was unlawful to change the code, yet that exception was made for another person who confided this information to me. I have tried to view my experiences at Oyster Point as positively as possible over the years, but have finally lost patience. I am seeking a new family practice in the area and hoping to find the same high level of care and compassion that I found when I first moved to the area many years ago. I refuse to be treated as Just A Number. more

Practice Takes Advantage of the Uninsured 12/23/2011

I have been going to this practice since 1998 as have my three daughters. My oldest recently lost her insurance and is too old to be on mine. She needed to go to the doctor, while she was seeing Fran Redman, I went to see the billing supervisor. I asked for a discount because of the circumstances. I was told if I paid today I would get 20% off the bill. Making the total $86.00 for a 10 minute visit. Oh boy! I told the supervisor that I had just received an EOB from my recent visit and the practice had accepted $54.00 from my insurance company, and that included my $20.00 co-pay, the $86.00 seemed unfair. I was told that 20% was all they were willing to do. You read about this all the time, doctors and hospitals taking advantage of the uninsured. I didn't expect to see it in Lancaster and at a practice that I had been a patient of for so long. Very, very disappointing. more

Unprofesional and inept 11/8/2011

I haven't been a patient for very long, and probably won't be for much longer. Two or three weeks ago, I had some blood work done. A very rude employee left a message on my cell stating, ""This is so and so calling AGAIN with your results"". Very rude and unprofessional. Once I got my results, I requested an MRI be set up and I specifically asked for it NOT to be set up at the Imaging Center, but at Health Campus instead. Guess where they schedued me for? When I left a message for the office manager regarding the two issues, I never got a response. Isn't it the office manager's responsibility to resolve issues like this???? Today, I called to set up the MRI again. First the girl gave me the wrong phone number for the campus, then she didn't give me the paperwork I needed in order to SCHEDULE the appointment, then they put me on hold and never came back to the phone. Wow. What a class outfit. more

Solid Practice 8/3/2009

I've been a patient at Oyster Point for roughly 10 years. The doctors and NPs I have seen have all been very thorough and caring. They don't seem to miss anything. Sometimes you have to wait a little bit beyond your appointment time, but I've never had to wait more than 30 minutes, total. There was one LPN/MA who was relatively unprofessional with both myself and my mother, but that was only one. I'd definitely keep going there if I lived in the area! Pros: knowledgable, caring staff Cons: timing more

meh 6/21/2009

i have been going there since i was a toddler but once i've gotten older i've found they are not very punctual. there was time when they were 10 minutes late to even get me into the office. Then i'd wait an additional 20 minutes for the dr. to come into the office, give him/her my symptoms and they'd write me a prescription. i just feel kind of jipped everytime i go and feeling like they should have given me a more thorough check up and tests. more

Best physician group in the area for family medicine 6/16/2008

I have been a patient of this practice for 4 years now and have found this group to be the best overall group of doctors I have ever been treated by. They listen to my concerns and work hard to treat me and my family each and every time. If you are looking for a skilled group for you or your family you certainly have come to the right place. Pros: Good parking - nice waiting room - very friendly staff more
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  • UPMC Primary Care Oyster Point is a Family practice physician located in Lancaster, Pa. Visit our website to learn more about the conditions we treat and the services we offer. Schedule your appointment today. UPMC is committed to protecting our communities from the spread of COVID-19. We continue to require people who come to any UPMC facility to wear a facemask that covers their nose and mouth and to practice other preventative efforts like social distancing, even if fully vaccinated.

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