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Swansons Nursery


9701 15th Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98117

(206) 782-2543
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Decent prices good seasonal selection of plants and flowers.


All the locals on the north side of town will tell you to go here; I like it for its very complete selection of herbs for your herb garden. Other nurseries will have some of this ...

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Good selection 10/25/2011

Decent prices good seasonal selection of plants and flowers. more

Excellent Service, friendly staff 10/28/2010

I have been dealing with Swanson's Nursery for my professional and personal needs for ten years. They are always professional, knowlegeable and easy to deal with. I would heartily recommend them. From special orchids for customers with exquisite decors to hay bales for kids pumpkin patches I have found them a great resource. And excellent delivery service too. more

They will get rare plants for you 4/14/2009

I have been in Swansons a couple of times and loved it, but even more useful and interesting have been the times I've called them. Once they referred me to another nursery close to my parents' house for a tree I wanted to get them--instead of having me buy it through them. And I just tried to get a rare tropical herbal plant (murraya koenigii) and they didn't have it, but responded with enthusiasm and a plan when I gave them a resource of where to get it. These people are lovely and amazing. I expect I'll be able to buy this rare herb from them next year. more

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Did anyone find my paycheck... 6/2/2007

...Oh, never mind, I just spent it all at Swanson's. This is a good thing. This doesn't mean they are expensive, I just bought a lot of stuff. If you are a gardener in Seattle you know about Swanson's so I really don't need to sing their praises. The staff takes time to help you with all questions regardless of the amount of people in the store and they will stay with you until your questions are answered. Sure you can go to the big box places to buy plants and save a buck or two, but the difference in price is made up in the knowledge at Swanson's. At Home Depot of Fred Meyer you are lucky if you can find a person to talk to let alone answer questions. I have never had a bad experience at Swanson's, even after I get the large Credit Card bill. Now if I could just remember to uses those damn Swanson's bucks! more

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Swansons Nursery 5/12/2007

I live pretty close to Swansons, and while there are places cheaper, there are none prettier and as well stocked inside the city, or as close to home. They have a huge selection of Monrovia brand, which I never have a problem growing, and thier staff have always been kind and courteous. One guy helped me with vine plants for a good 30 minutes, sharing his knowledge and getting info about the climate in my yard so that I'd get just the right thing. A great place to gather ideas as well. more

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Even if you're not looking to buy anything, this is a great place to spend an afternoon 3/30/2006

This is a great nursery all year round. They've always got tons of plants, trees, and accessories to check out. It's a really pleasant place to just wander around since it's pretty big. A friend of mine used to bring her kids here when she was babysitting since there was so much to see. They usually do coupons and things around July and December, so watch for those. Definitely my first stop for all gardening, houseplant, and related shopping. more

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Swanson's Nursery 3/9/2006

This is an extravaganza of a nursery experience. I loved it when they were a bit smaller with a resident golden retriever, who greeted all the visitors and waited for pets. There were even puppies at one time. Alas, growth changes everything. Still, they are a wonderful nursery. Everything from seeds to trees, great pots, and a wonderfully-designed garden display which overlooks the Sound. Hard-to-find plants and expert advice. They have a new coffee shop and winding koi pond. I've purchased a bare-root tree, and several shrubs at their fall sale. more

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O'Christmas Tree! 12/7/2005

We headed out to hunt for Christmas tree, and after our 4th tree lot (in shock from the prices), we found ourselves at Swanson's (just for kicks). We were so surprise that for only $10 more - we feel like we got such a great value. My son is 16 years old, so it is it a completely different experience than having little ones, but we still enjoyed the Reindeer, the lovely electric Christmas choo-choo train, the old tractor is a great photo op, hot cider and cookies....and they hang the trees from the ceilings inside of these gigantic green houses, so viewing the trees is hands free (and it is easy to spin the tree and see all sides), and then they use this machine to shake all the loose debris from the tree, they hand you a little tag and take if off to the loading area for you and put it in a handy little net! For paying only $10 more for an 8ft noble, we figured what the heck, and if you need to get your tree on a dark rainy day or you have little ones - you can can't beat it. you can also get in some Christmas shopping (and if you make any purchases in the month of November - you get Holiday Bucks to save on your tree). So needless to say, unless your off to the tree farm, this is pretty hard to beat, and now a great excuses for shopping in the Fall at Swanson's! We ened up with additional time to get the tree decorated all in the same day too. For those folks really short on time or maybe you don't have a vehicle that is good for moving a Christmas tree - they will even deliver and set your tree up for you for only $25 bucks. more

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Nursery with quality plants and helpful staff 10/28/2005

Swansons has both a great variety and high quality of plants -- I've always been pleased with anything I've purchased there. Things are arranged in an easy to understand way, but evergreen, perennial, annual, etc. They also have a great staff that is happy to help you pick the right plant or tree for your location. The only drawback is the higher prices, compared to places like Home Depot or Fred Meyer. I tend to shop those places when looking for something ordinary like pansies or mums, and save Swansons for when I need something more unusual or interesting. more

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Great selection, fun to visit 10/9/2005

Swanson's has an extensive seletion of plants, pots, fertilizers, soils, and other gardening accessories. Since I live in an apartment, I obviously do not have a lot of experience with their landscaping facilities, but I have purchased lots of flowering plants for indoors and out here. They have mostly been annuals, but I have also been able to find some really nice pots and accessories that I have combined with the plants to use as gifts. Swansons also has something called Swanson dollars (or something like that) which you get based on how much you spend and they can be redeemed during different periods throughout the year. The staff is friendly and the layout of the nursery is well done making it always a fun place to visit. more

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Best Nursery 9/6/2005

Swanson's is an amazing nursery with incredible selection, knowledgable and helpful staff, and excellent baskets. I never buy garden products and those big stores anymore because it always ends up bug infested or dead. Swanson's sells the best product. They are not the cheapest place in town but they have a great fall sale (I think it is sept1-Oct?) which is a great time to plant stuff with the coming rain. We needed some hanging baskets for my wedding and they were a pleasure to work with, consulted with us about exact colors, planted the baskets early and removed plants that weren't working replacing them with good ones. We were really happy! They also have a special Christmas decoration celebration and a live reindeer in November and December. more

A great big nursery 8/21/2005

This sprawling North-end nursery situated on several acres has most of the plants you could think of and then some. They have perennials, fruit trees, roses, shade plants, groundcovers and more. There is also a cafe for when you get too overwhelmed and need a little pick-me-up. They offer special deals on their website, so check for coupons and Swan-Dollars specials and sales. Prices are average to low average. more

Flowers here, there, and everywhere 8/21/2005

Swanson's is a destination nursery for many. Selling shrubbery, bromeliads, and flowers for miles, you're sure to find the perfect plant for someone who has everything. The staff, clearly avid gardeners, will go out of their way to assist you, and will even help you plant your newly purchased container for a miniature herb garden. more

A Great Place to Get a Christmas Tree 8/19/2005

We have gotten our Christmas tree at Swanson's for 3 of the past five years. The other two years we made the mistake of buying elsewhere and ended up paying $100+ for a tree that was crispy and dropping needles a week later. The trees we bought from Swansons were fresh and lasted a very long time. Sure, we paid $100+ for those trees too, but at least they made it through the season still looking great. Another plus is the reindeer that our kids love to see every year and they also have a Santa. more

I don't garden -- and I still love this place! 8/19/2005

Swanson's is great. We just bought a house and know, well, nothing, about plants, gardening, what have you. We wanted our yard to look nice, so we headed down to Swansons. Not only do they have tons to choose from but the staff is very helpful and willing to answer all your questions, even the dumb ones. It is a little expensive, but worth it if you are only planning on buying a few plants that you want to live for a long time. more

Excellent Nursery For Your Plant Needs 8/18/2005

Swanson's rises above most local choices for buying plants. They have great selection, including Northwest native plants and interesting varieties, from annuals to trees and everything in between. My experience has been that plants bought here do much better long term than plants bought more cheaply (say at Home Depot or Lowes). Good edible selections too, from berries to vegetables and herbs. Staff is very helpful with advice particular to your yard conditions. more

Great nursury sells great landscaping stuff too 8/16/2005

Depending on who you are, walking through Swanson's can either be really boring, or really expensive. A high-quality, they have a huge variety of plants, but, (un?)fortunately for me, I tend to kill most flora my fingers come in contact with. That doesn't keep me away from the rest of their selection, though - in particular, they are the only place in Seattle that regularly sells intact wine barrels (which are useful for rain catcher systems). more

good quality plants 8/16/2005

Good quality plants with lots of varieties to choose from. Has lots of plants from Monrovia. The spring bareroot sale and the autumn plant sale (40% off shrubs and many things) are a bargain. I usually shop during those times. They also tend to hand out $10 off $25 (or something similar) coupons in spring. They also hand out coupons in the spring Northwest Garden Show. The gardening accessories are also of good quality although I find them to be priced higher than other places. more

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In-City Nursery 8/3/2005

A lot of folks visit Swanson's for the occasional plant pick-me-up and may not realize how fabulous the place really is. I love gardening and going to all the different nurseries but Swanson's is the best. They have a great selection of plants and beautiful displays which most nurseries do, but they also have a fabulous array of outdoor pots, a great atrium/cafe and plenty of really knowledgeable people. Ask them anything. Everybody is so helpful. I love that. more

Lose yourself on a sunny day 7/11/2005

This is the best nursery in Seattle. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and the restaurant in the atrium is wonderful. This is one of my favorite places to take any person who enjoys plants or a sunny atmosphere. more
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