Splash & Dash Car Wash & Coin


7770 Cincinnati Dayton Rd (at Corner of Cin-Day Rd & Tylersville)
West Chester, OH 45069

(513) 779-1072
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I went to splash and dash today to wash a comforter, a pillow pet, and 2 sleeping bags. I used the machines that hold up to 4 loads and cost $5.75 per wash. I used two machines....

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/22/2016

I enjoy going to splash & dash . The employees are helpful, & I always get in & out quickly. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/31/2015

Am I the only one who has never had a issue with this laundry mat? I absolutely love everything about it. The staff has always been pleasant to me. The convenience of being so close to my home. The cleanliness. EVERYTHING!!! I have no complaints!!! Headed there as soon as I get off work and pick up my daughter as a matter of fact!!! LOVE THIS ESTABLISHMENT!!! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/18/2015

Warning!!! They ruin your clothes. I was first contacted to let me know that my drycleaning would be last.\r Note, it took 5 working days, the best part was that they spilled bleach on my brand new shirt. Yes they offered me a $30 credit, but the credit went towards the LATE pick up date, I had 2 pair of dress paints, and 2 shirts, one which was destroyed by them pouring bleach on it. While waiting on them to finish pressing my pants, I wTched as one of the associates dropped the non damaged shirt on their dirty floor and then just picked it up and placed it I the bag as if nothing happened. She. I called her on it, she just shrugged her shoulders. If you value your clothes, do NOT use this dry cleaner. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/8/2014

Been a regular customer for over 5 yrs, but after my most recent experience will never go back!! This place has the absolute WORST customer service!! The manager's daughter is one of the rudest, nastiest people I've ever met. She has been complained about for the 5 yrs I've been going there, and she is still there. Then recently my 13 yr old daughter went to the desk to get cash off my bank card to put on our easy card, and the wretched hag that was working that day says to her, ""I can't. I'm not a bank."" A simple,""I can put the money on a card for you, but I can't give you cash"" would've suffised. This is the final straw and I will not be returning!!!!! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/24/2013

Our experience was similar to the others. We walked in a few minutes after 7 and the attendant was already closing down and had blocked off most of the machines. She was very quick and rude in telling my husband that he could not use them since last load had to be in at 730 and they closed at 845, even though the sign clearly said 900 AND IT WAS NOT EVEN 715 YET. I was so peeved I was ready to leave right then and not even finish the load. But we only did the bare minimum to get through until we can do more laundry elsewhere. I would never go back there, not even for drop off. There is another place off Fields Ertel in Sharonville area that I would much more highly recommend than this place. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/23/2012

Thanks for all the feedback. This place is very close to where I live and I was just going to go there before reading all these reviews. Looks like someone else will be getting my business - I have neither time nor money to waste, not to mention energy on irrational staff. Thanks again, and sorry you all had to go through that junk. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/8/2012

I have been a regular customer for 4 years, but I will NEVER return again. All I needed was 30 minutes of drying time (my dryer broke at home) and got to this business at 9:10 p.m. The extremely rude RUDE RUDE woman there told me I was too late and could not dry. I said all I needed was 30 minutes. I already had my clothes in the dyer and she told me to leave. I DID AND I WILL NEVER COME BACK. This is the 2nd time this business has pulled a good one on me (the 2nd time was when arrived at 9:50 to pick up my dry cleaning and this same RUDE woman told me she could not give me my clothes because she already cashed our her machine. WHAT????? Your business sign says you are OPEN until 10:00 P.M.!!!!!!!) You have lost a customer forever and I will be sure to tell everyone I know to NEVER use your business. Too bad for you - in this bad economy I would think the last thing you'd want to do is lose customers. more

Extremely poor customer service 5/18/2011

I went to splash and dash today to wash a comforter, a pillow pet, and 2 sleeping bags. I used the machines that hold up to 4 loads and cost $5.75 per wash. I used two machines. There was fifteen minutes left on both machines so I ran 3minutes up the street to get my 4 yr old son some lunch at sonics. We went thru the drive-thru and was back in 15mins or less. When I went in to change my laundry from the washer to the dryers it was gone. I went over to the desk to ask the lady working where my stuff was when I spotted it in the unclaimed items for sale section. I immediately picked up my stuff and put it into the dryers. After the drying was done I went up to the lady behind the desk to ask what the reasoning was for her to take my stuff out of the washing machines. Very rudely she told me she had the authoritity to do so. She said there was a line of people waiting to use those machines. When I asked her how come all four were empty upon my return then( when a cycle takes 25 minutes )she said she didn't know when I would return and danced around the fact that all four machines were empty and theres no way someone could have washed their clothes and had them out in the time it took me to go to sonics and return when there was still 15 mins on my cycle that would have been 40mins. Anyway there was no apologies and she left mid conversation to answer the phone and just walked away. This is my third encounter with this lady and NONE of them have been pleasant. I hope splash and dash knows who they have representing them and how their coming across. more

POOR Customer Service!! 3/3/2009

Extremely POOR Customer Service. I arrived at 9:49 p.m. to pick up my husband's shirts. I had specifically looked at my receipt first to make sure they were open until 10:00. I was told at the door that the lady had already cashed out her drawer and would not make any more sales today. I pointed to her sign on the door which clearly said 10:00. She said, No, too bad. What happened to customer service? I made a special trip out tonight just so my husband would have a shirt to wear in the morning. The manager will hear about this. Cons: They lock their doors 15 min. before their posted closing time. more

Beware of wasting your money 7/5/2008

This is along the lines of ""don't waste your money"". I took a Full comforter in to be dry cleaned. I was quoted $24 after the gentleman checked the label. When I went to pick it up they tried charging me $53, because they said it was a featherbed. I insisted it was my son's comforter from college and not a featherbed. I also told them they should have called to make sure I wanted to pay the $53 before cleaning it. Why do businesses think they can spend my money? Of course I am stuck to either pay or not get the comforter back. They told me to come back and speak to the manager. I came back 2 more times and she was not there. I asked if they could call her and they said no to come back again. I thought this was ridiculous with gas prices the way they were. This is when the manager, Renee, took it upon herself to call me at 6:57 a.m. to basically argue with me, not letting me say a word without interrupting. She even went so far as to call me a retard! She made up scenarios to justify her argument. She finally said we will split the difference. She claimed only she can write the cost of cleaning not the employees, so that employee should not have quoted that amount, which she told me she fired him right after. Interesting point she makes since I have been at Splash n Dash 5 times and not once was she there. more
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