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973 Featherstone Rd Ste 300
Rockford, IL 61107

(815) 282-0022
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I live in Canton Country Club Appartments......what i call the white getto, I have complaned to managment and nothing get done about anything...The managment is a joke too. Our ma...


do not use this business! they promise things and dont follow through!! i was told that being i am disabled,i would be able toget low income housing and i was supposed to be on a ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/8/2012

I lived @ Villa Ridge II , Watseka, IL , for 1 ,year,2 Months ,and directly cross from the ""management office"" so I got a firsthand view of the comedy act, if you complain once about anything you are on the way to eviction, the building built on cement slab @ or below water table , I filed a work request for me & my neighbor as we had mold caused by the gutters being full with debris , we were shown the lease we signed that said ""WE"" are responsible to prevent mold, consequently when I moved out , was sent a bill $ 1,150.53 , I am Totally and Permanently Disabled , I have had personal aides that worked 111 hrs per month , avg. 4 hrs per day , and they kept quitting as too much work just trying to keep sanitary ,The facilities man spends his days hiding @ one particular unit ?? ""manager"" sleeps in office,I viewed her one particular day going into the office with a man, a little later I viewed her screaming @ this poor guy as he was walking out , she chased him screaming obcenities @ the top of her lungs, how embarrassing I woke her up once by knocking on the door @ midday , she answered with pillow lines on her face, and protested that I need to make an appointment, So I did, and on that day I went with my aide, and confronter Ms Mclean, about her spreading rumors,I calmly plead my case to her, shortly thereafter I had 5 ""EVICTION"" notices shoved in my door, ""INCLUDING"" one for non-payment of an electric bill for $79.38 for a parking lot light, which just happens to be in between my unit and my neighbors, ""GOOD GRIEF"" I must have made an enemy as I called Rockford where I send my rent money, and told them,! from then on she spread rumors concerning my health, stating that I had sexually transmitted disease , flesh eating skin disease , and that I have a long criminal history, I did not let that get to me , however, hindsight , I should file a discrimination and defamation suit , I keep to myself , and made 2-3 friends there, and they all got back to me, how blasphemous this Kathline Mclean had been spreading misinformation about myself and others. After reading this blog , I see clearly ""This Co. Preach's these techniques"" , they have over 9,000 units @ 230 cities & 10 States, don't try to sue them , they use Lawyers like kleenex, I called around town , nobody would talk with me as they had ""ALL"" worked for ""UNPROFESSIONAL"" PM , llc, talk about monopoly........good luck & GOD Bless.....Lawrence E. Otto more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/8/2012

If you don't have to rent from her you would be better off they have them everywhere even in Peterstown WV and at Lewisburg, and Marlinton and Beckley and all over but this what people are sayinging about this place in here is very true more

omfg! p.p.m. is the worst!! 5/23/2012

do not use this business! they promise things and dont follow through!! i was told that being i am disabled,i would be able toget low income housing and i was supposed to be on a list and i would be at the top of the list because another tenant had moved out and that placed me at the top of the list,... well after 2 months of paying $464.00 per month and my monthly income is around $570.00 , i had to move! i cant afford this!! they also said my electric bill would be around 65 a month!! liars!! please dont rent from p.p.m.!!! you will be told things and every thing they say is lies!! look at all the other comments!! ghetto run and ghetto owned!! more

P.P.M MANAGMENT 4/2/2012

Do not rent from PPM if possible! I rent in one in IL, all they care about is the outside of the places. They never repair or updayte anything. When i moved into my one bedroom it was not painted or the carpets were not shampooed. We have a new district manager and she went around throwing everybodys planters, grills, lawn chair out without letting anyone know. My kitchen floor is disgusting cigarettes burns and cut marks, I have asked repeatly if the floor can be replaced and it hasnt yet, I have lived here going on 6 years and can not afford anything else and they know they have you right where they want you. THEY ARE SLUM LORDS AND ROCKFORD DOES NOT CARE! more

Disrespectful People!!! 12/31/2011

I live at Cummins apartments in dixon illinois. I just applied for another apt. not affiliated with the people where im at now. its been horrible!! Nothing is getting fixed. I was out of work for a month and i couldnt pay my rent. i tried multiple times to get ahold of the Rockford office and my landlord. So when i finally talked to my landlord she was so rude and told me that i have no choice but to pay the rent or they were going to kick me out. and now since she is only in the office one day a week by her choice i have been waiting for almost 3 weeks now to change my rent still. and now she is telling me i will have to pay the same amount for next months rent since its taking so long...last time i checked these were low income apts for ppl in need!!! that means youre suppose to try and help me. Not make me struggle!! im still trying to pay the rest of my last months bills and now this happens? Once i move out i will never go back and they need to find someone else to take over the apts. obviously this lady doesnt have time to keep up with them. they are so disgusting. i have been there for 2 years now and i have filled out 2 papers saying what needs to be fixed in my apt. and still NOTHING!!! more

They SUCK 9/19/2011

Grass Valley Commons. They made me back date my paperwork and are total idiots. Added up my income and charger me to much. I have a 2 bedroom and the lady upstairs that waters my porch has 5 people in a 2 bedroom when the lease clearly says 2 per bedroom. The lady in the office said you can have 3 and 2 in the living room. WTF? The noise is absurd and written 8 letters with no response. Calls are endless and PPM doesn't answer police dont respond. Who the hell I talk to? When I didn't live in low income their response time and attitude was totally different. Recieved my entire deposit but this time I have a feeling the outcome will be different. THEY SUCK more


I applied for an apartment at Waterloo Green, Waterloo WI May 15. I started calling every two weeks after sending in my application. At first she had told me they were waiting for more information. Then it was she'd get back to me shortly. Eventually, her excuse was that she had surgery in the beginning of June and wasn't in her office, yet I was calling her office number. Due to surgery she would get back to me July 5. Still no phone call I called back again today, July 14. She pretended she couldn't hear me like I was on a cell phone, I was calling from a land line. So I called back, she picked up and hung up, then turned the machine on. Waste of my time. I wouldn't rate this place if it wasn't required. more

Be Careful 7/11/2011

I live in an apartment complex in Northern California run by PPM. I had an apartment manager from another complex come and backdate all of my paperwork to force me to pay rent with only a few days notice of an increase. In California, this is illegal, so she backdated my forms and now has given me a 3 day notice to pay or quit. In california, this is a quick way to get tenants out. Make sure all of you who rent from this place check out all paperwork before signing and never sign anything you are not sure of, remember you have rights and you are allowed to ask questions and see your file depending on the law in your state. Dont let this company bully you into signing anything, otherwise you will be the one to pay in the end. Wish you all well with your experiences with PPM. more

BEWARE!!!!! 4/27/2011

I was a resident in 1 of their Wi locations.I had a bad car accident n became disabled leavin my son n I quick move to a PPm property.I had cockroaches so bad n my heaters were frying the walls n melting my belongings far from each unit n so on with tons of very harmful problems.I also had tons of things broken threwout my unit that were never fixed.I called the head quarters office over coarse of 2 yrs n never got a call back, along with the district manager.The manager of my unit n the other PPM property in town sold drugs.He also came into my apt without warning n harrass got to the point I could no longer have my son living their saffely due to the heaters n he got so sick by the cockroaches.I broke my lease which says u can with 30 day notice.Once I did that I was out in 10 days n I cleaned the apt spotless.I contacted the manager n he wouldnt do a walk threw with me.Then got a letter from a collection company that stated I broke everything in the apt n so on.I called over 100 times threwout a 6 month peroid to coperate office in Rockford, Il.I never got response back n told them I was gonna sue them.Every time I called I left voicemails.the receptionist was very rude n hung up on me a good tons of times.I am writin u cause the Head Quarters knows what goin on in their units n all the buildings they have threwout the US has the same probs.BE CAREFUL!!! What they did to me n they did to tons people also when I was living their n what there known to do is either evict u or when u leave turn u into collections.The prob is u cant do anything bout it unless u sue them.people that live there are low income so usually have to suck it up n it ruins their credit but worse with any of this on your record u cant ever get back into a income based apt of any kind with that on your record.instead of helping people PPm ruins u.I did sue them.Their attorneys are horrible n screw u so bad I ended up havin to get an attorney.So make sure when u leave take pics of everything! take pics of cockroaches n any other probs u have n document everything! Make sure u tell as many people as u can that live there! I did win at court but had to front 1500 for attorney plus filling fees nother was a nightmare! I wish u the best of luck but if I was u I would have u n anyone else u know in a PPM property call the number to a place that will show up without contacting them n inspect.Thats all that can be done is to get as many people as possible so they will have to shut down which usually causes them to sell out n another place will take over n will have to get everyting fixed and up to code asap. more

Bad Management-Ginger Smith 1/3/2011

I live in Morris Family apartments in Morris, IL. This place is a joke. Ginger Smith is the apt ""manager"" here, but doesnt get anything done.She has you sign papers and then backdates them so SHE doesnt get in trouble. She never does a damn thing when it comes to other tenants bullying or threatening other peoples children. There are so many drug users which Ginger knows about and doesnt do anything about...we are informed to take care of it ourselves and call the police. Ive not had a working window since I moved in almost 2 yrs ago. They take forever to get necessary paperwork completed but when THEY want something, it has to be done NOW. Id love to leave, but being unable to work with very limited income prevents that. I can only hope that if enough people complain, Ginger Smith will be run out of here and then maybe the place can be cleaned up of all the garbage tenants around here! more

Canton Country Club Appt. 10/19/2010

I live in Canton Country Club Appartments......what i call the white getto, I have complaned to managment and nothing get done about anything...The managment is a joke too. Our managment dont do anything around here! If professional property managment learned about the real truth about this place, well lets just say they would not be happy. First of all the maintnence dont get done by the managers, they ask the teniats to do it for snow removal with a snow blower they have a teniat do that for them, the floor in the one of the laundry rooms, they had another teniat do that as well, and if you want to live here well you better know the manager, they like to move in people they know or that will do things for them if they get them an appt out here. Even though there is a thick stack of applications with people who might realy need a place. So if you really need a place to live then you might be waiting a long time. If your not family or friends to the manager then forget about it. for instants they moved their mom and dad out here that make well over 600 a week because he is a truck driver, but ppm only thinks that their mom lives here.Then there are the appartmenst themselfs, for as long as i have lived here there are still things in my appt that are still not fixed and they know of this, one teniant that lives here has mold in thier apt. and dont forget about the cockroches, and the problem we have with racoons. One of these days one of the kids that live in these apt are going to get bit by a racoon and sue this place. Then there are parties going on all the time, people staying up drinking till 2 or so in the morning, on week days not just the weekends. there are also drug dealers that live here and the managers are aware of them, but they are friends so they look the other way. i wish that ppm would realy ivestigate this place and talk i mean not to the managers friends that live here but really talk to some of the people that live here. Its funny that the managment complains all the time that they never get paid or that ppm ows them lots of money...but what are they doing to be paid? any yard work that needs done they hire an outside company to come in and do that, they do the same thing for any plumbing problems, If the managers are supposed to also be the maintnents people then why do they do nothing around here. PPM should send someone out here as an undercover friend of someone who lives here and see how long they are aloud to stay and to see what is really going on. In our lease it states that you can not have anyone staying with you for longer than the weekend, then why has there been people and family members staying out here with tenaits for over a month, till they got them another appt in glassford. Why can the manager and some of the tenaits that all live upstairs have washer and dryers but other tenaits that live upstairs are not allowed to have them? This place is so messed up its not funny, none of the rulse gets followed out here, some tenaits can do some things but others cannot. more

Wendy Jill Apartments in Hurricane, WV 1/30/2010

I was a tenant at Wendy Jill Apartments, operated by PPM, and it was a joke. Maintenance was never done, and when you made a complaint to the company, they never done anything about it. They will not keep maintenance up on the apartments, just the outside property. I didn't have bedroom doors, a garbage disposal, bathroom fan & heater, etc. They will not furnish an exterminator for the complex because it is too expensive. The tenants were made to fumigate themselves when I lived there. Some tenants don't have to follow the rules in the lease. They are trying to ban us from the parking lot because we left furniture in our apartment when we moved. The manager was very unprofessional, and discussed issues with us in front of other tenants and visitors. You can also ask other tenants there, that they feel the same way I do, if they'll just admit it, for fear of what might happen if they stand up. I really cannot imagine how PPM continues to make money on places like this - I guess it's because they don't bother with what needs to be done! They also tried to evict me when I had my baby and brought her home on 11/2/09 (increase in family size), but according to my lease, it said I had until the end of my lease (10/31/10) - I had to argue against it, but I won. It's only my opinion, but I wouldn't rent any apartments, etc from PPM, LLC. It's your decision, though! *(I tried to change the star rating, but it will not let me!) more

This place is a joke 8/20/2009

i moved in about 4 months ago ago in morris IL this is my first apartment. the right side of the sink is totally rotted out and i cant use it. they still havent come to fix it. there is a huge hole in my closet door that still hasnt been fixed. they are also impossible to get ahold of. the smoke detector in the hallway of my building has been beeping for 2 weeks until someone finally called the fire department. i hope they get fined.... there is no back door out of the building so when it does burn down we all will burn with it. they OPEN YOUR MAILBOX! which is a federal offence and tried to accuse me of having someone living with me that was not on the lease. but as soon as the rent is late the send you a letter saying you have to vacate in 5 days. get to the library and grab a copy of the landlord/ tennent rights and see how many violations they are making for themselves..... unless you are really desperate dont waste your time and hard earned money on these scumbags. Pros: half way cheap rent Cons: the apartment is not worth what im paying more

Buda Illinois Apartments 8/7/2009

I moved into my apartment on the bottom floor. This place was a nightmare from the start. They had a tenant upstairs that started banging above my head at six am. It did not end until 10 pm. I tried to contact Kelly Williams several times who is the manager of the property. She would not return my calls and I had to get a hold of not only the local police but also Rockford. When I contacted Rockford she lied and said she had called me several times. At which point I informed them that my cell phone bill has both incoming and outgoing calls on my bill when I receive it. They still wouldn't believe me. I had my ex come over because I have two kids. My current boyfriend and I were staying there. She accused me of having a love triangle when I called to get things fixed. When they finally came to fix things it was two weeks later. After pretty much having to live in my bedroom because of the noise, which they did nothing about. I moved out. I once again tried calling several times to get my key to her. She called me once and left a message saying I needed an apt I could not just walk in. She would not return my calls so I said screw it. I personally think they have caller ID because they would not pick up. I got my deposit back after all this and they deducted 50 bucks for the key. The apartments are run down, you would come back to find people parked in your parking spot and they didn't care. In general if you have a problem you might as well just leave because Kelly Williams doesn't do anything about it and you can ask any tenant there. Cons: All kinds more

Professionally handicapped! 5/22/2009

I currently am a tenant for this company for a complex located in Wisconsin. I have had several encounters with the on-site management which has caused problems. Things such as being accused that I that my parking pass was illegitimate and my car being towed, typical maintenance not being completed for about 2 weeks, being hung up on the phone when calling the management and being told the call was annoying, being accused that I my son's father is living with me when he has his own residence and getting notification for a possible eviction without proof. I have heard other stories about the onsite management as well. Such as the manager not accepting rent to evict someone. The tenant had to get a police escort to pay her rent. Bribing tenants for money to allow them into their apartments when they accidentally lock themselves out. Just yesterday, a tenant was talking to him about him evicting her because a brick was broken from someone stepping on it. He was assuming they broke it but had no physical proof to how the brick got broke. When calling the main office, you get the runaround and are told to call the area manager. They seem quick to get rid of tenants but no customer service and skills to maintain them. Highly do not suggest being under this establishment for anyone who is considering it! Cons: poor management in all aspects more

anything BUT professional 5/21/2009

i'm renting an apt in canton ,il there were several problems here/ finally had to get ahold of rural development and hey , they have a vested interest in these propertys run by professional property management and they do take action / they were here last week you need to write a letter stating your complaints , and they take it from there. i will be staying in touch with them just in case. Pros: they accept your rent very quickly Cons: they are soooooooo unproffessional i can't even explain . more

Bad Business 5/5/2009

Grass Valley Terrace Apartments in Grass Valley, CA is run by Professional Property Management in Rockford, IL. Please think twice before renting an apartment from this managment company. The onsite management is the worse I've ever experienced. They are in violation of Federal ADA and HUD guidelines for service animal adoption to the disabled. Management shows partiality to tenants they like as opposed to those they don't like. They violate their own leases by allowing people to smoke on their patios, which is clearly in violation of the lease and making people sign gag orders to prevent them from taking legal action against those who do so. The onsite manager is argumentative and has also violated HIPPA guidelines by revealing tenants disability information to other tenants. The manager also reveals to tenants that (she) is dyslectic and bi-polar and is incapable of performing her management duties. She uses intimidation tactics to quiet tenantsand is overcharging renters with no recourse to capture the overcharge once it has been determined that the rental amount is incorrect. They are totally unprofessional and fraudulent. Please do not rent from these people. Cons: Worst Business Experience Ever..... more

Hope I never have to talk to them again 6/12/2008

I was flabbergasted at how I was treated and yelled at by employees and district employee of this firm. They are highly secretive, and do not want you to speak to anyone unless you are in the business. I was accused falsely of all kinds of horrible things once I finally got to speak to a district manager. Extremely dysfunctional operation and manager. Pros: can't think of any, horrible experience Cons: the worse phone experience I've ever had with a company more
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