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Instant Request DJ Entertainment


5001 American Blvd W Ste 995
Minneapolis, MN 55437

(952) 934-6110
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Instant Request DJ Entertainment - Minneapolis, MN
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Instant Request was nothing short of amazing to work with! Our wedding day far exceeded our expectations and a lot of it was due to our fantastic DJ, DJ, who kept our dance floor...


People seated in the back couldn't hear the ceremony, DJ played the wrong first dance song despite being told three weeks ahead of time which song was wanted (this memory is forev...

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/5/2013

We were extremely disappointed with our experience!\r \r Ryan was our DJ and we had given him specific CDs with International Music on them (as most of our guests were international). Each set of CDs was labeled with the exact genre. Ryan didn't even attempt to play anything from the CDs until the last hour of the evening. I know that there were many Africans that were requesting African music over and over and he simply said that he didn't play it because he wasn't familiar with it. Finally someone gave him their iPhone and said play this exact song!!! We had so many people coming up to us and asking ""What's up with this DJ!? Does he not notice that no one is dancing?"" \r \r We specifically requested a DJs that was familiar with international music and that was comfortable playing it as well. We were told that this would not be a problem at all before our wedding. Our DJ avoided the international music specifically because he didn't know it. If Instant Request had told me directly, up front, ""Our DJ's are not comfortable playing African and Latin music, we would best advise you to go to another company where they may be more familiar."" I think that would have been more of an honest statement, instead of saying that Ryan was a great fit for our specific needs. This was not even close to the case. Our main request/need was not met and I am extremely disappointed, as were most of our international guests. I wish I had gone with another company!\r \r Extremely disappointed! (However, the online planner was convenient to select American music.) more

Amazing! Instant Reqest made our day! 6/21/2011

Instant Request was nothing short of amazing to work with! Our wedding day far exceeded our expectations and a lot of it was due to our fantastic DJ, DJ, who kept our dance floor packed from the moment the dance started to the minute the reception ended. Our first meeting with DJ made me feel confident that we had made the right decision - he seemed to really care about we wanted for our day. He made notes on the things we wanted and gave recommendations given his experience. The day of the wedding, he was extremely professional - he kept the ball rolling per the decisions that were made in our initial meeting. Nothing was a surprise; it was just what we were hoping for! Thank you to Instant Request and DJ for giving us the reception we had dreamed of and hoped for - you were wonderful to work with!! more

I thought it was a great deal! 3/9/2011

Our DJ, Matt, was fabulous!! We had a really fun sports announcer style wedding party introduction and he NAILED IT! He was quick on his feet to keep people out on the dance floor and completely professional. We had so many compliments on him! I would say he was a perfect fit. more

Everything was perfect! 3/8/2011

I absolutely LOVED the online event planner!!! I don't know how I would have picked out all the music w/o that. All the forms made it so easy and laid out the entire day. There were so many things I didn't even think of, so it was SO nice to have it all online and able to pick and choose and edit our choices. more

We can't recommend Instant Request any higher!!!!! 1/28/2010

We absolutely loved Instant Request! We thought everything was great and would HIGHLY recommend Instant Request to everyone. If you are looking to book a specific DJ with them, we must say that Tom Ekers was absoutely great at our reception. We believe we received an excellent value for our money and are so appreciative that it was so easy to work with everyone. Pros: Instant Request was awesome! more

Great DJ service 12/9/2009

The online event planner was very helpful and user friendly, the event planner put us at ease and gave us the impression that Instant Request really knows what they are doing. The DJ was awesome. He got the mix of songs perfect and was super friendly! He also seemed to enjoy himself. The lighting system was a pleasant surprise and really added a nice elegant touch to our reception. We liked how everything came together - the mix/order of songs, the transition between songs, and the effect the lighting had on the atmosphere. My wife and I are big into dancing and music so the DJ was a critical part of our reception. more

The only BAD part of an otherwise perfect day 11/3/2009

People seated in the back couldn't hear the ceremony, DJ played the wrong first dance song despite being told three weeks ahead of time which song was wanted (this memory is forever flawed), played a rap song for first open dance despite specific directions not to play any rap. Very disappointing. more

Brandon, Matt and Instant Request were the best 10/15/2009

Whenever I called or emailed the office all of my questions or concerns were addressed very promptly and all of the employees that I spoke with or emailed were very polite and helpful. The event planner was very useful. Brandon was excellent! Being a first timer (getting married that is), he was extremely friendly and helpful with parts of the wedding that related to him that I was unsure of. He was very flexible and accommodating to what we needed. I think he did a fantastic job and I really mean it. He met and exceeded my expectations. I was very impressed with the lighting. Most other companies I encounted, if you didn't pay extra for it, don't give a fantastic light show. There were no glaring spot lights or tacky strobe lights and it fit with the mood and feel of our wedding very well. The sound was great, not too loud and not too soft. I expected that part of it to be good, because that's what a DJ company should do. It's the other things like personality, interaction and song choice (to keep people dancing) that I think are most important. If a DJ company can't provide the basics like good sound and an appropriate lighting system, then I think they have a problem. What I liked the best were all of the people I interacted with. I spent about 30 minutes speaking to Matt who was at a wedding fair and came away feeling really good about choosing Instant Request. He was very nice and answered all of our questions and was a real pleasure to talk to. I also called into the office once and spoke with an extremely helpful and friendly person. He was very professional and really seemed to enjoy his job. Matt has been great with emailing back and forth. I think I was a bit of a ""high maintenance"" client at times and he did a great job. Finally, Brandon was a perfect fit. He kept people on the dance floor, interacted with the crowd at the right times and with the right amount of ""enthusiasm"", was very friendly and helpful. He really seemed to enjoy his job (or is just really good a faking it, in which case he should become an actor :)) and took pride in it and that is a rare quality these days. The price we paid felt like a steal. I shopped around at other DJ's and I remember that all of the regular prices were pretty comparable to Instant Request, but what made them stand out was the amount of professionalism. We wanted a classy wedding and a DJ that wears a tux was right in line with that. Also, their website features exceeded other sites. They didn't seem like a bunch of college buddies running a DJ business out of a basement, which was sort of the impression I got from other DJ companies. So, yes, I feel that their service was an excellent value for the price we paid more

Kevin was fantastic at our reception! 10/13/2009

The office staff was always responsive to emails/phone calls, etc. The event planner was great to help us come up with ideas for all of the songs we needed to choose and also make the dance be tailored to the music we love! Our DJ Kevin was GREAT!!!! I don't think we could have picked a better DJ for our wedding. He went above and beyond what was required, was so nice & keep the dance going all night long! The cost was afforable and service was fantastic! At first we didn't like the fact that we didn't get to meet our DJ right away.... but we ended up being very happy with the service when we received a phone call from our DJ 3 weeks before our reception, so it all worked out. Pros: Great customer service and DJ Cons: Wasn't able to meet personally with DJ, but not a problem more

Instant Request was awesome at our reception 10/12/2009

We can not say it enough how satisfied we were with Instant Request's services. Reid was an amazing DJ and he definitely made the party. The dance floor was packed ALL NIGHT and I must say the highlight of Dale and my night was the dance floor chanting ""one more song"" at the end of the night and looking over to see my 75 year old grandfather dancing past midnight. We heard numerous compliments on Reid as well and can't thank Instant Request enough for helping make our wedding reception everything that it was! Pros: very friendly and accomodating more

Brian was absolutely fantastic at our wedding 10/8/2009

We really appreciated the staff walking us through the event planner and answering any questions we had. This sealed the deal when we were choosing between a DJ and a band as we really liked the event planner and what it had to offer. The event planner was great for suggestions and I really appreciated being able to pick out our playlist for the night. I love music so it was very important to me that many of my ""favorite"" songs were played as well as what I know are favorites of my friends and family. Also - I appreciated how organized it was - not only did it help us to organize the music for the night, but it also helped us to organize the other events of the night as it gave us a really good framework to start from. Also - it was really easy to use which I also appreciated. We were really happy with Brian and ALL of our guests loved him! Brian was exactly what I wanted in a DJ. He was engaged with the crowd (but not overly), he was happy and smiling and really being a part of our celebration. He had a great feel for what song to play and when - our guests were dancing ALL night which is exactly what I wanted. Also - if a song wasn't on my playlist and he knew it didn't fit our requested genres he was sure to ask me if it was/wasn't ok to play - which when you got 5 requests for the cha cha slide - I appreciated! I picked out 9+ hours of music and was happy with how Brian arranged everything - he seemed to fit in all my faves! The event planner was fantastic for many reasons, but I really appreciated being able to make my own playlists and shape how the night would be. This made sure that the night really was everything I wanted it to be. Also - however the event planner helped pick who our DJ was was great! Brian was a perfect fit for our celebration! Truthfully - I feel like Instant Request could charge more for their service! I've been to many weddings where the DJs have definitely been sub-par. They offer an excellent service at a VERY good price. They made my wedding such a wonderful day! It was truly a celebration!! I have heard countless compliments on the day and Brian/Instant Request were a huge part of it. Pros: Ease of planning the reception more

Shane was the best DJ we have ever seen 10/7/2009

Overall, Shane Cayo was the best DJ I've ever seen and this comes from a local Minneapolis Event Planner! Everyone was friendly and accomodating from the first time I called the office until the conclusion of my dance.The Event Planner was amazing and was a great tool for planning our reception. It kept us on task and reminded us of little things that we would have forgot about. Also, the song list you can choose from had great variety. Shane Cayo was perfect for our wedding.He was so easy to work with and really worked with our needs. We had guests on the dance floor from 9pm - 1am. The dancing never stopped! I loved the Event Planning tool, but it's only a system and the real test is having the live DJ. Shane executed the event with professionalism, enthusiasm and class! All of our guests commented on how good the DJ was. I had requested a DJ that my friend had used and when I received my DJ contact information it stated another DJ. I called IR and they apologized for not informing me in advance of the change of my originally requested DJ not being available. Neverless, the DJ we ended up with (Shane Cayo) was amazing and totally on cue with all of our requests and the feel of the night. I would recommend Instant Request 100 times over! Even with the travel and hotel costs, they were a great deal and worth every penny. Pros: Very accomodating and professional more

We loved Tony and Instant Request 10/7/2009

We loved the online event planner. It was nice to be able to fill out a bit, take a break, then come back to it. Also, very nice to have the DJ prepared before he arrived. Our DJ was very lidd back and casual. Just what we wanted.Instant Request was so willing to work with us and really seemed to care if we were happy or not. We were very pleased with everyone at Instant Request especially Tony for doing such a fabulous job at our wedding. Pros: the online event planner more

Instant Request is the best! 10/6/2009

The office staff really seemed to have the time for me when I know the summer months must be slammed. All my calls and emails were answered promptly. The online event planner was insanely useful. I liked how when a person would sample a song for the wedding ceremony, a separate box would pop up while you listened to it. It avoided any kind of ""do I hit the ""back arrow"" now?"" type confusion... it was all straight forward and user friendly. Our DJ Ryan was very accomodating and did an excellent job. One thing I noticed was that other places would charge for more microphones. And even though we used our own microphones, the fact they didn't charg for an extra one was cool. Pros: No charging for extra stuff like lights or microphone more

We loved Instant Request and the online event planner 10/5/2009

The office staff was very timely in returning my phone calls and emails. The event planner was sometimes confusing, but mostly it really helped get ourselves organized and get our thoughts down. The DJ was great, he played an excellent selection of some songs we picked and some songs that he thought would work well with the group. The dance floor was packed during the entire reception!! It was great! The best thing about Instant Request was the event planner, and the fact that after we filled out the electronic form, we got personal feedback about what we put down. We already have recommended Instant Request to our friends and would highly recommend them to anyone getting married. Pros: Great event planner and personalization more

Nate was absolutely AWESOME! 10/2/2009

The office staff was totally helpful and accomodating whenever I called or emailed. The online event planner was great. It was hard to see the/find ""new"" songs, but once I found them it was easy to understand. NATE WAS AMAZING!! NATE WAS SO AWESOME!!! Nate was so awesome. Very accepting about last minute changes. Plus...we LOVED that he gave us an encore song!! This has never been done before at ANY reception we have been at...we feel so lucky it happened at ours! I tell ALL my unmarried friends about Instant Request! Pros: Great service more

We had a great time at our reception! 10/2/2009

Nate was awesome, exceeded our expectations! He was very responsive the day of and a lot of fun to work with. We had great comments from our guests. The lighting turned out fantastic. It was the exact look we were searching for, really made the reception tent shine. Customer service and expertise were top notch, everything went very smooth. Shawn really helped us out on Friday night as well for rehearsal dinner w/sound system on late notice. more


We booked Instant Request for our wedding in September 09. We were told we would receive a DJ that had been to our venue and that would be experienced. We feel we didn't receive that. A number of things went wrong, including he didn't know how to use the microphone, we had to have my bridesmaid announce us, and I had to announce some of our dances, and most importantly, the DJ did not speak loud enough throughout the night for guests to hear - which affected a great deal. I voiced my concerns to Instant Request and after a number of emails and phone calls the told me they would offer no refund and would pass along the info to the DJ to speak louder next time. And on top of that, he put down my wedding, my timeline and my venue. He told me I was not being logical or rational and that I shouldn't expect a refund of any sorts since I had a negotiated rate to begin with. DO NOT HIRE INSTANT REQUEST FOR YOUR WEDDING! Go with someone else - I promise you'll be happy. Or... just go with a microphone and an iPod - we would've been better off! Pros: Stuck to our playlist Cons: DJ didn't talk loud, bad customer service more

Instant Request was speedy and followed through! 8/13/2009

The office staff was very speedy in replying everytime I contacted them with a question. The online event planner was extremely useful, it helped in every way for pulling the day together before it happened. Our DJ was perfect, very timely and kept the day moving forward at the pace we chose, and played all the songs we asked for and kept everyone dancing. The online music selector made it very easy to pick out what kind of songs we wanted. Pros: Great communication Cons: Could have had more songs in their main database more

We had not complaints with Instant Request 8/7/2009

We all emails were answered in a timely manner. We enjoyed using the online event planner and didn't have any problems. We had no complaints, the floor was packed all night - all expectations met! more
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