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Henry Doorly Zoo


3701 S 10th St
Omaha, NE 68107

(402) 733-8401
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i've been to the zoo several times and love it and a couple of days ago was my son's first trip to the zoo (he loved it by the way)...they are working on several areas right now a...


All reviews seem positive

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go zoo crazy! 5/27/2006

i've been to the zoo several times and love it and a couple of days ago was my son's first trip to the zoo (he loved it by the way)...they are working on several areas right now and there are many great things that are already finished....they have a small petting zoo (it just has goats) and a great aquarium that is easy for kids to enjoy....they have MANY oragatans and gorillas and one of the zookeepers stopped to tell us all about how they breed them,ect....we always bring our own picnic in to eat (the food is pretty expensive)....there are always a TON of people there on the weekends though, so if you can go during the week thats the all kids under 4 are free admission! more

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Omaha Zoo 4/12/2006

We just visited the zoo here in Omaha about two weeks ago. Omaha has one of the better zoos in the nation and I was not disappointed. The desert dome is a favorite attraction here as well as the shark aquarium. This is one of Omahas only attractions so be prepared for long lines and lots of people. The zoo is fairly big so a lot of walking is required. Have fun! more

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Top Notch Zoo 3/17/2006

When traveling to Omaha, NE. you must make the time to visit this zoo. This is by far, the best zoo "I" have ever been to. You must plan on spending the entire day. It will take you a couple hours at the first exhibit alone. This would be the dome. One part of the dome is a desert habitat (Desert Dome), complete with very warm weather! You will wander through a desert landscape, even with snow falling overhead. The dome is see through, so the snow is falling and you can watch from inside. The other half of the dome is for the nocturnal animals, called "Creatures of the Night Exhibit. This is my favorite area. I could spend hours wandering through there. You will see all the usual nocturnals along with water areas with many fish, alligators and so on. There are the all the typical animals you will find along with a state of the art area for the monkeys, gorillas and apes. You can come face to face with these animals the way they have it set up. There is also an aquarium that has every fish you can imagine in it. This too is an area I can spend hours in. In fact, if you like zoos and can spend two days in the area, do that! There are so many things to do. I would say this is Omaha's best kept secret! Head out there for the College World Series, enjoy the town and visit the zoo! I would pack a lunch/snack for the family, along with drinks if going during the summer. You will find the usual high prices in effect for all vending areas. more

World Class!! 12/28/2005

The Henry Doorly Zoo is an awesome place for all ages. i deffenetly would buy a yearly membership, as it is eight dollars per person admission. This is a must if you have a large family. There is so much to do, and you and your children will have a great time exploring all there is to see. Also a great place for playdates! more

Five Star Zoo 10/6/2005

THe Henry Doorly Zoo is one of the top ten zoos in the country. They have a indoor desert dome, a rain forest, an aquarium that you can walk through and a new gorilla complex. This zoo is a great place for the young and the old. They have about any animal you can think of and then some. They are always trying to improve it in some way or another. So every year they usualy have something new and exciting. more

Love it! 9/26/2005

This is an outstanding zoo!! I have been to zoo's in other major cities but this is the best. The aquarium is a family favorite. The reasurant is also good. Prices are reasonable. Parking is sometimes an issue but not very often. It very rarely crowded. Will take most of a day to see everything. more

Henry Doorly Zoo 9/23/2005

Arguably the best zoo in the US. Any out-of-towner that fails to visit is surely missing out. Henry Doorly is becoming quite the respected name internationally and is able to secure a lot of unique exhibits. The aquarium absolutely rocks. I can hang out in there for ages...the Rain Forest is really good too. more

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Great Zoo 9/6/2005

This is a fantastic zoo to visit! There are so many attractions that many zoos do not offer. With the Desert Dome, Creatures of the Night Exhibit, Lied Jungle Forest and many other attractions, it is an all day affair. The zoo does have on-going exhibits and each year seems to add new ones so there is always something going on. more

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Henry Doorly Zoo 8/16/2005

The new gorilla complex is outstanding. Our scout troup spent the night in the complex and had a wonderful time. The Lied Jungle was again enthralling and the entire troup loved the monkeys in the jungle. The desert dome was a bit disappointing to the kids since it was difficult for them to see all of the animals but the Kingdom of the Night was terrific. The sea lions were especially playful and the scouts spent a good deal of time there. The elephants were eating grass and one elephant almost fell into the moat while eating, the scouts thought! The Zoo was extremely clean and staff were highly visable and helpful. Definitely a must see when you are in Omaha. more

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Omaha Zoo 8/8/2005

This zoo has added so many attractions in the last couple of years. It really is worth going back. The tunnels you walk through in the aquarium are really neat and so cool to see the fish swim above you. Cool off in the desert, which is air-conditioned to keep the climate at a constant temperature. Lots of animal exhibits to view. more

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Nebraska Zoo 8/8/2005

This is a really cool zoo. They have a very large indoor Rainforest exhibit, which they claim is the largest in the world. Plus this neat tunnel that wanders through the aquarium. The Desert Dome is really neat to walk through. They keep the temperature at a constant 75 degrees. They have just added a neat nocturnal exhibit of animals. There are a lot of neat exhibits to see. more

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The best Zoo in the country 8/4/2005

The Henry Doorly zoo in Omaha has been voted the number 1 family attraction by national magazines, and it definitely deserves the attention. The Lied Jungle is a huge indoor rainforest with some animals actually roaming free, and the aquarium is amazing! There is a tunnel to walk through that makes it feel like you are walking under the water with the fish! This is a great family outing! more

One of the best zoos! 8/3/2005

This is truly one of the best zoos I have ever been to. They are always under construction adding amazing exhibits. They have just finished the gorilla house. Another new exhibit is the Desert Dome. Family passes cost about $60, but many employers get a discount. If my family attends the zoo once a year, it pays for itself. Parking is usually pretty good as the zoo shares a parking lot with Rosenblatt Stadium. more

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One of the best zoos in the country 7/30/2005

Since a young child, the Henry Dorely Zoo has been one of my favorite places to spend the day! The zoo has everything! There is The Lied Jungle, The Desert Dome, an IMAX theater, the Aquarium, a cat complex, petting zoo, carousel, train, etc. etc. Just about everything you can imagine a zoo having, the Henry Dorely Zoo has it! Right in the entrance there is a Pavillion, which is full of magnifying glasses to explore weird bugs, snake skins, etc. Children love roaming around the Pavillion! A day at the zoo can get a little pricey, though, between snacks and admission and gifts. If you live in the area and plan on visiting often I highly recommend getting a yearly pass, which will cost around $60. Parking isn't too bad, unless it's a summer weekend, when the crowds get pretty bad. As a rule, I try to avoid the weekend and visit mid-week, early in the day when the crowds aren't too bad. more

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Omaha Zoo 7/21/2005

This is a cool zoo. There is an admission fee, but it is not too bad for a large zoo. Kids under 4 are free. Be prepared to do a lot of walking. You can rent strollers. The desert dome exhibit is really cool. Don’t miss out on the Scott Aquarium either. Very nicely displayed and you can get up close to the fish. They also have an IMAX theater, but it is kind of pricey, but neat to see. There is a train that runs around the park so you can see everything and there is a fee for it which is pretty cheap. more
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