The best Bars in Lancaster are:

      Rating: 5.0
Category: Restaurants
781 Harrisburg Pike, Lancaster, PA 17603
Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17603
(717) 291-9800
Enjoy the beer, the food always hits the spot and service is sufficient. (1) Cheesesteak egg rolls: A... More
      Rating: 4.0
Category: Bars

Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17603
(717) 299-9684
There are frequent concerts here or nights with DJs and the price of the concert tickets is usually pretty cheap. The bands aren't real big names,... More
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      Rating: 3.3
Category: Restaurants
30 W Lemon St
Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17603
(717) 509-8686
The Kat is located in downtown Lancaster, near a bunch of other bars & restaurants. The Kat has really good pizza. extra thin, extra crispy, from... More
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