The best Bars in Cincinnati are:

      Rating: 4.2
Category: Local Favorite
210 E 8th St
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
(513) 421-6234
There are very few great historical bars left in America. They've either vanished or, worse, become some cheese-ball parody of themselves. Having... More
      Rating: 3.9
Category: Eclectic & International
2710 Erie Ave
Cincinnati, Ohio 45208
(513) 321-4721
Teller's Of Hyde Park has fantastic ambience. A huge bar in the first level of seating. Along with about twenty high top tables that seat six. ... More
      Rating: 3.8
Category: Restaurants
6694 Clough Pike
Cincinnati, Ohio 45244
(513) 231-0601
This place has it all....doggy dare care, food, beds, toys, treat, leashes, collars, even vaccination clinics! and NOT just for dogs...\r Daryl is... More
      Rating: 4.0
Category: Irish Pubs & Restaurants
625 Walnut St
Cincinnati, Ohio 45215
(513) 564-9111
I have planned a lot of dinner/cocktail events all over the country during my career and when I ran into a small (actually it was rather large!)... More
      Rating: 4.1
Category: Restaurants
6396 Salem Rd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45230
(513) 231-9666
I really enjoy going to the gardens. The atmosphere is laid back, and it's even better when the patio is open for dining. The prices are very... More
      Rating: 3.8
Category: Restaurants
938 Hatch St
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
(513) 621-3666
Whenever we are having trouble deciding where to go grab a bite, we go here! Perfect for simply having drinks at the bar or getting a table and... More
      Rating: 3.7
Category: Lunch Spot
3538 Columbia Pkwy
Cincinnati, Ohio 45226
(513) 871-5779
Allyns by far has the edge on the cajun and mexican food here in the nati!!! i have eaten many of cajun restaurants in the city and around the... More
      Rating: 3.5
Category: Lunch Spot
6475 E. Galbraith Rd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45236
(513) 891-2204
Great happy hour specials all week long and good reasonably priced food. Pros: inexpensive, happy hours Cons: parking More
      Rating: 3.2
Category: Restaurants
1047 E Mcmillan St
Cincinnati, Ohio 45206
(513) 961-9058
It is the Cheers of Cincinnati with lots of regular customers. Go there a few times and everyone knows your name. There is a blues jam on Saturdays... More
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