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Amazing Service - Review by Guest | Mcdonald Automotive GRP Mazda

Mcdonald Automotive GRP Mazda

Amazing Service 8/12/2009

I highly recommend McDonald for the peace of mind they provide and the exceptional experience I have received and know they’ll continue to provide in the future! Recently I made the mistake of taking my car to the Keller Bros. instead of to McDonald Automotive. I thought they might be cheaper. Boy was I wrong! First of all they charged me close to $160 just to look at my car, whereas McDonald charges nothing! Second, when I got the repair estimate, I found they were asking several hundred dollars more than McDonald does to do the exact same repair. Third, they pushed me to approve two fairly pricey maintenance services that my car didn’t need. My husband had lost his job and we are struggling with the ramifications of that, as many people are these days. I went to McDonald they were very nice, meeting with me and offering valued advice on how best to check the car out and fix minor things ourselves to save money as well as helping me to know what issues could be more serious. I will be taking my car in to McDonald again and am so confident that I will follow through with their recommendations and I know they will be given with expertise and honesty. After comparing prices, I also know that any work required will be done at a very competitive price. more