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This is just a comment on the 11/19/09 review. I am an American born UCLA student who graduated from a U.S. high school. At UCLA, I have competed against some of the best students...


I happen to agree re. UCLA not neccesarily being world class. Maybe in the minds of people from the US it is but not in the minds of the rest of the world. (But isn't that is ty...

UCLA and U.S. Students 4/17/2011

This is just a comment on the 11/19/09 review. I am an American born UCLA student who graduated from a U.S. high school. At UCLA, I have competed against some of the best students in the world, including those from Asia, and on numerous occasions, I have received the highest score on the class exams (this includes advanced math classes). So the claim that American students cannot compete with foreign students is completely unfounded. We pose just as much competition for them as they do for us. In addition, to correct the "facts" of your review, American students do gain admission into European universities. I am not sure if you have ever heard of the Rhodes Scholarship, but in case you haven't, it provides American students with full scholarships to study at Oxford. I hope it is now obvious that your comment that U.S. students could not possibly compete at European universities is absurd. Now as far as UCLA is concerned, it is a world-class university, and this is not just an American opinion. In 2010, it was ranked 11th in the world by The London Times Higher Education ranking, which obviously is not an American publication. So for the writer of the 11/19/09 review, I hope I have sufficiently put you in your place. You should educate yourself before you run your mouth off. For the rest of you who are actually interested in UCLA, it IS a WORLD-CLASS UNIVERSITY, and I would highly recommend attending it. more

This is a review on the INFORMATION LINE 7/14/2010

This is a very nice school with great people (or was 14 years ago). Today I literally just called their operator line/information line to confirm an address of a professor. At first I got this disrespectful, bratty, slightly helpful girl who then transferred me to this guy who acted like I was some worthless bug he had to squish. As I was about to say thankyou and bye, he just hung up. No thankyou for calling, no "anything else?". Honestly, I just had to rant. This is a great school with a great campus and great people. Though 2 out of 38,000 of those people prove to be on the less great side. more

Amazing University 3/14/2010

UCLA is a word-class University. The academics are incredibly rigorous, the professors are all among the best in their fields, and the technology and information being created is absolutely groundbreaking. This University warrants the most applications in the United States, and is extremely selective. more

UCLA 10/19/2009

I happen to agree re. UCLA not neccesarily being world class. Maybe in the minds of people from the US it is but not in the minds of the rest of the world. (But isn't that is typical of US' opinions).. The overseas students at UCLA ride to the top of the class because the competition is so weak, (just ask them). A kid out of High School here entering UCLA wouldn't have a chance of getting into any of the leading European Universities. Our High Schools and Bachelor level students are so far behind the rest of the industialized world, (even Mexico dare I say), that is why we're all still in school till our late 20s. Sorry that's a fact. more

Bullsh@#$# Message Re: World Class University 10/18/2009

I thought the prior post was complete nonsense. UCLA is a world class university, that has a great reputation around the world, and which is famous for its research and scientific achievements. Hmmmmmmm....if it wasn't world class, then why are there so many bright, foreign students at the university? And excuse UCLA, for being blessed with its wonderful location. Should it be in the cold of Paris, or in the fog of Cambridge? No, it's near the beautiful CA coastline! Sports is a part of the college experience as well. People are supposed to be balanced in school and in life; it makes a complete person. UCLA has produced Nobel Prize winners, famous scientists, great physicians, and several entrepreneurs. Oh, and don't forget: IT IS THE MOST APPLIED-TO UNIVERSITY IN THE WORLD. more

World Class Education ? I don't think so 7/6/2009

UCLA is indeed situated in a great location. Close to the beach, great climate, close to Hollywood etc, but to call it a world class center of Academia is farcical. The educational system of the US is a joke compared to other developed nations such as those in Western Europe, Japan etc. Having studied in France and recently at UCLA I would classify a US Bachelors degree as little, if any, better than what you would get at a French High School. We are that far behind. What is the attraction with the Basketball and Football program ? I still can't understand how this adds anything to the educational prestige of anywhere. None of this is unique to or a direct criticism of UCLA - in fact UCLA is one of the best places around. If we look at the other Universities we're lagging even further. The rest of the world laughs at us. more

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UCLA!!! 4/9/2006

I am currently a student here at UCLA, and it was my top school. I was accepted into Berkeley, USC, as well as a number of other top tier schools. I chose UCLA because of its outstanding academic, as well as sports history. With a top 15 football team, and a basketball team in the Championships this year, UCLA is ranked near the top for undergraduates in all areas. Although it is a public school, and as such, is not as well funded, I recommend this school for any science undergrads, who want to do pre-med or have a lot of opportunities for research, as UCLA is one of the most premier research universities in the world. more

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UCLA!!! 12/16/2005

UCLA is a very well known school in Cali. I attended here for my master degree. Mmn, overall I think the school campus is not the prettiest. The location of the school is not really good nor safe too. UCLA is a school where you would want to go there to learn and leave. You wouldn't really want to stay in there. They do offer a lot of different majors. If you are undergrad. students you will be attending a lot of class in lecture way. Where hundred of students in a class with only one professor. But some students just like this way of learning. The parking decal for UCLA is quite expensive, but what school are cheap! more

Ok School 12/15/2005

UCLA is a very good school academically, but I came out of there feeling more like a number than an actual student. The environment isn't the most welcoming... until you find your niche, I guess. I love that westwood village is so close by... there are awesome stores and eateries! But overall, it is an ok school. more

The essential SoCal educational experience 11/13/2005

UCLA is the perfect school in terms of both academics as well as the overall experience outside of classrooms. It is situated next to Bel Air, and it's just a few miles from the beach. The faculty and academic programs are world class, and the school itself is very welcoming to people from different backgrounds and cultures. So if you're looking to go to school here or just to visit, I'd recommend it because you will get a great experience from just being here. more

U-C-L-A! 8/18/2005

I LOVE UCLA! Besides the school being one of the top schools in the country, there is just so much to do here. There is always something going on at UCLA, in the apartments just off campus, or in the nearby city. And if there's nothing "going on" you can always find something to do. The campus is really pretty. There are so many people here that it could be overwhelming, but you still run into so many people that you know. Every day when I go to campus I will run into anywhere from 1-10 people that I know. What I DON'T like about UCLA, however, is the parking. There is NOWHERE to park if you go anywhere, or else it is really expensive. And that's if you have a car in the first place and have a place to park it at your apartment (which could end up costing extra money as well). And this is really a city in which you need a car to get around. Public transportation just sucks and walking won't get you very far. Everyone knows someone that has a car, though, so you can get by without one, it's just a lot more inconvenient. The other thing I don't like so much is the rent. Rent is SO expensive in Los Angeles, and in Westwood especially, since they know college students are in constant high demand of housing close to campus... But I still love UCLA! more

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Great School 8/18/2005

I loved going to UCLA for my undergraduate studies. The campus is huge and very pretty. People always complain that the school was so impersonal with classes that contained over 200 students. Those classes were the general ed/weed out courses, once you decide on your major, you are in classes with much less people and you do get the personal attention you need. There was so many opportunities at UCLA and I do regret not utilizing their services more. College life was great and educational as well. I was not ready to leave the school but heck, you can not stay in college forever, right? If you could get in since average gpa is 4.3, I suggest going here. more

Go Bruins! 8/9/2005

UCLA is the place to be! The education, the location, the weather, the town, everything about it is just so great! All year round, you will find so many stuff to do at UCLA. Obviously, UCLA athletics plays the biggest part in my school year! I go to football, soccer, volleyball games in the fall, basketball games in the winter, gymnastics and baseball in the spring quarter. Pretty much all the games are free to students, you can just walk in to a game on your way to or from the library! more

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A Great Place to Visit, Too! 8/7/2005

I could go on and on about what a great school UCLA is. World-class professors, a broad spectrum of excellence in research and teaching, and a great environment to learn. But apart from it as the central place of knowledge in Southern California, UCLA is a great place to spend some time visiting. It is located in the best part of LA, nestled in beautiful West LA, near Brentwood, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica. The campus is compact and easily walkable, and beautiful at every turn. The school has been on a building binge for the past decade, erecting state-of-the-art facilities to complement the classic structures. Any tour of UCLA must begin with the Royce Quad, in my opinion the most pleasant place to sit and enjoy an hour. Royce Hall and Powell Library offer gorgeous brick facades and out across Jans Steps is a dominating view of Drake Stadium and the dorms. On weekends, people lounge around on the grass and play frisbee. And during the week, coeds mill about strolling to classes or hanging out with their friends in front of the library. Head north to the Sculpture Garden and appreciate the classic Henry Moore piece, as well as some modern pieces that have been installed in the last decade. On the east side of campus is a hidden gem - the Botanical Gardens offer a quiet retreat from the hustle and bustle of the campus and the city. And finish off your day by trying to see if the basketball or volleyball teams are practicing in Pauley Pavillion. more

UCLA 8/6/2005

If you are seeking an educational facility that is well respected throughout the world then this is the place. Its campuses are the most beautiful that you will find, and its educational opportunities are superb. The arts community here is very impressive as is the science and English department. Very well respected. more

great school great people 8/6/2005

UCLA is one of the most prestigious schools in the United States because of its academics, athletics, and service activities---hence how difficult it is to get accepted. Although the size and the amount of people that attend this college may seem overwhelming, it really isnt once one gets familiar with the campus, professors, and the students. The professors here are willing to offer help during and outside of class time. And the students here a group of talented and outgoing people that are not afraid of helping out others. The trick to experience UCLA to the fullest is to get involved. more

Excellent University 7/25/2005

The Best Public School in southern California, there's a longstanding rivalry with the private University of Southern California, both academically and athletically. UCLA offers some of the broadest range of pursuits in Economics, Political Science, Engineering, Film, etc.. USNEWS Ranked #25 Nationally among Undergraduate programs. UCLA is the winningest program in NCAA history with recent examples being Men's Water Polo and Tennis. more

world class university 7/25/2005

A great wonderful school filled with illustrious and challenging professors (especially the English department!) and wildly talented, unique students. The only knock on the place, besides how hard it is to get in, is it's massive size! You'll surely get your walking legs by attending this university. I'm proud to be a Bruin for life! Great programs to help students are widespread--be sure to check them out. more
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