Update and lock listing

Listings are subject to constant updates from third-party sources(s)
To update and freeze the information displayed on your listing you can lock for a small fee it including:

  • Update info: Name, Address, Phone, Categories
  • Freeze info: Prevent external sources from modifying your info
  • Distribution: Send corrections to partners and Search Engines
  • Consistency: Consolidate duplicates in one single primary listing
  • 24hr Response time: 24 business hours response or refund fee
  • This is a one time update, subsequent updates will require another update fee
  • To update and lock your listing Submit a Correction

Why is a fee required?

  • human representative will carefully verify and manually update the information
  • Helps cover cost of manual validation and distribution the data to our partners
  • We'll block partners from changing (over-writing) your listing information
  • Helps prevent listing fraud from unscrupulous competitors

If you don't want to update your information you can request to delete your listing for free here