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Gold & Witham - Los Angeles, CA
Gold & Witham - Los Angeles, CA
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When I was pulled over for a DUI I was completely devastated. I quickly took to the internet to try to get as much information as I could. I narrowed my selection down to 4 law fi...


All reviews seem positive

No More DUI's for this girl 6/13/2013

When I was pulled over for a DUI I was completely devastated. I quickly took to the internet to try to get as much information as I could. I narrowed my selection down to 4 law firms and did some calling. Most were very helpful, informational and comparably quoted. I called Gold and Witham and spoke with Attorney Jeff Gold right off the bat. He told me much of the same things but also mentioned that at their firm they like to fight the charges based on a person's character rather than a possible mistake in the arrest, which was unlikely in my case. Of course I told him Thank You and I'll call you back not sure if I actually would. Fast forward to a day later and I still had a really great feeling about the conversation I had with Jeff Gold. It felt like the right decision and in the end proved to be as he helped get my DUI reduced to a Wet Reckless and also had my court fine's reduced. The steps that Jeff Gold instructed me to take were fairly simple. It was a quest to prove that I was a good person and already taking action to turn things around. I was instructed to attend 40 AA meetings (yes very intimidating if, like me, you do not have an abuse problem with alcohol), get letters of references from professionals who know me well (no I didn't have to tell my boss about my DUI to make it happen), and write my own letter stating how the situation has personally affected me. The requirement to complete the AA meetings almost made me choose a different lawyer, but I'm very glad I didn't. Jeff Gold was very responsive and helpful during the entire process. He called every Thursday or Friday to update me even if nothing had changed. He knew how to best time things from my DMV hearing, license suspension (sadly unavoidable if you blow over a .08), to my court case by trying to have the right judge and prosecutor in the room. I'll wrap up by saying if a friend of mine ever gets a DUI (because I won't be again!) I would highly recommend Gold and Witham to help them navigate the process. more

Better than I hoped for... 2/8/2013

I spoke with 5 or 6 DUI "specialists" then decided to go with Gold and Witham because their approach was different. The focus is on showing your good character, that your DUI was a mistake and you wont be back with another one. Some work is involved on your part, which Jeff Gold completely laid out to me before I decided to hire them. It may seem like a lot at first, but its not bad at all. Believe when I say if you do what they ask, you will get results. Also, and most imporantly, through this experience I have realized a lot about myself and truely feel I have come out of this a better person. Jeff Gold took my case, and he is very knowledgable with wealth of experience. Someone always answers the phone, and if they aren't available you WILL get a call back. Plus, they call you once a week for updates on the work you've been doing, and will answer any questions you have. I had a DUI with a refusal and Jeff was able to get it reduced to a wet reckless, which is a FAR better result than I expected. A DUI is not a great experience, but I came away from this better for it thanks to Jeff Gold. Totally worth it. more

G&W are the best in LA ! 10/8/2012

I was arrested for DUI and contacted over 20 DUI Attorneys before I found G&W. Their direct approach was exactly what I needed prevail in court. They were there for me every step of the way and were able to get me a huge reduction in my charge and sentencing! Don't go anywhere else! more

The firm you need on your side in a DUI 8/29/2012

Jeff Gold was tremendous in my defense on a recent DUI, his approach is unique and focuses on convincing the prosecution that you won't be back as a repeat offender which provides for a different interaction with the court. He follows up on his promises, touches base on a weekly basis, walks you through the whole process, is dogmatic in representing you and makes you not feel alone in this process. Jeff even helped facilitate in the post-conviction process, which at Long Beach court house is a complete mess. I would highly recommend this firm as you don't feel like a number but are given personal time and attention. Money well spent.... more

DUI - Under Age 5/8/2012

If you are in interested in taking responsibility for your actions and not looking to blame anyone for your situation,this is the team of attorneys you need to represent you! more

Devastating DUI for the whole family 5/8/2012

Two weeks prior to her 21st birthday, my daughter made the very poor choice of driving a friends car with 3 other passengers after they had all been drinking and the group decided that my daughter was the least intoxicated. As my daughter was driving in an unfamiliar town, the group was shouting out directions to her and told her to make a left at the last minute, she changed lanes and was pulled over. Unfortunately, this happened by some accounts, in THE toughest jurisdiction in the state of California. After spending the night in jail, my daughter came home beyond devastated and relayed what had happened. We called a family friend who is a respected Prosecutor and immediately Attorney Jeffrey Gold's name came up as someone the Prosecutor does not like to go up against and she highly recommended him to us. We called his office right away and left a message ~ it was Memorial Day and we prepared to get a return phone call from his office the next business day but within about 5 minutes, Mr. Gold called us from his own family gathering. He excused himself from his family to help my family and his professionalism continued all the way through from start to finish of our horrific ordeal. Of course we are beyond grateful that no one was hurt but nonetheless it has still been a most devastating set of circumstances for our family to endure especially my daughter. As it turned out, the court took close to 12 months to file the case which only extended the mental anguish of not knowing what the outcome would be. During the 12 months of waiting, Mr. Gold called weekly to give us updates about the filing as well as to ask about AA meetings that he strongly encouraged my daughter to attend. Those meetings set her apart from others with similar charges at her court appearance as Mr. Gold stayed and fought hard for her for virtually an entire business day resulting in the most favorable outcome possible in that jurisdiction leaving other attorney's present in court upset that Mr. Gold prevailed in such a positive way. more

We couldn't have hoped for a better Attorney! 4/9/2012

When my 18 year old daughter received a DUI I was devastated. She had never been in trouble before, I had no knowledge of the law and did not know where to turn. While I was heartbroken at her bad choice I did not want it to destroy her future. I called and spoke with numerous attorneys and was fortunate enough to find Nigel Witham. He was extremely helpful and informative, even prior to being retained. Upon hiring him as her attorney he did absolutely everything he had promised to do! He knew the system and always kept us informed and aware of what to expect. He was an absolute professional and always reachable. He appeared on my daughter's behalf twice before she had to personally appear. He took all the appropriate steps to allow her the least possible punishment by law given her set of circumstances. At her sentencing court appearance he was compassionate, professional and effective. When we were instructed to pay a fine he stayed with us and allowed us the courtesy of a much shorter line designated only for counsel. My husband witnessed another attorney pointing his client in the direction of the much longer line for the general public. My daughter was given a date to appear for "progress" one month after her sentencing for which Mr. Witham volunteered to once again appear on her behalf without her attendance. This has definitely been one of the worst experiences of my life, made bearable by an honest, knowledgeable and professional attorney. I cannot say enough good about Nigel Witham. I know for a fact things would have gone worse for my daughter in her sentencing without him and definitely worse for me during the agonizing four months from her violation date to her court date. If you are in need of an attorney for a DUI, my heart goes out to you and I highly recommend Nigel Witham to get you through it. more

No More DUI's! 3/16/2012

After speaking over the phone with several DUI defense Attorneys, I stumbled across Attorneys Gold & Witham and immediately noticed a difference; the sincerity in their voice made me feel more at ease at once. The fact that they were the only attorneys to advice that I make an appearance in court made me feel like I would be treated as a human beaing rather than another number. I was pleased with the efforts of my attorney throughout the entire process and I could not have asked for a better outcome. Attorneys Gold & Witham will work hard for you, and they will also ensure you work hard for yourself in order to achieve the best results. A special thanks to attorney Jeffrey Gold for his efforts and for making me feel like I've been given a second chance to right my wrongs. Thank you, Shannon more

Last DUI 3/9/2012

Upon receiving a DUI charge I was confused and traumatized. My first reaction was to wait on the judicial system, but I was so frightened that I decided to investigate the possibility of hiring an attorney. I am so glad that I did! Jeff Gold helped me understand the process and provided me with the tools to ensure that I never receive another DUI. Their methods are aimed at educating their clients while personalizing them before the court. Work their program and get results! My BA was high and Jeff Gold was able to convince the City Prosecutor to reduce my charge to a wet reckless! Jeff Gold called me weekly to check my progress and keep me informed of what was occurring in my case. Personal service with results...I highly recommend Gold & Witham and their approach to helping their clients. more

Second DUI and scared! 2/15/2012

I needed a lawyer for a second DUI I received in November. After plenty of online research, I narrowed down my options and began making the calls. Some lawyers I called seemed unambitious, spoke with the tone of disinterest. Others rushed me through the phone call and concentrated only on their price. Then, I made the phone call to Mr. Gold. He was the shining light in this sea of muck. He was motivated, ambitious, spoke clearly and honestly. The thing that struck a chord with me was that Mr. Gold was the ONLY attorney that actually had a plan! He said he was going to make ME the focus in court, to show that I am a hard working citizen and good father NOT a criminal! And, he spoke of alternatives like house arrest which was KEY for me yet something the others never mentioned!! During this whole ordeal, Mr. Gold always kept me in the loop, he answered every email and phone call. He called weekly just to give me updates and find out my progress. YOU WILL NOT FIND A LAWYER THIS ATTENTIVE TO YOUR NEEDS! This is a very difficult time and it was nice to have Mr. Gold in my corner making things less discomforting, less damaging! When the big day arrived in court...Mr. Gold got me the best scenario possible which included very minimal house arrest! And, without leaving quickly like the other lawyers I witnessed, Mr. Gold stayed with me and walked me through the courthouse making sure I got the necessary paperwork and explained the final process to me. He even gave me a phone call AFTER the fact, making sure I was doing things correctly! I cannot imagine this scenario without him. This is an ordeal in which you need an experienced attorney to lead you through the mess you made and choosing Mr. Gold is the best thing you can do for yourself. Alleviate your fears and your Attorney Jeffrey Gold! Thank you Jeff!! more

2nd DUI with high BA 12/29/2011

I was charged with a 2nd DUI with a high blood alcohol level in Orange County, and I hired Mr. Gold to represent me after speaking with him only once. He's a very passionate lawyer that actually cared about my well being. He exceeded all my hopes and expectations in a lawyer. He was honest, called me every week to check in, & replied immediately to all my inquiries. His assistant Mandi is also AMAZING :) She was very patient, kind, and efficient. Mr. Gold got my license back the same day I spoke with him & helped me keep it until I was officially sentenced, he plead with Judge for a low fine, no community service, and house arrest instead of my jail sentence. I might also mention 3 other lawyers & their clients appeared before us & asked the Judge for the exact same break & he ONLY granted it to Mr. Gold after denying all 3 of their requests. I can't say enough Mr. Gold or Mandi, I would highly recommend this firm to anyone in need of GREAT representation. more

An Attorneys at law that goes the extra mile! 12/20/2011

When your looking for an Attorney its never a good thing. Gold and Withan made my experience hassle free and very educational. Their was never a time i couldn't get hold of them. If i had any question they where answered right of way. They are straight up and right to the point. In the first ten minutes of meet Gold and Withan i felt informed on what it was going to take for us to resolve my problem. i highly recommend gold and Withman they went the extra mile for me. more

An unpleasant experience turned around! 12/12/2011

I couldn't be happier with the service received from Gold and Witham. They made the trauma and confusion that came with the DUI make sense. The support and defense I received wasn't cut rate or run of the mill. It was a complete plan that provided the prosecutor with the evidence needed to show how much the experience affected me, what I was doing about it. The outcome of my case was better than ever imagined and it wouldn't have been if it weren't for Gold and Witham. Their approach is logical and honest (sometimes brutally) and it works. more

Excellent Service 11/28/2011

Jeff Gold and his team were incredible to work with. They kept me informed and updated on a weekly basis, and were always available to answer questions about the process. I highly recommend taking a few moments to consult with Mr. Gold before you make any decisions on your representation. Andrew more

Great work 11/24/2011

This firm handled my sons DUI case which was his third offence. Excellent representation which resulted in the best outcome I could expect, NO JAIL TIME. They stayed in contact with me, promptly returned my calls. Under the circumstances, they made this experience tolerable. I highly recommend them. more

The BEST DUI Attorney! 11/9/2011

We never imagined our son might need legal representation, unfortunately, that changed. Fortunately though, we found Attorney Jeff Gold of Gold & Witham. It was clear during our very first phone conversation that Mr. Gold and his entire team were going to be there for us through the entire process, and that their firm was unique in that they strive to have the best possible outcome for the client as far as the legal system in concerned. But more importantly, that the client commits to their proven system, so that this unfortunate situation becomes an opportunity to make life long changes so that their services will never be needed again. We cannot begin to express our gratitude to Mr. Gold for the outstanding representation he provided to our son, his knowledgeable expertise and personal guidance were the keys that helped our son have the absolute best outcome legally and most importantly, personally. Our son has gained invaluable tools that will impact his entire life, so thank you Mr. Gold for accomplishing what you committed to us you would do. Also, please thank Mandi for us, like you, she also was there for our many inquires, phone calls, and emails, her professionalism and compassion for the situation is most appreciated. more

Excellent assistance through the entire proccess 11/5/2011

Attorney gold and his assistant Mandi were very helpful in guiding me through the legal process of my DUI charge. I had the deck stacked against me and with Golds help was able to have the elevated BAC charge dropped. I had hope of reducing my charges to reckless or careless but all in all I came out ok with the minimums of a regular DUI charge. Thank you Attorney Gold and Mandi for all of your help! more

Thank you for a great job 10/18/2011

I would like to say thank you to Mr. Gold for doing everything he said he would do and more. Everyone told me I wouldn't beable to get the minimum sentence, and Mr. Gold came through! I would highly recommend him to any friends and family! more

Excellent 10/12/2011

I had Nigel Witham as my Attorney and he was great. He answered every phone call whether on his cell or business phone. Great service by the receptionist. If I have to recommend one Attorney for a DUI it would be Nigel. Great guy also that cares for you as a DUI offender. I really have no negative remarks about Nigel or his staff. more

legal counsel 10/11/2011

If you're like me, a first time offender because of a bad judgement call, and not because of a crippling alcohol addiction, getting a DUI can potentially put your career in jeopardy. Jeffrey Gold is unique because instead of solely trying to work the technicalities of the case, he recognizes that promoting his client's character is often the ace in the hole that will get your case reduced. Not only is it effective, its a legal strategy that I was ethically comfortable with. In addition to this, they are probably one of the few lawyers who actually do the work themselves (not less experienced associates) and getting a call every Thursday lets you know that they are on top of your case. I would highly recommend their services to those who have a lot to lose, and are not afraid to work for the chance to redeem themselves. more
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