Bill Austin's Gymnastics


16215 Lexington Blvd
Sugar Land, TX 77479

(281) 240-3547
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Ok, well I dont know about this Bill Austin guy or anything about his previou business at this gym, but I DO know about the new SUGARLAND GYMNASTICS. THIS PLACE ROCKS! I have 3 ...


Since CitySearch is terribly slow about updating their listings when it comes to removing businesses that no longer exists. Let me make it very clear to anyone finding this page ...


Ok, well I dont know about this Bill Austin guy or anything about his previou business at this gym, but I DO know about the new SUGARLAND GYMNASTICS. THIS PLACE ROCKS! I have 3 year old boy/girl twins who just started their first gymnastics and dance classes and they LOVE it as do I! more

Bill Austin Gymnastics is closed and Bill Austin is GONE 11/20/2011

Since CitySearch is terribly slow about updating their listings when it comes to removing businesses that no longer exists. Let me make it very clear to anyone finding this page that is looking for a gymnastics school. Bill Austin's Gymnastics was sold in June 2011. Bill Austin is GONE. The Gymnastics school at this location re-opened in July 2011 with NEW OWNER and NEW STAFF and is has been accepted offiically as a USA Gymnastics Member Club. Sugar Land Gymnastics has also installed new equipment in the school and remodeled. see ""sugarlandgymnastics dot c o m"" Your very welcome to come visit us and verify this for yourself. more

There is something wrong with Bill Austin 6/20/2011

Unfortunately, the countless stories in the previous reviews of Bill Austin's abusive behavior toward children and parents is neither new or surprising to me. My children were on the gymnastics team for many years when the gym first opened. I had been warned about Bill Austin, but didn't know what to make of it so I made sure I stayed in the gym during their workouts, even when they got on the team and were working out 3-4 hours a day, 5-6 days a week. I did it to protect them. I saw first hand Bill's outbursts at children and parents. He blew up at me a couple of times for reasons that never made sense. I eventually came to the conclusion that Bill Austin is mentally ill. Some people suggested he is Bi-Polar, but his outbursts are far worst than a depression/mania cycle. My daughters overheard Bill speaking horribly to the little kids in the regular classes. For example, when teaching two year olds, my daughter told me he told the kids they were brats, their parents hadn't taught them how to behave, and their parents did not love them. As long as other coaches were in charge of the teams, the day to day workouts were good. The main goal was to keep Bill away from the kids. However, after he fired yet another coach (he does this very often), it meant Bill himself would be the team's coach so my kids quit gymnastics. It was a real shame because they absolutely loved the sport, but Bill was a very scary man. The only thing that surprises me is that Bill has not encountered legal actions from either a parent or child services by now. Or perhaps he has and it's just not advertised. I don't know. What I do know is that the gym is a great place, the coaches are wonderful, the sport is fantastic, but Bill Austin single-handedly ruins it all. He is a scary man. He is an abusive man. And I think he is a dangerous man. Find another gym. It's not worth it. more

Bill Austin is evil and runs a terrible business 7/5/2010

Bill Austin gymnastics and dance has lost one of the only good people left in that place, I only take my daughter there because of Miss Melissa and all my friends go there too just for her, unfortunatly Bill Austin went off of his rocker last week and fired her, without any warning now we have to endure the rest of the summer with dance teachers we didnt want teaching our children, Bill will not refund our $$.He called Miss Melissa a ""joke and a loser"" and said no one comes there for her, WELL the JOKE will be on him when no one returns for classes in the fall.Dont take gym or dance here He doesnt deserve our $. Cons: crazy man more

Workclass Jerk 3/9/2010

I can't believe what a jerk this guy is. Don't even bother going here. more

Is this guy a NUT case or WHAT? 7/4/2009

All I can say is that he comes around as an ARROGANT bastard...He is not even worth sharing my story.... I can't help it but see a common theme here, a theme of arrogance, abuse and taking his business / customers for granted. Why are we giving him the business when he needs to be out of business? Folks choose with your wallets, this guy DON't deserve to be in business. I've mentioned to him that I will formally write a complaint with the city and the mayor, and he told me that he personally knows the mayor... Is he on a POWER trip? I will put this guy outta business myself if I have to.... I really will.... Pros: Great people working for him Cons: Not peoples fault that are working for him... more

The worst thing in the world 2/27/2009

My child has been attending classes at this location four nearly 5 years. with in the last 6 months my child has experienced the worst thing in the world. My child has been verbally abused. Not just once but over and over again by Bill Austin. In my opinion as a parent he has torn down my child's confidence and self asteam. I have tried to meet with him but he did not show. I feel that he feeds his ego by yelling and be-littling children but is a coward when it comes to facing a parent. I would very careful when considering this gym if this man will have anything to do with coaching your child. There are other good caoches there. He has taken something that my child once loved and look forward to and ripped her heart out. It may not bother him to see the gleam go out of childs eyes, but it bother me to watch it happen to my child. Ther are other gyms out there that actually value there gymnists as well as the parents. Look hard before making that decision for your child. Close location is not always the right choice. Cons: Bill is mean more

Coach Bill is rude and on the verge of being physically abusive to children 9/26/2008

We have been taking classes at Bill Austin's Gymnastics. My 4 year old son cut in line and wasn't listening, so Coach Bill Austin grabbed him by the ear. My son came to me, crying and told me what happened. I asked Bill if he pulled my son's ear and his response was that he was crying before he touched his ear. Afterwards, I asked to speak with Bill in the office to express my concerns and he was extremely rude and sarcastic. In my opinion, if you can't handle a 4 year old for an hour a week you shouldn't run a children's program. more

Best gym in Sugarland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8/24/2008

My daughter has had a positive experience at Bill Austin's Gymnastics. The staff are WONDERFUL and FRIENDLY! Especially Coach Bill, Coach Tita, and Coach Luba. Pros: EVERYTHING!!!!! Cons: I LIKE EVERYTHING !!!!!!!!! more

nice instructors especially bill and tita 8/23/2008

I have been going to Bill's since i was like 3 yrs old and i continue to go there now. I have had a wonderful experience with Bill and the all the instructors there. I love the people I have met over the yrs. more

Bill Austin's Gymnastics 8/18/2008

My son has been enrolled to this school since he was 7 y.o.. Whenever we pick him up from the gym, he would always tell us fun stories regarding what happened on the gym. How he had fun, and what he learned. It would always put a smile on me and my husband's face by just looking how he demonstrate each step he learned. The instructors were really helpful and patient with the children. I never had any problem with them. My second child will be enrolled as soon as she is in the right age. This people are fantastic. Thumbs Up! ^_^ Pros: fun place for a child to learn, nice facilities Cons: none that i know of more

Great gymnastics place 8/9/2008

This summer I enrolled my son and daughter for gymnastics at Bill Austin's. They loved it. Coach Eric was great with the young toddlers class. The kids really showed improvement from their 1st day to the last day of summer. My daughter loved Coach Bill. I can tell they both learned a lot. They have completely turned our living room into their gymnastics studio doing cartwheels, forward rolls, headstands, etc. This is great place for kids and for parents. Pros: Great to learn gymnastics, instructors friendly and good, ample parking space more

Bill Austin is not nice to children 7/14/2008

i attended this gym for a few years starting at the age of 7 until i was 12. I loved my coaches and learned so much, however I experienced the stress no child should experience when Bill Austin became my coach once I started competitive gymnastics. He yelled at us (my team) constantly, said rude things to constantly tear down our confidence. I believe in being a supportive, encouraging coach. this is essential in a sport like gymnastics. I eventually left the gym because I would go home everyday in tears and dreading going to practice the next time. When a sport you once loved stops being fun, but rather scary, that's when it's time to consider a new gym. My parents took me out. Bill Austin called my house and YELLED on our answering machine calling me a QUITER! a person like this does NOT need to be teaching children. period. I'm 28 now and i thought i should let other parents know this just in case they are considering this gym. I was a very timid, well-behaved child. It took me a while to get over that but leaving was the best decision. Pros: All other staff was friendly, not Bill., good instruction Cons: Bill Austin! more

Bill Austin the RUDEST and MEANEST person in the business 5/31/2008

Today I had a very sad experience at this children gymnastic place and it really broke my hearth. Every weekend I take my son at this kids gymnastic place here in Sugar Land, TX called ?Bill Austin Gymnastic?. Well today 05.30.2008 was the closing of the year and they had this big event where all the parents were invited to watch their children perform everything they?ve learned during the full year. My wife and I were really excited and along with my one year and a half daughter headed to the gymnastic place.The performance was awesome and you could see happy kids and parents everywhere. At the end of the performance all the kids from the class got a certificates along with a high five. While exiting the gymnastic area each kid will get a lollypop from one of Bill?s staff. When one of the staff members handed a lollypop to my one and a half year old daughter another staff member rudely said that if she does not have a certificate in her hand she shouldn?t get a lollypop. In all honesty I am shocked and I hand back to them the lollypop from my daughters hands. You should?ve seen the look on my daughters face along with her crying violently. Well I said maybe this is just a rude staff member and I said, let me talk to Bill Austin. I walk back inside and I ask Bill to talk to me in a private corner where we did. Bill Austin rather than being apologetic and compassionate about the entire situation he started giving me hard time about not having enough lollypops for the kids in the class and he couldn?t afford to give lollypops to all the other kids. My comment to him was, when you have small kids in his facility it will be nice to hand lollypops to all kids and not discriminate, specially when you host an event like this and try to get more business After all a lollypop is just a 10 cents or so and is not going to break his bank. At that point he got really out of shape and started screaming at his staff in front of everybody to hand me a box full of ?lollypops?. more

Nothing but great things to say about Bill Austin's Gym 5/30/2008

My daughter has been going on and off for 3 years taking both gym and dance at this location and we have had nothing but great experiences. We like the fact that we can sit comfortably and watch our daughter the entire time while she enjoys the activities. more

Have to Agree with th 5/21 Review 5/29/2008

I have to agree with the scathing review posted on 5/21. Not only is Bill a little mean to the kids, he just seems to be an angry person overall. However, there are other coaches at his academy that I love very much! That is why I am giving them three stars. Coach Rumy has got to be the most awesome coach for the really young children. My youngest loves does the rest of his class. Just if possible, try to steer clear of Bill. Unfortunately, that is not always an option since he will still yell at the children (and moms or grandmothers) in other classes aside from his own. It is a real shame he is the owner. Given the location, the academy has a lot of potential. more

Bill Austin Mistreatment of Children 5/21/2008

Avoid - My two 4 yr old children have been going to this gym for the past 3 years. This year Bill Austin was actually the coach of their class. Last night he actually threw one of them out of the class because she asked to go to the bathroom. My husband went in to get the other girl out of the class and Bill yelled at him and told him that our kids were the most misbehaved kids he had ever had and then he proceeded to throw the other one out of the class and yelled for us to never come back. I spoke with the parents and even the kids in the class afterwards and they are not going back either. Not only were his actions out of line he scared the kids. His mistreatment of children should be addressed on a higher level. Oddly enough, two fo the employees who work there were apologizing and giving us names other gyms in the area. more

Good Gymnastics, Nice Kind Coaches 1/22/2008

I have been going to Bill Austins Gymnastic's Academy about 5 months now. They have great survises there. The coaches there are extremely nice. Pros: Great Gymnastics, Nice Coaches, and Big Gym Cons: none!!!!!! more
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