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Aquatropics Inc


2100 SW 34th St
Gainesville, FL 32608

(352) 336-6303
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I have been going to Aquatropics for a few years,and Mateus,Karen,Mike,Steven,Steven & ALL the Aquatropic employees are a VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE STAFF,always there to answer your ques...


i went to Aqua tropics today 8/3/09 to buy plants and got treated fine. The tanks were in nasty condition as the fish had ick and the water was dirty.

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/21/2014

Aquatropics has been in business for over 30 years. They have a fantastic selection of fish and products and competitive pricing. The staff is friendly and informative. It's great to have a place to visit. We love to take the family there to see what's available! They have a 600g tank with\r huge freshwater fish in it! It's amazing! Worth the visit! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/7/2014

Do not go to this store if quality and customer satisfaction are important to you. I paid 63.00 for a fish there and it died the next day. When I brought it back my water tested fine but they still refused to even credit me a 5.00 goldfish. Told me they don't give refunds period. I have purchased over 1000.00 of tank products and fish from this company over the last year and even when I reminded them of this they did nothing to make it right and refused to accommodate me. The store is always dirty and smells disgusting and there are always dead fish in the tanks. I'm done with them. Better off buying your fish online. more

No longer available 4/10/2010

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Aquatropics Review 2/24/2010

I have been going to Aquatropics for a few years,and Mateus,Karen,Mike,Steven,Steven & ALL the Aquatropic employees are a VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE STAFF,always there to answer your questions,whether it be the Ph level in your aquarium,what the best type of fish(community fish or not?) & they have all the equipment & supplies,food,etc.needed to keep your tank in a healthy/happy environment! If they don't have a certain item,they are more than pleased to order for you.Prices are fair & they also back-up their fish,should a bad batch be received,every once-in-awhile,which can happen to anyone. BEST VENUE FOR BOTH FRESH & SALT WATER FISH,IN GAINESVILLE! I highly recommend...A Satisfied Customer. more

Aquatropics Inc is the only one for me! 12/18/2009

I live in Atlanta and drove through Gainesville to work in South Florida for years. Once I had a customer in Gainesville and spent a couple of days there. Because I was there, I went to Aquatropics and l fell in love with the store and their customer service. After this visit I stopped going to my local Atlanta aquariums. I no longer work in Florida and still will not go to any other aquariums when it?s time to make a large purchase. I think Aquatropics is a very good store and gives good advice. That's why I am driving 3 1/2 hours tomorrow to buy fish and supplies to start my tank up again. more

visit this store 8/29/2009

I always enjoy visiting this store. Today I couldn't take my eyes off their 300 display tank. They have 200 or so greenback damsels swimming around in a huge school. It reminded me of a dive trip. Ask them to feed them . . . you won't believe it! Absolutely beautiful. \r \r I always enjoy visiting this store. When they get overly busy I just enjoy brousing around. There is so much to see. \r \r Not your typical pet store. Aquatropics always has\r a wide variety of animals. Their plant tank up front is lush and full . . . could use a little trimming . . . I wish I could have such a problem!!\r \r Their 2 reef tanks are really incredible. Ask to see it with just the moonlights on the australlian tank . . it's unbelieable.\r \r I absolutely recommend this store. They always have the products I'm looking for, their selection of fish is great and they provide friendly service and knowledgeable staff. I often just stop and look. more

Hey Good News 8/16/2009

I think they are reading these reviews.\r \r Yes, they had me pissed for a while. It seems, they are listening to the customers more now.\r \r Instead of rushing sales, they are trying to educate you while selling.\r \r They still have the ich situation, so take advantage of reserving yours for a few days to see if it makes it or not.\r \r All in all, they seem to be trying to do better.\r \r But do your own homework, before you shop. Saltwater fish are really not cheap, and losing 2 or 3 would be enough to scream *#_*!*!. more

pretty good opion 8/4/2009

i went to Aqua tropics today 8/3/09 to buy plants and got treated fine. The tanks were in nasty condition as the fish had ick and the water was dirty. more

Great 7/19/2009

I love aquatropics. There are days where they are not as good as others but their stock is amazing! The owner drives down every week and handpicks new stock of saltwater fish and they have an enormous supply of freshwater fish. Most of their staff is quite knowledgable yet occasionally there s a college student working for them that knows nothing. Overall, Aquatropics is an awesome aquarium store and I have been going there for at least 8 years more

get reefy! 6/5/2009

I love this store! Great selection, I drive 40 miles to visit this store as often as I can. I buy my freshwater fish, corals and dry goods from Aquatropics. Their pricing is great! My personal experience has always been good, I recommend Aquatropics to everyone! \r \r My tip: visit them, you'll be glad you did! more


I visit alot of stores and Aquatropics is my favorite. They have a friendly, knowledgeable staff and a great selection of animals and merchandise. I love to wander their isles and just look at the fish. Unlike most stores they have big and small freshwater fish. They have a huge red-tail catfish and shovel nose cat! Awesome! \r \r If you want something, they can get it for you. I had to wait for a Majestic Angel, but it was worth waiting for! Beautiful fish, ate from the first day! \r \r I upgraded some of my equipment and later found that I would have paid much more anywhere else for the same light and protein skimmer. \r \r Aquatropics has a great selection of foods too! I enjoy feeding my fish and love their selection of frozen foods. I always take some to my dad when I go home . . . their prices are low and they always have what I need in stock.\r \r Visit them. You'll be glad you did!! more

Best fish store in the area 5/30/2009

After reading some of the reviews I was a little nervous, but they were wrong. I am new to the area (about a year now) and have owned fish tanks for 15 years- this is the best store I have ever been in. They have a knowledgeable and friendly staff, amazing selection of F/W, S/W, Corals and Cichlids. Some of the newer employees have some trouble but they are new?! I was told they get new selection of fish once a week on Tuesdays (and it's best to come in on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday to get the new picks). My kids loved to go with me (but usually the staff at other stores found it annoying when they asked questions); the staff at Aquatropics was more then willing to teach them all about the fish maintenance. The have an amazing selection of dry good products and decorations. I wanted a outdoor pond and I wish they had more to offer. It's not the cleanest store but with the selection, prices, and staff I can look past that!! Definitely the best store I have been in! RECOMMENDED! more

find another fish store 10/23/2008

Their place is always dirty. Most fish have ich. They only have a 24 return policy on dead fish. If you bring back a live fish for any reason they MIGHT give you a store credit for half the amount the fish was (just kill the fish then bring it back, that way you can get all your money back; apparently they rather have a dead fish than a live one). Some employees know what they are talking about, but most don't. I TRY to like this store because they have a wide variety of fish....but they make it almost impossible!!! I have been treated badly on more than one occasion at that store.NOT RECOMMENDED!!!! more

Wide selection, knowledgeable, clean 7/20/2008

Being a long term hobbiest wherever I go I look for an aquarium store to see what they have that my local store doesn't have. Hands down Aquatropics has the widest selection I've seen in Florida. I ask lots of questions to see what they have to say and I was impressed that the party I asked referred me to another staff member who obviously had more experience. Their store was clean and free of disease. Had batis batis and water dogs, \r sw puffers, sharks and the most amazing corals I have ever seen.\r \r Check them out. You won't be disappointed. more

Ick was the last straw for me 5/18/2008

Aquatropics is a very shady business. I have been going there since I became interested in keeping an aquarium. I have received bad advice many times and treated like crap a couple times as well. The last straw was getting ick in my tank from one of their fish--I will never go back. Here are a few examples:\r \r The owner, Metias, told me that nitrates are of no concern.\r \r An employee told me sure you can add seven fish in one day.\r \r An employee recommended a couple peacock bass for my tank even though I could hardly keep tetras alive.\r \r Some employees honor their 24 hour return policy no problem, the big guy with the beard acts like I am a criminal for bringing back dead fish. I have plenty of money, I am just doing what you told me to do--bring back the fish for a refund if it dies in 24 hours.\r \r There are at least a few more. Best of all, I just got done treating my tank for days of partial water changes. Never again.\r \r I have learned a lot since I began keepin more

Would be the best fish store in Gainesville if not for the ich 3/14/2008

This store has a wonderful selection of freshwater fish, so it's a shame that they are all infected with ich. Every time I walk into that store (dozens times throughout the four years I've lived in Gainesville), I've noticed every time that every freshwater tank is seriously plagued by ich. Why would I buy an infected fish to nurse back to health and possibly expose my healthy fish at home? \r \r I don't know anything about salt water fish, so I can't review their marine stock. more

Good well-stocked store, but be careful there! 1/31/2008

Aquatropics is certainly a well-stocked store, and most of the employees are very knowledgeable; but not always competent. One time I had Aquatropics test my water and tell me that I was in great condition. With the same employee that tested my water, I purchased $45 of new fish to add to my 55gal tank. In less than 3 hours, nearly half of the fish I purchased died! I had my water retested by another Aquatropics employee and she reveled that I had nearly lethal doses of contaminants! It would have been nice if the first guy told me when I was buying fish from him. Having invested over $750 in my current stock, I am a little weary about trusting them to test my water. \r \r P.S: No discount for my dead fish. more

Great store 1/14/2008

I have had only great experience with this store, it's employees and quality fish and great advice. Had an ammonia spike in my new tank, I feel they saved almost all of my fish, without their expert advice I would have lost most if not all of the fish. I ended up loosing 4 out of 18 fish which is surprising considering my ammonia levels were above 8ppm and now after 3 weeks it is down to .50ppm, all fish are doing very well, 2 still recovering but are going to be just fine. I know at least one employee will free of charge come to your home, help you clean the tank, check water levels ect. She even wanted to come see 4 rather rare/expensive fish I purchased as they grow. \r \r Jayne more

Worst Recommendations Ever 9/3/2007

I will never trust a fish store again, especially this one. They made recommendations for my fish tank and the fish are not even compatible according to anything I have read online or in any books since the fish have now killed each other. They have awful employees with no knowledge of fish or fish compatibility and I would avoid it at all cost. They also refused to exchange the one fish that killed my other fish that was not damaged in the massacre. more

Forget Burkos B's Post, These Guys Are Great 11/19/2006

We've been doing business with these folks for more than 8 years and have found them helpful and easy to work with. We recently had some fish die due to my mismanagement of medicine dosage and the owner was sympathetic and offered a great deal on my next round of fish. more
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