Winwood Children's Center


1841 Explorer Street
Reston, VA 20190

1 (703) 832-0809
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I must start by saying the director and assistant director at this center are very friendly, professional and caring. They don't do it just like a job. They have had their own per...


I just want to let everybody know. This seems like a very good child care from the outside and from what directors tell you. To be honest behind closed doors. Children here at Win...

Very Good! 1/7/2014

I must start by saying the director and assistant director at this center are very friendly, professional and caring. They don't do it just like a job. They have had their own personal experiences from their kids, so they have made this center very comfortable for first time daycare going kids. The teachers here go overboard to make a new kid comfortable at this center to help them deal with separation anxiety. They work very closely with the parents to help them transition from home care to day care centers. Even if the student to teacher ratio is 1:4 for 1-2yr olds, the new kid gets treated very well. This makes transition very easy! The teachers here..Angela, Neelu, Sarah and one more lady, loves my daughter very much. Not many people get lucky with the first day care they choose for their kids! well I just got lucky to have found these wonderful care takers. Well, everyone has their own experience, and this is mine. After saying all this I had to discontinue with them, as I choose a wrong time to start my kid at day care. In this brutal winter. As with all day cares, she did catch cold in her first week. I'm eager to start her back in summer. more

Winwood Reston Va 4/30/2013

I just want to let everybody know. This seems like a very good child care from the outside and from what directors tell you. To be honest behind closed doors. Children here at Winwood get a lot of leftover food from a couple days ago, toys don't work, Class is always over ratio. I see a lot of teachers in there stressed out because lack of help and teamwork. If you have an INFANT I provide you not to come here for your INFANT. It is unhealthy unsafe Just because of this one specific teacher. I would rather have Infants safe and happy then terrified and scared until they get picked up or until she gets off the clock. If you do bring your infants please please ask a lot of question because there is only one camera I'm the room which will just show the main part of the room but will not show where they sleep. There's been a couple major incidents in Infant room where babies have bruised, bleed, and broken bones and directors have not did anything about serious investigation needs to happen to this center without letting anybody know because the minute the directors get notify of a visit or a tour everybody puts on an act. Please Please Winwood have a few good teachers that love and care for kids and disagree on how things are run here at Reston Winwood. Certain Teachers get favored here at Winwood and is treated unfairly and it makes it hard for them. Please if you do want to take a tour and come here please ask a lot of question especially ask the teachers in private because certain teachers can't say certain things when the director is standing there the directors just want to get a lot of people enrolled. But if you do ask in person and in private without the director you will get an honest answer because the teachers that give you an honest answers are the ones that care about the safety and learning of your child. I was a teacher at Winwood so I knew everything that happens behind closed doors and still is happening now more

Winwood is Reston, VA 6/15/2012

Exceptional quality and care at this children's center. I have three kids and all of them have attended Winwwod. I would recommend this facility to anyone. The staff are competent and attentive. The facility is clean, and the service is outstanding. The children are put on a routine in a learning environment, and the staff implement a lot of fun activities that are both educational and cultural, and even social and family activities. The children are provided healthy meals and snacks. The best part - the kids look forward to going to Winwood every day. more

Reston Winwood 1/31/2012

My daughter went to this location since she was 2.5. We loved it, the teachers were caring, had a good lesson plan and schedule for the day. We also did private K here for the full day. My daughter was well prepared for 1st grade - it was basically a review. Food and snacks were great, they did parents night out, and also have summer camps. My child is 8 now, we have gone back for the summer camps and plan to do that this summer as well.- we've always had a great experience with these folks. more

Great year! 6/20/2011

My daughter is now wrapping up her preschool year at Winwood, Reston. She has had a great time there. The teachers were outstanding and really cared for my daughter. I've read lots of negative comments about the director and staff of this school and I really don't understand why. We never had any issues and they were always willing to talk to me about my concerns. They've added additional activities such as yoga, soccer, and play days, which my daughter really enjoyed. In one year they have my daughter so much. She has truly blossomed at Winwood. Thank you Winwood. more

Poor Service 1/6/2011

My son attends the Winwood Center in Leesburg. Let me first state that I love my son's teacher but the management is horrible. Ever since my son started Winwood he has been sick a lot, in and out of the doctor's office. That's to be expected because he was home up until that time. My concern is that 3 or 4 weeks ago when my son was sick, his doctor wrote a note to the school telling them that my son can not play outside in this cold weather because he has lung problems. He had to be on a nebulizer for 3 plus weeks while taking antibiotics. After handing the doctor's note to the school and informing everyone, the next day the Director ignored the doctor's note and the advice of her staff and still sent my son outside to play in the cold weather. My son had a relapse and had to go back to the doctor, when I told his doctor what happened she was very upset that her note for his care was ignored. I pay a lot of money to have my son attend Winwood and expect better service where it comes to the health and safety of my child. more

Lying and irresponsible people 12/20/2010

Good: The director was very nice. She could remember my son's name months after our initial visit. Also the main teacher in the toddler room was great. The cameras are reassuring as well.. Bad: I never felt like my son was encouraged to play with other children and I often saw him wandering around aimlessly or sitting and watching something. See other comments for more.. Other: My son also threw up while he was there and neither my husband nor I were notified about it. We both called there after the incident had occured and they didn't mention it to us. Then, when we picked up his stuff (because we did end up pulling him out of there), the person that told us about him throwing up tried to change her story by saying he took his nap much later than he did (when I saw him on the cameras not napping) and threw up after we called. Seriously messed up.. more

Disappointment 7/28/2010

I had heard great review from friends plus they had camera in each room, which made me comfortable and so sent my kid to the 2 year class. But I was very disappointment with most of the new teachers. They were very rude. I was very surprised by their behavior on my surprise visit during the day. They were busy chatting while kids kept asking for more milk/juice etc. 2 year old kids language is not crystal clear and needs a little attention from the teachers to understand them. Instead of trying to understand them, teacher told them to go back to the seat. Poor kid went back and sat quietly. My kid is very expressive. Though his small vocabulary sometimes limits him in explaining things to me. But he clearly told me that his teacher is not nice. And he enacted how she talks loudly and orders them. If a 2 year old can understand and judge a person, I wonder why the director of this child care has kept her eyes closed. very Disappointed..:( more

Please reconsider 2/6/2007

We got swayed by the swanky infrastructure,online cameras and registered. To our dismay we were up for disappointment.The staff is very rude and especially the director.They kept us waiting for 1.5 years (no joke) and when we finally got tired of their promises and asked them to kindly give us in writing when would our child be admitted, they accused us of improper behavior!! I feel lucky that our son did not go this place, I hope they realize that ultimately its the people not the materialistic facilities that makes a healthy environment for a child. more

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Nice Place 4/9/2006

We went here to look at it for our daughter. It was very clean and nice. They also have a program where they have cameras in all the rooms so throughout the day you, as the parent, can go online and see what your child is doing. Which is a great concept. more
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  • Winwood Children's Center provides parents with peace of mind by giving children an exceptional education every fun-filled day in a place as nurturing as home. We offer childcare and early educational programs for infants, toddlers, preschool, and pre-kindergarten. We also have after school care and summer camp for school age students.

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