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Williams Home Maintenance


1927 W Arkansas Ln
Arlington, TX 76013

(817) 274-0661
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I participate in the maintenance plan and have found the plan to be a great value. I have a 5 year old home, and little things in the plumbing and AC are starting to have issues....


When our Trane 3-ton AC unit stopped putting out cool air on a Saturday during a Texas summer, we called Williams Home Maintenance. The tech that came out (Scott Newberry) diagnos...

Excellent Service 11/30/2011

I participate in the maintenance plan and have found the plan to be a great value. I have a 5 year old home, and little things in the plumbing and AC are starting to have issues. This AC and Plumbing plan has paid for itself. The employees are honest and are great at diagnosing problems and quickly solving. I would recommend this company. more

satisfied with the survice 11/9/2011

Im surprised that some people were not satisfied with Williams Home Maintenance below. I actually had a very decent experience with them. It definitely feels like they have improved their customer service and care about their customer's needs more. We had an AC tune up at the beginning of the summer, they offered a good deal on that. Recently we had to get help with our water heater(it stopped heating water), my husband called Williams again and they did a good job taking care of the problem. more

Very good! 11/9/2011

I had a very good experience with Williams Home Maintenance. My water heater started giving me a problem, so I called several companies around to get pricing on their services. Decided to go with WHM. The guy showed on time, looked at it and recommended to get a new part for it. After the part was replaced, I didn't have any more problems with it. It was a stress free fix. more

good service 10/18/2011

I have two cats and a german shepherd, so it was time to have both heating and AC ducts to be cleaned. I looked at several maintenance companies out there and decided to go with Williams Home Maintenance since they offer free air duct inspection. They did a very good job, I'm very pleased with their service. more

Absolute Great Service!!!! 10/15/2011

I just bought a foreclosure in Arlington that was need of a new AC unit. I searched online for a professional that services the Arlington area and came across William Home Maintenance. They immediately scheduled to come out the next day and install a new unit. I was able to rent the house out and start making money. Great job guys!!!!!! more

Do not do business with this deceptive, overpriced company. 7/14/2011

When our Trane 3-ton AC unit stopped putting out cool air on a Saturday during a Texas summer, we called Williams Home Maintenance. The tech that came out (Scott Newberry) diagnosed the problem as a faulty 30/5 dual-run cap and a blown compressor. With an $80 service call fee, we were charged $276 to change the cap (later I learned this part should cost around $100). He stated we needed a new compressor, and that it would probably cost around $2800 if it wasn't covered under the 5-year manufacturer warranty . Because it was a Saturday, all he could do was replace the dual-run cap. He said his company would call Trane and check on warranty Monday, and call us back. He left our unit running, and on Sunday morning it was 68 degrees in the house, which was very unexpected because we thought the compressor was blown. On Monday, no one from Williams called us. I finally called them around 4:50pm and an office staff member named Heidi reported she didn't know that they needed to call Trane, a more

2 years - both no shows 3/23/2011

We are 2 and 0! Last year, I took time off work and waited for Williams to come and perform an AC tune up. No show, no call. It happens, no biggie. This year, I get a call offering the tune up again for $49.95. I advised them that they didn't show last year. She apologised and offered 2011 tune up for $39.95. Our appointment was for 3 - 4 PM window. I left work early and was home at 3 PM. They never showed. Caller ID shows they called last night at 7:30 PM. I'm not interested. more

Do not use Williams Home Maintenance. 6/23/2010

My dishwasher?s button board went out, so I called Williams Home Maintenance.\r The customer service is great! They call to confirm appointments and arrived on time.\r \r The repair man told me that a part was broken/wore out and needed to be replaced, but at least it wasn?t the more expensive part that was broken. This was great news and was going to cost with the service fee $180. But when the same repair man came out to install the ordered part, he informed my wife that there was yet another part that would be needed and this part with the service fee was another $140. He also told my wife that he discussed this with me.\r \r I assure you I would not have gone for this, and would have simply purchased a new dishwasher at that point.\r So, I called and complained and they came out again and only charged me for the new part.\r The dishwasher is finally working again, but 4 months later the dishwasher stops working. The lights on the function board simply flash.\r \r I?ve had it with Will more

Great Customer Service with Williams Home Maintenance 4/6/2010

We had a leak near our water heater and were not sure exactly where it was coming from. Our neighbor recommended Williams Home Maintenance. Robert came to our house on time and we received a phone call first to let us know he was on his way. He was very professional and knowledgeable. He told us that we had a slab leak and Steve came out to pinpoint where it was coming from. Steve was very nice and professional too. He located the leak and even let me listen to where it was. They explained what they would be doing and showed you where the problem was. They also let you see their finished work as well. They were careful not to track in dirt on your floors, which was greatly appreciated. They were always on time. They were honest with us and they did a great job! Thank you Robert and Steve for your great work ethics and customer service. I would recommend Williams Home Maintenance to anyone! more

Williams Home Maintenance is crap! 11/9/2009

My family had religiously used Williams Home Maintenance for over 25 years -- John Williams had toiled to build an incredibly professional, friendly, full-service business...which has sadly and quickly gone down the drain since he sold the business to Jerry Franklin. I have been repeatedly lied to (by Jerry) and insulted (by his repairmen) over the past few service calls. It is so very disheartening that this previously trusted, assuring organization has gone down the tubes. I do not recommend calling them for anything...unless you work for Consumer Reports and are looking for a GREAT bad example. more

Bad Experience with Williams Home Maintenance 9/22/2009

My HVAC started blowing white smoke and a burning odor on Sunday. I tried calling Williams Home Maintenance (WHM) immediately after I noticed the white smoke. I left a voicemail stating my problem, and a contact number. I also used their "contact us" form on their web site and left a description of what I observed and contact information. I ended up calling them again on Monday because nobody returned my voicemail or email. I took off work to meet the technician and he gave me two estimates for repair. If I signed up for their 1-year Peace of Mind (POM) program, I would receive about $200 off the repair bill. The POM program is normally $300 for 1 year, which seemed ridiculously high. But with a $200 discount on the repair bill, I figured it would be worth it to sign up for a net cost of only $100. One of the advertising points of their POM program is that they will schedule service around my schedule so I don't have to take off work. This is taken from their brochure: "W more

Williams Home Maintenance-outstanding service 7/10/2009

These guys are excellent at customer service, being on time- everything you could ask for in a service oriented company. I've used them for years now and have had zero issues. Very professional and always helpful. Plumbing, air conditioning, etc.etc. - I've had nothing go wrong after they've repaired or installed anything that I've had them do. more

Very Unprofessional!!! 4/25/2009

I would not recommend these people to anyone, much less my family. Will not show up on time, I did not feel comfortable with them in my home with the people they sent out. I had a newborn and wife at my house, and my wife said she felt very uncomfortable with the situation. Awful!!! more

Wonderful 4/10/2008

I recently moved to arlington and needed some work done on my ac because it was not cooling and when i called the professional response I got was great. I wanted to just wait till it got hot to really have it fixed and I was only looking for a price. I got great information.Being in texas (originally from up north) the weather changes from hot to cold quite often. The women who answered the phone gave some good information about how I should probably go ahead and have it looked at . I did have it looked at the next day, I got a great price ( much cheaper than the three companies I called before) and a good job done. My system works great and They have a contract I signed up on and they take care of my ac and heat and plumbing and they said they would even work on my appliances! I recommended them to my neighbor and friends. Great personal company more

WHM Service in General 12/3/2007

I moved to Arlington in 1982, bought a house and pretty soon I had to start looking for typical home maintenance services. Several neighbors recommended Williams Home Maintenance. I called them out to get my ac ready for the summer. The serviceman was very professional and gave me all kinds of tips for keeping my AC unit's maintenance bills and electrical bills down. So, I began using them for other services such as heating, plumbing, duct cleaning, etc. I then wised up and purchased a maintenance contract which has saved me a lot of money and gets even faster response times.\r \r In short, if you are new to the Tarrant County or Mansfield area, I strongly suggest that you give them a call. more

Negative experience with AC checkup; positive with plumber 6/22/2007

I wanted AC checkup on old condo unit; when i called 817-274-0661, scheduler said $77 diagnostics charge. i asked exactly what he will do; scheduler said she didn't know. i called again & tanya asked if ac was working, which it was. she said $40 for 21-point inspection & 1-pound coolant gas. service person tom came; barely spent 30-minutes; very uncommunicative. he said coolant level low, hooked up green cylinder but i don't know for sure whether he recharged gas or not though his receipt said he put in 1# coolant. he checked something on two capacitors [voltage??] then went inside, removed filter, peeked into overhead unit for a minute & was done. i don't recommend him & didn't feel i got my money's worth. i also wanted some plumbing work done; plumber came to check out; completely different experience; was very cooperative & honestly told me this was not appropriate for his skills and tools; i really needed regrouting & gave me 2 references & didn't charge anything at all more

Great Service 4/7/2007

I had a water leak inside my home. I could not determine where the leak was coming from so I called around trying to find the lowest cost to determine sourse. Tom's plumbing was the cheapest so I called them. Their plumber came out and said that there was no meter movement so therefore I did not have a leak. It cost me almost $80. The next day the water puddle got larger so I decided to call someone else. I called Ernies and he said he could do an electronic leak search for a service call and a leak search charge, which would have been another $300. So I finally called Williams Home Maintenance and talked to them and they suggested to just strt out with an electronic leak search for $175.. His technician, Steve came out and in 15 minutes found that the leak was actually in the wall and had their plumbers out and fixed the leak for jusr $178. minus the sheetrock repair. I will never call anyone else. They know what they are doing, very polite and professional. Thanks John. more
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