Sanford-Brown College


1250 W Mockingbird Ln 150
Dallas, TX 75247

(214) 638-6400
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Sanford-Brown College - Dallas, TX
Sanford-Brown College - Dallas, TX
Sanford-Brown College - Dallas, TX
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Sanford-Brown Institute in Dallas, Texas is a private, career-oriented postsecondary learning institution offering quality, short-term, programs in a variety of healthcare fields....


Look who wrote that 5 star review. That should make any normal person see that SBI Dallas has no credibility. I am currently enrolled, and not impressed. I'll be sure to leave fee...

DONT DO IT!!!!!!! 4/30/2013

this school is so sad and pathetic they made me do the financial aid went to orientation even my first day of class only so they can call me the next day and tell me i could not attend anymore because 4 years ago i didnt finish a program their. i had to leave because i had a baby but went back to a whole different program 4 years ago. all they wanted was my pel grant money. the plan was for me and my sister to go to school together and now they seperated us im beyond pist how can they do this to a student is this even legal??? the teachers suck and dont know anything!! more

Don't even think about this place!! 11/30/2012

I went to this school for the MA program and It was a total waste of time and money. They lied about how much people will get paid after graduating. Strippers went back to stripping and I went back to security because it paid more. more

School not worth it 7/16/2011

I went to the school back in February 09 for only 3 days for Medical Billing and Coding program due to a family emergency had to restart the next month in which I didn't. A woman by the name of Shari started out being nice and helpful but in the end started being very rude. Should have researched the school more intensely it just wasn't for me at all. Community College is cheaper to attend, also you obtain credits that can actual transfer to other university. When I didn't return they kept calling inquiring if I'm gonna consider re-enrolling? Called Stafford loan people to cancel the loans but they did receieve my funding through the pell grant. After finding out they received my pell grant funding I asked why would yall not return the funding the head of the financial aid department told me "it's free money, not your money why you're worried!" Very unprofessional people all over that establishment. Two months later received a bill from them in the amount of $600 something odd dollars. I called the corporate office inquiring about the bill they were rude ass hell too. I filed a complaint and reported their asses to the Department of Education. Not everyone there are scammers but the shot callers are. Please beware and maybe not all school are like this school. Just research all aspect of any school you're wanting to attend. This school experience didn't detour me from my goal I went for the degree and got it!! You can too. more

BEWARE!! 4/27/2011

This school is a scam!! Do not enroll in the med assisting program! Waste of money. Most of the employees are uneducated, unprofessional SCAM artist. I cannot believe the state of Texas has let this school stay open for this long!! Future students may as well throw your money out in the streets and let it blow away with the wind because the end result will be the same. You will be left with no money or education at the end of the day!! Ps medical assist only make $8.00 an hour. Hard to pay a 35,000 student loan making that much!! And believe me they will try to FORCE you into this program!! STAY A WAY!!!!!!! more

Not Worth Your Time!!!!! 1/23/2011

This school is not worth you wasting your time and money. I was told that credits will transfer to colleges and they DON'T. The staff at career services are there to help you find a job and they DON'T. All they do is send you posting from craigslist. I can look at craigslist list myself. I graduated with a GPA of a 4.0 and perfect attendance, but employers take one look at the school I went to and turn me down. Sanford Brown is NOT a respected school in the Healthcare Industry. PLEASE DONT WASTE YOUR TIME. GO TO A COMMUNITY COLLEGE WHERE IT COUNTS. It might take longer at community college but it is well worth your time and money. more


0 stars for customer service. I called to inquire about the school and ask basic questions. The woman sighed over and over and became flustered with answering my questions. She suggested I get my ducks in a row and call back when I was better organized. I told her she was rude and hung up. Her lack of proper grammar was appalling as well. Not worth wasting my time. more

Horrible School 4/30/2010

I took MA classes and they sent me to Billing and coding extern site. Teachers unprofessional and unprepared. It was a waist of my time. more

Waste of time & money 3/8/2010

The staff was unprofessional and actually quite uneducated. I attended from February to October 2006. I had to set up my own externship because the coordinator was NO help. The scrubs they give you are crap. You have to pay for a ton of materials that you don't use/need. The instructor to student ratio is unbelievable. There are 20-30 people to each instructor in the MA program. I have a friend who attended there in 2008/2009 and she said they do not teach phlebotomy or injections anymore to the Medical Assisting students. I graduated in December of 2006 and didn't receive my "diploma" from them until AUGUST 2007. They're completely unorganized and out for your money. I went to this school right after graduating high school with the intent of getting into the ultrasound program. Unfortunately, you have to have 48 credit hours to be eligible. They conned me into thinking that their "40.5 hours" that I would get from the MA program would be transferrable outside of Sanford Brown - WRONG! Really, just don't go there. Not only is the staff unprofessional, but many of the students there do not take it seriously and hinder the ability to try to learn something. Since there's only one instructor it's too hard for them to control the students. more

HORRIBLE 2/15/2010

I TOTALLY AGREE THE STAFF IS UNPROFESSIONAL. Im not quite sure how the school is still open we never have our correct materials and most of the instructors except maybe 2 or 3 actually know what they are talking about . P.s I am currently enrolled at this school and anyone who is considering attending should please run the other direction fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more

They don’t refund your $25 fee for registration 2/4/2010

The counselor tries to get you hook in telling you that your grant and other help could help you cover the rest of your tuition. So, you can write them a check for $25 registration fee to start the financial Aid help. Which you later will find out that this in not a win situation for you. Once you find out that they don't have any extra help and all they offer is a big student loans that will cover the rest 85% of your tuition which can run you anywhere from between $15,000 to $35,000. My biggest mistake was given them my $25 dollars. I have call them more than 20 times and not once I got any response from the counselor that I took my information. You would think that they have "integrity". I would never again will go to them and if any body ask me I will tell them this much "School without integrity is no good school for me". "They are cluster of crooks!". more

Accreditation Should be Pulled 1/7/2010

This school should be closed. They are only in the business of collecting financial aid. The curriculum is poor, the instructors are not qualified and the entire program lacks merit. They are unprofessional and will cut corners wherever possible. Do not waste your time or your money. more

THIS SUCKS 10/11/2009


Liars 2/3/2009

Look who wrote that 5 star review. That should make any normal person see that SBI Dallas has no credibility. I am currently enrolled, and not impressed. I'll be sure to leave feedback after I graduate. more

Sanford-Brown Institute - Dallas 12/2/2008

Sanford-Brown Institute in Dallas, Texas is a private, career-oriented postsecondary learning institution offering quality, short-term, programs in a variety of healthcare fields. Sanford-Brown operates 14 campuses located in 7 states throughout the U.S. more
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The Sanford-Brown experience is designed to help you excel in your studies, gain confidence, and achieve your personal vision of success.

Owner Message
  • Why wait…to begin feeling better about your future?

    Sanford-Brown College, a leader in healthcare education with origins dating back to 1866, offers career-focused programs in a variety of Healthcare fields. (Areas of study vary by location.)

    Classes begin at multiple times throughout the year, so you can always get started quickly—and the sooner you start, the sooner you can finish.

    Sanford-Brown also makes it easy to learn around life’s other demands, by offering day, evening and weekend classes for full- and part-time students.

    Additionally, by studying only what you need, you finish faster than you think.

    So if you’ve ever thought of Healthcare training one day, why not get on your way today?

    With campuses across the country, career-focused programs in several medical and dental disciplines (and beyond), instructors with real-world experience, hands-on training with modern equipment and our proprietary Simpro Virtual Trainer, Sanford-Brown can help you turn one day into day one of a healthier future.

    *Financial aid is available for those who qualify. Sanford-Brown cannot guarantee employment or salary. Programs vary by location. Credits earned are unlikely to transfer. Find disclosures on graduation rates, student financial obligations and more at

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  • Neighborhoods: Northwest Dallas/Love Field