18306 Highway 99
Lynnwood, WA 98037

(425) 778-3147
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Pick-N-Pull - Lynnwood, WA
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A great way to have my car hauled away - the tow driver was awesome and gets 10 stars. Pros: they came when they said they would Cons: needs a little better communication ...


Their prices are not much less than a new item for most of the things like they used to be when they were pull a part, plus on top of their raised prices they charge an environmen...

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/15/2016

Having visited Lynnwood Pick'n'Pull a few times I think it's time for a review. I am evil because I'm sick 'n tired of dealing with dumbasses that run this place. U'd think junkyard salespeople are supposed to be technically proficient so they can tell the purpose of parts just by glancing at them. Not the case here. It's like P'n'P intentionally hire Wal-mart reject cashiers who have no concept of customer service not engineering aptitude. On previous visits I've noticed them slighting the customers with passive ""don't really care to be here not even close to loving my job"" kind of demeanor. I don't know how management is tolerating such lack of purpose. \r That's not fundamentally important though, techical professionalism is important.\r \r Case in point: Chrysler part numbers 5012750AA or 5137781AA or 52402590 is a small electric motor that moves the flaps in the HVAC suitcase. In the past these were pneumatic servos but nowadays they are electric. Its equivalent function in P'n'P's catalog is 685-2 Heater Control Valve $7.59. Yet the readhead had no idea what this part was and the non-technical manager told her it's a ""control module"" for $20. I'm not buying such bullsh!t.\r \r I visited a week ago and was almost ripped off too. A different gal ran up the bill with bogus ""extended"" warranties that I didn't ask for nor would ever buy. This place is a scam. \r Please keep looking for a better junkyard for yourself. \r \r Now I'm secretly hoping they will be shut down for environmental violations too. This junkyard is stuated in a valley of sorts and every rain season there's a small stream flowing through the yard, resulting in a lot of oily run-off. It looks like they had to install a filtering rig at the lowest point by the fence, but this is a bad territory for anything industial. more

Terrible service, inventory and 5/9/2012

Terrible service, inventory and tracking systems are completly inacurate, never have the car you want even if they say they have them, they charge you for every last nut and bolt, and tag you for every last item at prices seldom below parts store, don't honor they return policy or credit's, employees don't care and always making snide remarks, wheels and tires are overpriced, and they spend all your money on advertising. All three seattle location suck, I used to reccomend pull-a-part to all my freinds, I wouldnt reccomend pick-n-pull if they paid me. Completely downhill since the corporate scrap company bought em out. Don't go there, they'll screw you. more

Unfair Fees and charges 7/20/2011

Their prices are not much less than a new item for most of the things like they used to be when they were pull a part, plus on top of their raised prices they charge an environmental fee, which makes absolutely no sense as we are actually cleaning up the environment by pulling things off these cars. We're not contributing to any pollution by purchasing parts off these cars, I think if anything they should pay us an environmental commission for just helping clean up their yard. There is no doubt it was better as Pull A Part but now that it is Pick N Pull the prices went way up, on the good side though the employees seemed friendly enough and willing to negotiate on some things, albeit not very far. The puddled water is an issue, but they do lay down gravel in some areas to try and assist with that, the car I was pulling parts from was off-balanced propped up on it's old rims (Rims I could have used) and would begin to tilt forwards threatening to fall over with minimal extra weight on the front end. They also do not refund money, if you pull a part they will only give in store credit for returns. This would be useful say, at a grocery store, but not a junk yard. Bottom line, I found the prices too high the employees were great, and friendly the puddles of water didn't bother me personally, just dress prepared and maybe take something to lay on if you need to go under a car. and be VERY careful when under a car, it could potentially fall on you as they are not well supported in some cases. I'm not sure I'll shop there anymore, I probably won't. I can buy new items for only slightly more, brand new, vs saving a buck or two for something used. It's just not worth the time pulling it anymore. more

Never Go To This Garbage Dump Ever!!!! 4/7/2011

So i arrive at pull a part which is now called pick n pull. Not alot of parking and had to park by the back gate. I go in and pay a dollar for me and my friend who was 17 but we figured wed test the waters. They let both of us in without checking our i.d.'s. On their new website they advertise recent vehichles they have in stock. On there is a listed 99 camaro that came in march 9th 2011. today is april 7th 2011. So the car has been there 1 month according to the website which is a new program obviously that their superiors created for them to do and they are already not updating their inventory. So rule #1 dont go by the inventory its not correct. Why do i say that? Because after i got my shoes trashed and almost slipping and falling i come to the car in the back and i see whats left of a white camaro. Maybe i should go back i underline ""whats left"". Defining that the only 2 parts off the car that was left was a door panel and the rear hatch. That is it! That is it! The whole car was stripped. Everything the sub frame axles engine the only thing was those 2 parts! This is what they advertise on their fricken website! im so pissed off i go in there wait and line and tell one of the cashiers i want my 2 dollars back. I'm so dissapointed this is exactly was i would call a piece of dump junkyard. You cant even walk through most of the lanes because you will be walking in standing water and mud. Don't they they down gravel or anything? dont they care about their customers? When i was informing the cashier about this assuming he was the manager he told me to get out of his showroom. Wow. And his ""showroom"" consist of poorly crafted counters with old registers. But thats my personal opinion. What was being displayed were old tape decks pulled out of early 90's cars and used wheels thats on mainly curbed up. Their big ticket items was a set of acura wheels for 350 dollars with hard as hell firestone tires are them. Psh im so dissapointed with this place and i hope everyone reads this and never goes there unless they change the management make the place safer by laying down gravel so your not walking in mud and keep their website updated so your not wasting your time going there. more

Bad for Customers 3/11/2011

I'm glad I checked this site before venturing there tomorrow. I have used this place for several times and it has saved me hundreds and hundreds of $$$$ if you know what you're looking for and how to get it. Definitely not good for customers to increase prices by 50%. Hope I?ll get a different treatment tomorrow. Will see. more

Hostile takeover put me out of business. 2/19/2011

Pull-A-Part was recently purchased by Pick and Pull and on the first day of new operations they increased the prices of everthing by 50%. Same cars as the day before just higher prices. I would have like to have known about the increase but nothing was said to the old customers. JUST SHOWS HOW IMPORTANT CUSTOMERS ARE TO PICK AND PULL. I am never going there again because the manager actually said to me ""business is business"". I think that shopuld never be said to a customer but they are the company they are. Sad to see owners who cared about customers(pullapart) get purchased by a money hungry corporation like pick and pull. more

dead car be gone! 10/10/2008

A great way to have my car hauled away - the tow driver was awesome and gets 10 stars. Pros: they came when they said they would Cons: needs a little better communication but if you keep track of who you talk to you will be fine more
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