Morrisville Cat Hospital


100 Keybridge Dr Ste A (at Conveniently located off Hwy 54 in Morrisville.)
Morrisville, NC 27560

(919) 678-1554
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Morrisville Cat Hospital - Morrisville, NC
Morrisville Cat Hospital - Morrisville, NC
Morrisville Cat Hospital - Morrisville, NC
Morrisville Cat Hospital - Morrisville, NC
Morrisville Cat Hospital - Morrisville, NC
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Dr. Wendy Simpson is the best vet I have EVER had the experience of meeting. When my parents cats got sick, she took incredible care of them. She extended our diabetic cats life b...


All reviews seem positive

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/1/2013

I took my cat to the Morrisville Cat Hospital after reading all of the online reviews and was dissatisfied with my experience. Dr. Simpson was very hurried during my cat’s exam. She acted like my cat wasn’t important. After the appointment, it took a very long time to get the labwork results and I have yet to hear back about my follow up questions. I was also unpleasantly surprised by the cost. It was substantially more expensive than any of the other places I’ve tried. I’m not recommending Morrisville Cat Hospital, I don’t think it’s worth the extra money or hype. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/6/2013

The most personable and highest quality cat care you'll find! I've been taking my cats to Dr. Wendy Simpson for 15 years - I followed her from her previous practice to the Morrisville Cat Hospital. In fact, when I have moved -- even out of state -- I have still brought my cats to her for care whenever possible. (And I'm not the only one!) Dr. Wendy has helped me find good vets in other places (but they are never quite as good as her, in my opinion). They'll send reports/paperwork to her so she can keep up with what's going on and help as best as she can until I am back in to see her. It's made these transitions much easier. I'm really glad, however, to be back where I can go to Dr. Wendy anytime! \r \r What sets Dr. Wendy apart is that she's so concerned with the well-being -- as well as the health -- of the cats in her care. She goes well beyond where many other vets would stop, and includes many personal touches. For example, she makes a very big deal about pain management. More so than many other vets. She also designed her boarding kennels to be against windows so the cats can see the birds outside for a more interesting and happy stay. And she created a ""comfort room"" where cats and their owners can spend time together in a more soothing environment than a typical exam room. Dr. Wendy is also very patient and accommodating of the cats' owners - like me - who rely upon her greatly!\r \r No one and no practice can be perfect all the time, but Dr. Wendy and her staff at the Morrisville Cat Hospital really stand out above all the rest. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is particular about their vet experience. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/17/2013

Lack of care and communication in time of critical care. I find the signature of great care and service is in times when it is most critical. After being a loyal customer of Morrisville Cat Hospital for nearly a decade, they have lost my trust and business. This lack of trust is due to the philosophy of patient care during an emergency and not responding to 2 separate communications wishing to speak to Dr. Simpson about my experiences. \r \r Questionable philosophy of patient care: I called with a sick cat and after explaining what was happening, the vet determined the issue was critical and my cat needed to be seen that day by a doctor. Even though, they were open, they would not squeeze in my appointment and instead told me to go to an emergency vet because they were booked. I called the vet where we take my dog and after explaining the situation, they fit me in immediately. After talking with the new vet, it is clear I want my business to be where I feel the staff and vets focus on patient care not convenience of their schedule.\r \r Lack of communication: During the situation above I asked that Dr. Simpson call me back as I was surprised by the response I got to this emergency. After 10 days I had not heard back and sent an email with my concerns. It has been 2 weeks and I have had absolutely no follow up. There business is not set up in a way to encourage open communication.\r \r I no longer recommend Morrisville Cat Hospital and will no longer be taking my pets there. I actively sought out to discuss my experiences with them so that there was an opportunity to adapt their practices. I urge you to seek a new vet so that you don't experience the same disappointment I did after being a loyal customer for a decade. \r \r more

None better!! 7/11/2011

Dr. Wendy Simpson is the best vet I have EVER had the experience of meeting. When my parents cats got sick, she took incredible care of them. She extended our diabetic cats life by almost a year, helped us find the reason for another cats seizures and even came out to our house to put our cat to sleep so that he could be comfortable at home. When my cat, Eddie, got sick, my father sent me over to Dr. Wendy. She took incredible care of him and you could just tell that she had genuine concern for his well being. She gave me detailed instructions on how to continue his care at home and even gave her cell number so she could help me out over the weekend. I will never waste my time with another vet as long as she is within driving distance. more

Joanne M., 11/13/2010

Dr. Simpson is by far the best vet I have ever been to. After moving from Boston and in need of a vet, by chance I found MCH and I have had nothing but pleasant experiences since. All the staff is attentive and caring, unlike many other places I have encountered in the past, they actually care about you and your pet. \r After losing 2 cats over the past 2 years I cant express how touched I was to received personal cards from Dr. Simpson with specific details about each cats and getting their paw print in clay is something I will treasure forever. more


Moving here from Miami with my mainecoon, I only wanted the best for him, since I never found that in Miami. I was told of her by a client. SHE and her staff goes above and beyond. I later had MY MOM's cat taken there, he became a special needs cat, and Dr Wendy and her staff helped us have him about 9 more months that we would have had, til the end, I trusted her and know her decisions was based on passion and not money. I HIghly suggest DR Wendy, I never thought she was expensive, one gets what on pays for. My animal and his care has no pricetag. Pros: understanding, detailed, highly educated DR & staff Cons: NONE more

Best cat care, ever! 6/7/2009

Dr. Wendy and her staff go above and beyond to care for our cats and their various aliments! She's even taken one of our "hospitalized" cats home so it could get round the clock care. She works with you on understanding the costs associated with diagnostics and treatments to really determine what is necessary and even gives a multicat household discount.\r \r I love this vet and drive over 30 minutes to her just so my cats continue to get great care! more

Finally a place for cat lovers 9/30/2008

After moving to the Raleigh area this summer, I was concerned about where to take my two cats (~9yo and 10yo), especially considering the older one has been on liver medication and has arthritis issues in his back hips. Pros: Thoughtful, gentle and patient staff more

Dr. Wendy and her staff are the best, hands down! 5/26/2008

I have several cats, and before Morrisville Cat Hospital opened had been to many of the veterinarians in Cary (where I live), none of them ever felt "right" for myself or my cats. Our search ended once Morrisville Cat Hospital opened and we were fortunate enough to meet the wonderful Dr. Wendy Simpson and her caring staff. There would not be enough space here to go into all the positive things I could say about Dr. Wendy, but instead I'll reiterate what others have shared in their reviews. It is crystal clear that Dr. Wendy has a true love and compassion for not only cats, but their owners! Others have posted about never feeling rushed, and how Dr. Wendy spends as much time as needed with you and your cat. I can't emphasize that enough. Dr. Wendy has gone above and beyond for me and my cats in ways no one ever has before, and I am truly thankful for finding her. If you have had bad experiences with other veterinarians or are just looking for a new place for yourself and your cat(s) - consider your search over! Pros: Caring, compassionate, knowledgeable doctor and staff! Cons: None more

Well worth the extra travel time! 3/4/2008

I created this account for the sole purpose of singing the praises of the wonderful people at Morrisville Cat Hospital. My husband and I started taking our two cats, Ryo and Heffer, to MCH 5 years ago, when we lived in an apartment 5 minutes from the clinic. When we bought a house in Holly Springs in 2004, there was never any question about vet care; we wanted to keep taking our girls to Dr. Wendy, even though it meant an additional 30 minutes or so of driving with very unhappy felines. It's well worth it! Dr. Wendy is always the picture of calm, always very gentle with our girls (even when the girls themselves are being less than well-behaved...). She takes the time to explain to us what she's done during their appointments and what we should do in terms of aftercare, whether it's something as simple as as their annual shots or something more complex, like their most recent visit (when Heffer had a sprained front leg and a draining tract on one of her back toes...which, as it turns out, could be related to a shoddy declawing job done by the vet her previous owner used). We can tell she's doing what she does because she genuinely loves helping pets, and the staff's love of cats is obvious...every time we go, there's a new stray in the front office, waiting for the right loving home (and trust me, were it not for my husband, they'd probably all be coming home with me). We've never had a negative experience at the clinic, and Dr. Wendy and the staff are really like family. Pros: friendly professional staff, very clean office, genuine care for our cats Cons: none that I've experienced in 5 years of care more

Great doctor, good staff, but has gotten too busy. 2/5/2008

I've been taking our two cats to see Dr. Simpson since we moved to Raleigh in 2004. She's always been great: very knowledgeable, friendly, and caring. Her office staff is also outstanding; they keep detailed and accurate records of both my cats' shots and visits and send postcard reminders for routine appointments. Pros: Knowledgeable doctor and staff Cons: Office seems to have become too busy for them to handle. more

Highly recommended veterinarian 8/22/2007

I got 2 kittens at the same time exactly a year ago. They had none of their shots yet and I didn't know their history. I took them both to Dr. Simpson because the office is close to where I live and I'm very lucky to have happened upon this office. They do thorough exams, and Dr Simpson will spend all the time required to answer all your questions. As new kitten owners my husband and I had tons of questions and she stayed with us for more than an hour, we never felt rushed. She spends more time with our cats then my own doctor does with me. She makes great recommendations on toys, litter boxes, cat furniture, diet, etc. I was very impressed with how she handles the cats when giving them shots or doing other uncomfortable things. She distracted my cats with baby food, which they ate while she gave them a shot and they didn't even notice what she was doing! When one of my cats got sick, they saw me on a Saturday. They will do their best to fit you in when you have an emergency. They give you a printed copy of the results of the cat's examination, and all of Dr. Simpson's notes that you can reference later. And the office is very clean, and very quiet due to it being cat only. All of the staff there have been professional. Pros: cats only office, very clean, professional staff, Dr Simpson is great! Cons: none more

Best vet anywhere! 3/19/2007

Dr. Simpson is a person of rare ability and character. We have been trusting our cats to her for eight years and would never consider leaving the Triangle unless she moved as well! Her staff is well trained and caring. The hospital is clean and a welcoming atmosphere prevails. Pros: Expertise, Compassion, State of the Art Equipment, Cleanliness, Cons: none more

Wonderful--She's better than "your" family phyican! 1/31/2007

Dr. Wendy Simpson and her staff are the most considerate, and uniquely loving caregivers I have ever come in contact with. Although my cat had only been a patient for a short amount of time, they didnt think twice about giving me the support and love I needed when he was dieing. I appreciate all the hearts at Morrisville Animal Hospital. more

Dr. Wendy Simpson is a great person! 9/17/2006

Dr. S is a very nice person and great with cats! We chat with her from time to time, and she is genuinely interested in what we have to say. more

Referred by another cat lover 9/13/2006

My four legged kids and I have been seeing Dr. Simpson since 2003 after my then vet removed 2 teeth from a one year old and then didn't follow up. I knew something else was wrong and we discovered through or because of Dr. Simpson that she was suffering from a Bartonella infection. (This nasty bacterium can resemble gingivitis and cause teeth to fall out if left untreated.) She is a great vet who takes the time and has the patience to help each of her clients get the best care possible. When trying to resolve a tricky diagnosis she confers with other vets and researches carefully. Very thorough. And reasonable in price. (no vet is inexpensive these days) As well as willing to work out payment if necessary. The only non-positive thing I have to say is that I am not looking forward to the day when I will have to schedule appointments with her way in advance because she'll have lots of clients. :) Pros: great service, knowledgable, thoughtful Cons: none more

Doctor Simpson is great! 8/12/2006

After a horrible experience at another vet I found Morrisville Cat Hospital and I am so glad I did. She truly knows and cares about cats. After years of vets telling me not to worry about my cats condition Doctor Simpson not only told me it was something to worry about, but also how to help him. I am so glad we found her. Pros: Doctor Simpson ACTUALLY CARES ABOUT YOUR CATS!!!! Cons: have not experienced any more

Happy cat again! 5/15/2006

I brought my 9 year old calico to Dr Wendy Simpson looking for pain management help for her arthritis. Turns out she never had arthritis as we were told by the Chatham Animal Hospital the end of 2003. She has plasma cell pododermatitis, aka pillow feet. My poor cat has been limping around for 2 years with what we thought was arthritis. Another vet in CA also missed it but she was going on the previous records from the Chatham Animal Hospital. My cat has been totally tranformed - we are elated! She chases her tail and plays on her 7 foot scratching post like a kitten. Jasmine has always been an aggressive cat in the vet office but Dr Simpson handled her gently and effectively - we were amazed! Absolutely recommend Dr Simpson - have never known a more caring and competent vet! more

Great Atmosphere For Your Cats 4/25/2006

My two cats just recently became patients at Morrisville Cat. From the moment we walked in the door they made our two cats feel very welcomed. It was a great experience. I loved the fact that the office is just for Cats!!! That is awesome. For my husband and I who do not own a dog, it would have been hard to bring our two cats into a vet office that sees other animals besides cats throughout the day! I am sure my boys would have freaked. I highly recommend Morrisville Cat. I trust them with my to boys!! :) more

Agree with reviewers 1/7/2006

I totally agree with the two other reviews. We have two cats who go see her and they are always nice and informative. We love how they post our cats pics online. more
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