La Jolla Shores Mobil


2204 Torrey Pines Rd
La Jolla, CA 92037

(858) 456-4434
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I live in San Bernardino. I accidetally hit the curve and got a flat tire the other day. I didn't have the money for a tow truck since my bag was stolen in Tijuana and i didn't kn...


The owner of this gas station is obviously cutting lots of deals with lots of shysters. Almost every time I buy gas here, I get accosted by some high-pressure douche trying to sel...

Excellent service from night guy shift 5/4/2010

I live in San Bernardino. I accidetally hit the curve and got a flat tire the other day. I didn't have the money for a tow truck since my bag was stolen in Tijuana and i didn't know what to do since I didn't have the tools to change them or nothing but an extra spare tire. I walked in the store and asked a tall, skiny, mexican guy for help to change my tire. I belive his name is oscar or something like that. He was so nice with me since he changed my tire using his tools he had with him and did it by multi tasking his job and coming out to help me. I told him about the bad experience i had in TJ and that I didn't have money to give him for the big favor he made for me.....but he just said "" just give me a smile in return and drive safely home without getting any more flat tires""....that was sweet. That was excellent service. Pros: Night guy helped change my tire more

one scam after another 12/12/2009

The owner of this gas station is obviously cutting lots of deals with lots of shysters. Almost every time I buy gas here, I get accosted by some high-pressure douche trying to sell me something I don't need. I go there to buy gas, not to get annoyed by people trying to take my money. Pros: close to our house Cons: So bad that we'll have to go elsewhere more


i have been shopping here for yearsto know whats going on in this circus........i went in there yesterday and this lady ANA is no help when you ask for something. she is no help. and when you're standing in a long line one cashier is helping everybody while that lady ANA is taking a long time with the hotel employees laughing like a retarded person. and there is also a tall bald guy named luis...he is a horny MENACE every time there is a cute girls coming in he comes out of the office acting stupid to just look around at everybody's BUTT..... there are 3 nice guys on the weekend in the morning shift one fat hawaiian, one african american, and that middle eastern guy which i havent seen for like a month thats the only reason why i shop there they are the only ok ones. by the way that asian guy named chris he steals your refill money i purchased a refill and he never punched it in he just said its a dollar and he put it aside of the register. Pros: 3 employees,fatguy,blackguy,easternguy,wich i havent seen Cons: the morning lady name ana..she is in her MENOPAUSE more

Damaging Carwash and suspicious manager 9/16/2009

I mistakenly washed my car at their 'touch less' carwash. While in the car during the wash my hole family jumped when the jets passed behind the car because of how hard they were spraying. It sounded like someone beating on the rear hatch. When we left the carwash and parked at the store we were going to, I went to open the rear hatch of the car when I found that the carwash jets had blown the paint off the plastic piece over the license plate. My car is a 2006 model with absolutely no blemishes to the paint, exept for now! The worst part is that the assistant manager took my information and told me that the manger would call me on Monday after the weekend. Two weeks later I was finally able to speak with the manager (after I called him since he never called me) and was told that it is my problem and that he passed the claim to his supervisor and they all agreed that it is my problem. Getting nowhere with the manager, I asked for his supervisor's name and number and was told that he did not have a contact name and number and that the he has the final say in the matter. To bring this story to an end, the manager continually contradicted himself regarding the existence of a supervisor and even a corporate phone number; none of which exist according to him. The only thing I was told was that he would take my phone number and 'someone' would call me; just like he was suppose to call me. So not only did I pay $10 for a crappy carwash that did not remove water spots from a freshly waxed car, but I am now stuck with a $200 repair bill to the damage it caused to the paint. The way the manager handled this gives me VERY strong reason to believe that I am not the only one that this has happened to and that someone is hiding something. Very suspicious! DO NOT USE THE STATION FOR ANYTHING AT ALL!!!!! Cons: damaging carwash and suspicious manager more

Credit card Fraud Here 6/2/2009

BEWARE. Police suggested I post this here. A scam in the form of illegal extra charges on credit cards is taking place here. At least one cashier is carrying this out. He sets the gas machines to reject credit cards with the direction to see cashier inside the minimart. When I asked why the automated payment system asked me to come inside, he said immediately,""You typed in the wrong zip code (I have never before had a credit card rejected for zip code error) and he then asks me for my zip code, which I studidly gave him, and then he takes my credit card. As I stood at his desk another woman was likewise in line because the screen outside told her she had to come inside. After he has your zip code and credit card number, he told me ""You you don't have to come back into the minimart -just pump as much as you want."" For what should have been a $30-$35 dollar gas purchase, I was charged $65 on my credit card and I had made no puchases inside the store. There is also a high liklihood that a related scam identity theft data gathering is going on the parking lot outsiide. It's a promotional campaign in which attractive young women who look like cheerleaders are selling car wax and car cleaning clothes ""for Nascar"" and are involved in the gathering of personal information. They ask for address numbers, telephone numbers, etc. I see that right here in 2007 someone else posted a warning about the fraud going on at this station. . BEWARE of the group of young women working for ""MRC Direct"" of Chula Vista, CA who are approaching customers near the gas pumps to sell bottles of wax at gas stations or elsewhere and of this gas station/minimart. They phone you afterwards claiming the credit card number didn't go through when it actually did and they phone you soon afterward to try to get yet another credit card number from youm falsely claiming your first credit card number did not go through.. Cons: Inside Job Scamming more

bad emplyees 1/10/2009

iv'e been to this gas staion many times and employees aren't very nice last year i went in and i saw a tall bald cocassion guy sarring at my girlg frined if i read his name tag right i think it was lluei or luis but i dont appreciate him starring at my girlfriend ... then they wehere messng around saying bad words their service sucked... then this year 1/1/09 i went in the mornig i went in and thre was a middle eastern guy and an african american guy i think their new but they wehre very friendly and nice wen tho i think the black guy was flirting with my girlfriend but their service needs to change just a little bit better... Pros: the reguler night guy is fun to talk too and great service Cons: morning lady very rude more

very poor customer service, the clerk had a huge attitude. I am going to boycot them and tell my family to do so as well 8/21/2008

we went to pay for our gas with a $100 bill... filling a tank takes most of it these days. The Clerk refused to accept our money/the $100 bill, even though he would be giving us less than $25 in change!!! Not a user friendly gas station! more

Beware! Thieves behind the counter. 8/17/2007

I purchased $65 of fuel from this station on Wednesday 8/15/07 at 8:30am with my atm card at the pump. My bank informed me that my card number was repeatedly tried (4 more times throughout that day) to try to steal additional $ from my account. I did not leave my card behind so the number had to be taken from the gas records of reciepts. I believe that whoever was working the counter at the time somehow gained access to my card number and tried to use it fraudulenty. Thankfully the card was denied 4 times but had they entered the correct zip code, I would have been robbed. Police have been notified. Cons: They steal from their customers. more
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