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569 E New Cir Rd
Lexington, KY 40505

(859) 887-3030
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I bought a truck from Key Auto, and its a nice truck but the payment is way to high for my budget--I dont understand how they expect peole to be able to pay $80.00 per week. You ...

Happy Customer! 4/24/2012

I recently purchased a vehicle from Key Auto. I was impressed with their selection there, it's more like the vehicles you would find at a big car lot and not a buy here pay here. I was pleased with the customer service that I received from the folks there. I will return to them for my next car and recommend them to family and friends. more


I bought a truck from Key Auto, and its a nice truck but the payment is way to high for my budget--I dont understand how they expect peole to be able to pay $80.00 per week. You know that is a lot of money to spend on a truck payment. I asked them to lower the payment to $50.00 per week and they refused. They have nice cars and trucks, but you have to be rich to buy one form them. more



Great Deals-Great People!!!! 4/24/2012

Hi, my name is Cammie. I wanted to tell my story about my experience with Key Auto.. I was in need of a dependable car. I have 2 children to support and i finally found a great job to be able to support my children. The day I got my job was on a Friday and I was supposed to start my new job on Monday. That very Saturday my old cars engine blew up!!! I was so scared because I had waited and worked so hard to obtain good employment. I knew my credit was not good and I had not yet started my job and had no idea how I was going to purchase a vehicle After trying several lots in the Lexington area I was becoming very discourged.. I either had not enough down payment money or I had not started my job yet and most of the vehicles were not dependable at all. I drove past Key Auto and saw very nice vehicles. I really thought this would be another let down because the vehicles were nicer than I had looked at all day and I figured there would be no way I could get one from there. Much to my surprise, I went in and asked for the manager. He came out and I told him the whole truth about my situation. Jack Jones saved me that day and I will be forever grateful. He worked out a good down payment on a very nice car. He made my payments affordable. I have paid exactly as agreed. I love my car and the staff at Key Auto. By the way my job has really been a blessing and I am doing great!!! I would strongly reccomend Key Auto. I have read some reviews that are not so good and it has to make me wonder why these people felt they had a bad experience. more

Not bad for me 4/17/2012

I've been a customer for 4 years now. Have never had a problem. Yes, I'm being waaaaaay over charged for my car, but it's a really nice car with low mileage and I have bad credit. Yes, I have bad credit, which is my fault, and buying here is my choice. I've never missed a payment and I've been treated very well. Sorry everyone else had a bad experience. more

sexual predators 1/7/2012

I went to key auto and got a car there about 9 months ago. I paid a 1000 dollar deposit and my payments were 279 a month. I made all my payments and kept the proper insurance. everything i did was correct. When i applied for the car i told the sales manager that my job was an exotic dancer and he didnt have a problem as long as i made my payments on time. This past christmas eve he came into my club drunk and belligerant and started demanding that i come home with him or he would have my car repoed. i told him to leave me alone but he still insisted that i leave with him or ""he would make my life hell""... The bouncer made him leave and before my shift was up he had my car repoed. when i asked why it was being repossesed i was told that ""whores dont deserve cars and i could walk"".... Thats the kind of business practices that go on at key auto when you deal with Jack Jones more


I am a wounded Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran who served six years in the UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS! Key Auto has given me by far the worst welcome a war hero could get. I bought a four door chevy impala sedan 2003 with over 150,000 miles. I placed a 2,000 dollar deposit and the car was sold to me at or near around 12,000 dollars. I was to pay still with this deposit 400 dollars a month for the first twelve months then 350 dollars a month for the remaining term. WOW!!! yeah I know but at the time of me signing this least I was still battling with a Traumatic Brain Injury I suffered in the Al Anbar Province of Iraq from a road side bomb. Its been a year since I agreed on the contract, also keep in mind this is my first vehicle. I have been making $400 dollar payments every month on time and in few occasions the female secretary that deals with finance will call me in the middle of the month and threaten to reposes my vehicle due to dilinquent payments. There were no dilinquent payments they just wanted to see if I was keeping tabs on my payments and wanted to see if I had my receipts. I would then go to their office with proof of my payment for that month they claimed I was delinquent and once it was all verified they would'nt even apologize, in her own words she would say, ""it wasn't my fault, the computer system made the error."" They did this to me on three seperate occasions and one time they did it on back to back months. The worst of them all was when I went to see if I could repaint the car and get my bumpers replaced and get some body work done. The body repair guy told me my vehicle was in a horrible wreck. The entire back side of my car was destroyed. I contacted key auto and asked them to show me the car fax because I felt that my vehicle was in a wreck and they told me they dont get provided with the car fax and they have no history on the car. Mind you if they sell you a car some where in the paper work it should say if the vehicle was salvaged or something like that and the title nor the paper work on my vehicle say that. My advice is stay away from this lot. It is a shame that the state of Kentucky would allow this. It is a shame for Nicholasville and its residents to have to deal with crap like this and it is a shame I fought so that criminals and scum bags like this could pray on the innocent and the weak. I say lets eliminate these bastards and turn key auto into a VET center for our returning home veterans. more

Dishonest People 8/26/2010

These people lie about the price of vehicles.They over price them.They want to come repo it if your a day late on payment.They do repo alot of vehicles and then resale them.These people should be locked up or at least shut down for their business practices.Lexington Fayette County should be looking into these business's like this one and stop things they do to people.If it can be proven by so many occurrences that they are doing these things they should have their business license revoked.Tell everyone you know people to stay away from Key Auto and Finance in Lexington and Nicholasville Ky. more

If you are looking to get cheated this is the place to go! 3/4/2010

My car was totaled after being hit by another driver. After having paid faithfully for over two and half years Key Auto wanted to get the full amount of the loan instead of the early payoff amount that we had discussed prior to the wreck. They wanted to tack on another $600 even though the insurance was paying the loan off early and thereby taking $600 away from me and meanwhile I have no vehicle after paying quadruple what the car was worth in the first place! Not to worry, they offered to let me come buy another car from them. (That was sarcasm by the way). Not to mention that every person I spoke with was rude, condescending and hateful. If you enjoy overpaying by thousands of dollars what a vehicle is worth and being treated like you are the dirt beneath their feet then please run right on over to Key Auto. I'm sure you will end up just as mad and frustrated as I am! Pros: The staff are rude and argumentative Cons: They lie and cheat more

worst lot in lexington 3/3/2009

If you need a car do not go to key auto! I was a costumer for over 5 years . Pros: will make a great parking lot Cons: they will steal your stuff more
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  • Key Auto & Finance is committed to providing the most dependable and affordable transportation available to individuals with distressed credit. We will build value for our customers by providing services while treating them with the utmost respect. Key Auto & Finance will provide opportunities for our associates to thrive, both professionally and personally.

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