High Plains Veterinary Hospital


4007 Tutt Blvd
Colorado Springs, CO 80922

(719) 574-8920
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High Plains Veterinary Hospital - Colorado Springs, CO
High Plains Veterinary Hospital - Colorado Springs, CO
High Plains Veterinary Hospital - Colorado Springs, CO
High Plains Veterinary Hospital - Colorado Springs, CO
High Plains Veterinary Hospital - Colorado Springs, CO
High Plains Veterinary Hospital - Colorado Springs, CO
High Plains Veterinary Hospital - Colorado Springs, CO
High Plains Veterinary Hospital - Colorado Springs, CO
High Plains Veterinary Hospital - Colorado Springs, CO
High Plains Veterinary Hospital - Colorado Springs, CO
High Plains Veterinary Hospital - Colorado Springs, CO
High Plains Veterinary Hospital - Colorado Springs, CO
High Plains Veterinary Hospital - Colorado Springs, CO
High Plains Veterinary Hospital - Colorado Springs, CO
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I had an emergency for my buppy ( pup) all the places I called either had no appointments or to expensive. As I was driving I found high plans and called . staff was so kind and ...


I took my baby in, was told he was healthy, two days later, we went home and found him. Called the vet immediatley we were told we would have to take him somwhere else because th...

Great place to come 3/3/2017

I had an emergency for my buppy ( pup) all the places I called either had no appointments or to expensive. As I was driving I found high plans and called . staff was so kind and got him in right away on an appointment. I am completely happy and will start bringing my dogs here from now on RESPONSE FROM High Plains Veterinary Hospital: Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review. We really appreciate it! more

Excellent and caring Vetrinary Hospital 4/21/2016

Brought my dog Talon here for several years before he recently passed and I was very pleased with the quality of care. Very professional and compassionate office. Thank you for taking care of our puppy Talon who we had for 11.5 years. more

Exceptional Again! 8/24/2015

Our Wonkers Noodle suddenly became ill this weekend. Dr. McKenney was able to prescribe medications for Wonkers and followed up with him today in office. As usual we've had great service. We also had our kitty Zeebers who became sick and Dr. McKenney was fabulous during our whole ordeal with Zeebers' illness that resulted in a very upset stomach from antibiotics. I'm March our Daisy became suddenly ill resulting in us loosing her. Dr. Butler was fantastic as we made heart wrenching decisions for Daisy. The moment I picked up the phone to call the office it was a great experience despite the reason. When we walked in the door, we were immediately taken to a room where we felt comfortable. Dr. Butler made sure Daisy was confrotable the entire time and explained everything as she proceeded. The day after I arrived home to a beautiful flower arrangement on my front porch. Then, in the mail I received a card from the vets as well. Months later when I saw Dr. McKenney with our cat Zeebers she personally offered her condolences for Daisy. Dr. McKenney is a blessing to our family and our weenies. The staff at High Plains is a blessing as well especially in the not so great moments of life. We moved recently and are now 25 minutes from the office, instead of 5 minutes. However, we will continue to go to High Plains. We promote and refer people as much as possible to the clinic. more

Quick and Kind 8/24/2015

We were able to make an appointment the same day, as opposed to the two week wait for new clients at other local vets. They were all professional and compassionate, both toward our abscessed cat and our daughter who hurt herself on the way in. We were seen almost immediately, and were on our way home with our groggy old man in a couple of hours. Reasonably priced, not condescending in the least, compassionate and all around a wonderful place to take your pets. more

New customer 1/31/2015

My first visit to High Plains was to have my 9 month old Papillon spayed and she got an upset stomach and the issues associated with it from the pain medicine the following day, I took her in Sat morning without any kind of notice to High Plains I was coming and they checked her gave me new medications to help settle her tummy and for her pain. I am very happy with High Plains so far as a new client. I have had bad luck with 2 previous vets I had gone to in the Springs area. Dr. McKinny and Dr. Phillips have been very good with my little one and I am comfortable and confident I have found the right Vet Hospital to start bringing my babies to. more


I took my baby in, was told he was healthy, two days later, we went home and found him. Called the vet immediatley we were told we would have to take him somwhere else because they are closing at 630. My baby died - will never reccomend and never go to again!!!!! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/25/2014

HORRIBLE - We took our baby there, was told he was healthy. Went home from work 2 days later to find out that he had passed away. We called them immediately and was informed that they were going to close at 630 and wouldnt see him and that we would have to take him to an emergency vet. What horrible, uncompassionate people are there. I will do anything and pay anything for my children, but cant take him to you because you are going to close. If you love your pet - dont go there - they are not there for the animals! more

Simply the Best 10/19/2014

Well, Violet got herself in a pickle again recently. She ended up needing emergency surgery again this time for eating a chicken pad from a ground chicken container in the recycle bin. Thankfully it was isolated to her stomach. We came in and were immediately taken care of in a room. Dr. Matz was exceptional in her level of care to Violet. She remembered Violet from her first incident in 2013 and knew that Violet was a little more complex due to the complications from the first incident. She took every precaution for Violet to ensure her health during this recent ordeal. The staff as always was top-notch. They are the best and exceptional as well. We got into the clinic within 20 minutes of my call and they delivered caring, compassionate service. Many times I recommend High Plains, and will continue to do so. more

Gave us hope 8/16/2014

We've had the same vet for years but lost confidence in them when they couldn't handle anything but basic care. Our Great Dane puppy suddenly couldn't walk or even get up. We decides to try High Plains since we had heard good things about them in the past. They got us in the same day and diagnosed his HOD. Dr McKenney reassures us that while not pretty, Max's chances were good. We had the talk of not letting him suffer and And she assured us to give him time. We are glad we listened to her. Our other vet would have recommended euthanasia. We are so glad to have a vet that explained the good, the bad, and the ugly. The staff is very kind and understanding that our dogs are more than pets. Thank you for being a clinic I know will do what is best for our dogs and caring about the people as well. more

Love High Plains--won't go anywhere else! 7/24/2014

I have been bringing my dogs here ever since they opened and have been pleased to see them grow over the years, as they offer first rate care, the front desk staff is friendly and welcoming, the vets take time to actually listen to you and the vet themselves call you back with results. I have recommended them to a LOT of people over the years and will continue to do so. more

great place for bringing your pets 6/23/2014

we have been going to Highplains since they opened. From the front desk people to those in back and the doctors are all wonderful. They take the time to answer all of my questions. Great place!! more

Compassionate, Caring, and Honest 8/1/2013

When our dachshund became suddenly ill last week we called the office right away. We were looking for a new vet but didn't expect to need one so soon. I remembered being recommended to High Plains I was told Dr. McKenney is knowledgeable with dachshunds and provides them with excellent care. Dr. McKenney saw us right away as our dachshund was declining. She ultimately ended up in surgery with it being touch and go with her recovery. Dr. McKenney was honest and realistic, but also compassionate at the same time. I appreciate her conservative approach with surgery and care for my Violet. The staff was superb in my ordeal. I was allowed to go back to see Violet after surgery in the afternoon as I was dropping off a clean blanket from home for her as she soiled the one I brought her in at the office. The techs were amazing and very attentive to my needs with great compassion explaining everything with Violet that they were doing to care for her. They were all concerned for Violet as if she was their own pet. Dr. McKenney prepared us how how to care for Violet over the weekend as we felt the animal ER clinic wouldn't be the best option for Violet to recover. She respected our decision to bring Violet home over the weekend. We did vitals and medications around the clock for Violet. We saw Dr. McKenney Monday morning and she was pleased that Violet turned the corner on the road to recovery. We are ever thankful to the staff and Dr. McKenney for their services and care for Violet. We have two other dachshunds and they too will be seeing Dr. McKenney for their needs! more

The Absolute Best Vets in Colorado Springs 6/30/2013

My husband and I have been bringing our pets to Dr. Pierce for about 14 years, since not long after she graduated from vet school. She was not our first vet since we moved back to the Springs, however she is the best. We followed her from her previous vet hospital to High Plains when she and Dr. McKenney opened the hospital. She has been so wonderful with all of our kids, answering every question we've ever asked. And there have been a LOT of questions over the years. Dr. Pierce comes into the room quietly, speaks quietly, and is always very calm and thorough. We have had many pets over the years and have been through a lot over these many years - surgeries, letting our pets go when they needed to, illnesses, injuries; Dr. Pierce has seen us through all of them. We have seen Dr. McKenney on occasion, and she is just as great with our kids. Both docs are so compassionate and understanding; they realize that pets are family members and treat them as such. There is so much we appreciate about High Plains; the entire staff are very caring and friendly, and very knowledgeable. One of the best things is that none of the docs try to talk us into anything that isn't needed. In fact, Dr. Pierce prefers to treat "conservatively" rather than jump into more invasive (and expensive) procedures. More times than not, that approach works; if not, THEN we go to the next level. The vets at High Plains are not all about money; they truly want to do what is best for people's pets. I should have written this review a LONG time ago, however I do hope that, now that I finally have, after reading my review, folks will feel confident in bringing their four legged kids to High Plains. more

Great friendly receptionists geat techs great doctors 4/13/2013

I referred avfriend an was completly surprised to get abthank you letter plus a discount. I have worked for vets before an never had one do that! Also my life has been in a 6 yr upheavel since my husband was severly injured in an accident an stressful, I misunderstood the time for the appt. an was an hour late being me I burst in to tears cz I am never late, the ladies at the desk were very very nice an Dr. Pearce saw me anyway. At a clinic I worked for once you would have been turned away an rescheduled. I definitely appreciated the ubderstanding an dr. Pearce did not make me feel quilty nor did she rush threw the exam. I'll bbe back! more

Dr. Cramer is the BEST! Just ask Bob Johnson! 4/7/2013

We trust Dr. Cramer fully and completely! He is friendly, kind, professional and highly educated! We are thrilled that he is one of the doctors at High Plains Veterinary Hospital. If we have our way we will never see anyone else besides him. He takes such good care of all of our "doodles" especially our newdle, Bob Johnson. Dr. Cramer has taken such good care of Bob and has kept us calm under several trying circumstances. Thank you Dr. Cramer and please do not ever leave High Plains as if you do we will have no choice but to follow you! You are the BEST! AND we also need to give very high praises to the rest of the staff! Everyone has always been very, very friendly and kind! RESPONSE FROM High Plains Veterinary Hospital: High Plains Vet wants to sincerely thank you for your trust and support. On behalf of Dr Cramer and all the staff at High Plains Thank You! more

WONDERFUL !!! 12/11/2012

High Plains Vet provided us with the most compassionate service yesterday in our beloved Sarge's time of need. Dr. Butler made sure to not only make his entrance to doggy heaven easy for him but less painful for us as well. For that we are eternally greatful and can not thank her enough! Thanks again Dr. Butler! more

Thanks for thinking my puppy is cute, but a vet would have been more helpful. 10/18/2012

The staff was friendly and we got to see Dr. Butler, or she got to see us. She asked plenty of questions about dog food and potty training. I asked more about training with children in the home and even expressed some concern about puppy aggression. It was the perfect opportunity since my puppy growled at Dr. Butler when she picked her up to put her on the table. I told her we don't play tug-o-war. I have been waiting 3 Weeks to get boostet shots to get some helpful insight. I was frusterated as she played tug-o-war and smiled after each naughty puppy behavior I explained. Upon leaving the office I was given booklets on puppy classes, tracking chips, and spaying my dog. Oh, and don't forget the $65 "1st office visit, but it will be cheaper next time since we know you're coming back fee". $103 total for a $10 PRESCRIPTION, CHECKING POOP AND 10 WEEK BOOSTER SHOTS!!!! I'm glad I took my puppy in for you to play with. Not going back! RESPONSE FROM High Plains Veterinary Hospital: We are sorry you feel you had a bad experience at your appointment. We do our best to give you as much information about your puppy's health as we can. We give advice on basic puppy training, however, we feel puppy classes are very important and it is best to get behavioral training from a professional dog trainer. more

The best in Colorado Springs 10/5/2012

This is by far the best vet I have ever been too, and being prior military I have been to quite a few! Honest, good natured and just overall pleasant the doctors are the best! One of the few vets that are 100 there for the animal. more

Wonderful vets and staff 9/20/2012

We have been clients of Dr. Pierce since 1999/2000. Her and the entire staff are extremely professional, friendly and sincere. We have, over the years, had to let go of 7 of our dear friends and all the staff, was always there for us, each and every time to provide comfort and answer questions in our time of sorrow. Dr. Pierce and the other vets are highly knowledgeable and have helped several of our animals through health crisis and issues. We will continue to bring all our animals here as long as their doors stay open. Thank you from our family for all you've done for us over the years. more


I am very picky with who sees my babies. In fact, High Plains is the second clinic I went to in 2 months. I don't joke around, if I don't get a good vibe from my veterinary clinic or I don't see them treat my babies exceptionally, I swtich! From the first visit, I was extremly happy and will continue to take my babies here as long as I can. I also recommend them to everyone. They are very knowledgeable and really show that they care. What I liked the most was that the doctor is the one who actually calls to check up on my dogs after any procedures. Then after not being in for a few months, I went it to get shots for my babies and one of the doctors (who had previously been monitoring a bump on my dog) came in to my waiting room just to check up on my dog. I couldn't believe she remembered, just made me happy to know I have a very great clinic! more
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High Plains Veterinary Hospital, Inc.

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  • High Plains Veterinary Hospital is a locally-owned veterinary and animal hospital in Colorado Springs, CO. Our clinic is staffed with six caring and professional veterinarians: Dr. McKenney, Dr. Teepe, Dr. Phillips, Dr Moore and Dr. Finke. We specialize in preventative care, so your pet can live a long and healthy life. We welcome small animals and exotic pets, such as reptiles and birds, in addition to dogs and cats. Our state-of-the-art facility is fully equipped for us to provide a wide variety of services to keep your pets healthy. Our services include: General wellness exams; Vaccines; Dental care; Spays and neuters; Orthopedic surgery; Ophthalmology; Therapeutic laser therapy; From young puppies to pets entering later stages of life, we have a wide range of medical capabilities. From chemotherapy to x-rays, we've got it all covered. High Plains Veterinary Hospital, Inc. is an accredited BBB business. Call High Plains Veterinary Hospital today to schedule an appointment with one of our qualified medical professionals.

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  • Hours: Mon-Fri 7:30am-6:30pm, Sat 9am-12pm