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Hardt, Joan, Md - Rejuvena Cosmetic Medical Ctr


6424 N Western Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73116

(405) 842-1100
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Hardt, Joan, Md - Rejuvena Cosmetic Medical Ctr - Oklahoma City, OK
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I am very pleased with my slim lipo on thighs, can actually wear clothes without a Spanx underneath. Just purchased my first knit, pencil skirt which could not have dared to wear...


The staff and workers who do most of the services are very nice, helpful and warm. But Dr. Hardt is none of those good qualities. I made an appointment after hours for laser hair...

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/7/2014

VERY PLEASED! Had Slim Lipo on my neck and abdomen 3 weeks ago. After only 1 week I seen big results on my neck. My abdomen is still healing but I'm already able to tell the difference it is going to make! I go back in 2 weeks for the love handles and buttocks. Dr. Hardt and her staff are very knowledgeable and always made me feel comfortable. The office is clean and my experience has been greater then I could of imagined. I would definitely recommend Rejuvena. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/13/2014

I did $12,000 in smartlipo and the only results I got was a huge lump in my abdoman and my mouth is lopsided from the neck procedure. I highly recommend that you do not use smartlipo. I did not lose any inches at all. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/4/2014

Used a Groupon for 20 units for $120. Have had 6 previous Botox treatments so was very familiar with what to expect. Purchased a second for my mother, who had never had any Botox procedure before. Starting with the appointment call, I questioned the receptionist as to her knowledge of how many units it took to decrease lines in the upper lip. She told me 15-20. Googled it and was alarmed at the fact that no sites recommend more than 4-5 units in lip. Called back and asked to speak to a nurse and left my number to call. It took over a week and two more calls to get a response. I was told I'd need to book a 20-30 min consultation with my appointment in order to discuss with Dr. Hardt. Did so. When my mother and I showed for our appointment, I was told by the Dr that she would do 4 units, which relieved my concern. My mother had many questions, but after about 10 mins the Dr told us she had other patients and we'd need to book a consultation if we had further questions! I thought that was exactly what we HAD done? It has been my experience that some sort of cooling technique (ice or cold air) is used to help numb the tissue and reduce pain. She did not bother with this at all. It was the most painful Botox session I've ever experienced. I did 24 units in my brow, but after two weeks I still had at least 50% movement. My lips were lopsided and when I pursed my mouth the upper lip slanted to the right almost comedically. My lip has drooped on the left side and is noticeably asymmetrical. Booked a follow up and attended alone, but when I mentioned the movement was told ""it looks pretty smooth to me"" by the Dr. I disagreed and restated that I'd had the procedure elsewhere with very different results. I tried to show her before pictures I had taken but she waves them away. I asked her to address the upper lip issue and she told me she ""didn't see it and it looked fine"" and also said that she's ""never heard of Botox causing that result"", yet she claims to have the most experience with Botox in the state? I was very upset. My mouth looks plain funny! She refused to retreat my lip, but did retreat the brow. It's another week later and my brow is only settling on the left. My right eyebrow still has muscle movement and is raising far higher than the left, and has a bulge of muscle above it when I squint. My mother has full motion in her crows feet, upper lip and chin, and is going back for a follow up. I hope she has a better experience than I did with trying to gain satisfaction for the guaranteed services. I am going to try to go once more to see if the brow and lip can be retreated, but after being treated with such a dismissive manner, my hopes are not high. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/17/2014

I just went in today for a consultation. I am very pleased at the friendliness, professionalism, etc... shown by the Dr and her staff. I am looking forward to my visit next week! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/25/2013

I had my Lipo for my abdomen by Dr. Joan Hardt. The staff was very attentive and caring all throughout. The procedure itself was painless. After, I had quite a bit of soreness for a few days, but when that wore off, was good as new. It has been about a year since the treatment, and my lower ab is still flat! I am in my mid 50's, and I am going to recommend this to my daughter who has large thighs that won't go away even with diet and exercise. I also do not have any scars from the incisions that I can notice. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/24/2012

I have had my fourth laser hair removal treatment on my legs at Rejuvena Clinic, and I am thrilled with the level of hair reduction I have experienced. I had been told not to expect these results so quickly, but the results have already exceeded my expectations. Michelle, Dr. Hardt, and the staff are very professional, but they are also fun and seem to really enjoy the patients. I would strongly recommend Rejuvena Clinic! more

Great Results 10/19/2011

I am very pleased with my slim lipo on thighs, can actually wear clothes without a Spanx underneath. Just purchased my first knit, pencil skirt which could not have dared to wear before the procedure. Dr. Hardt and Michelle are the best. more

Not for Laser Hair Removal 12/1/2010

My friend and I used Rejuvena for laser hair removal in 2007. Me for underarms and bikini, she for legs. Previously my friend had used Signature Salon with outstanding results, but her favorite tech moved to Rejuvena and so did we using a buy 1 get 1 free special. After 6 treatments, neither of us had results - if optimistic, I would say I lost 10% of hair growth overall. I requested a followup visit to complain about the lack of results - the response was sorry, we don't guarantee but we'll be happy to do more treatments for you at a rate more than I had already paid because of my special. Since that time, I've used Jon Ric with outstanding results. So, there are great places in the city. Do NOT go here more

Totally worth it 11/16/2010

Treated myself to a skin treatment at Rejuvena and totally love the results, Dr. Joan Hardt and Rejuvena Clinic Will I use Rejuvena again? Absolutely! more

LIFE CHANGER!!!!! 11/16/2010

After reading an article on controlling under arm perspiration online, I decided to call Rejuvena and get more information regarding injecting BOTOX to control it.\r \r After hearing great things about Dr. Hardt and her office from friends and associates, i decided to contacct Rejuvena.\r \r From my first telephone call, to the procedure, to the continued follow-up by Dr. Hardt and her staff, I couldn't be happier.\r \r Dr. Hardt explained to me that injecting BOTOX to my underarms would help control excess perspiration. The procedure was painless and quick and worked immediately.\r \r I used to be embarassed and uncofortable because of my constant underarm perspiration but Dr. Hardt changed my life. \r \r Thank you Dr. Hardt, Michelle, Tara and Natalie. You are the best! I have been telling everyone about your great patient care and making me feel better. I can't wait to send you more patients. more


Dr. Hardt did my lip implant procedure in March of 2009. I was very nervous at first, considering this is the first of any cosmetic procedures I have had. After meeting with her and her staff at the initial consultation, I felt more relaxed and confident. She and her staff are very thorough and very friendly.\r \r During the procedure, Dr. Hardt asked many times if I was okay and made sure I was comfortable. I really feel like she and her staff cared.\r \r After the procedure, I was even able to call her at home wth any questions I had! \r \r I am very very happy with my results, my lips are very natural looking and I get compliments all the time, without anyone realizing I had a procedure done at all!\r \r I would recommend Dr. Hardt and Rejuvena to anyone! more

Money well spent 8/23/2010

I went to Rejuvena for a lipo procedure. The consultation was free, the price was fantastic, and I am more than pleased with the results. I was wearing a size 30 pant and am now wearing a 24 only three months later. The staff was professional and courteous. Dr. Hardt took extra time with me as well, making sure that I received everything that I expected and more. I would and HAVE recommended this service to friends. more

Thank you 8/13/2010

Thank you to the 19,087 individuals who voted in the annual Gazette Reader's Best of Poll this year. We truly appreciate all our awesome patients, and thank you for your vote of confidence once again.\r \r Joan M Hardt, MD, Rejuvena Cosmetic Medical Center more

OKC's Choice for Cosmetic Medical Procedures 7/7/2010

After several consultations at the competitors I chose Rejuvena to have the SlimLipo treatment. From the very first phone call my experience has been wonderful and today, six-weeks after the procedure I am more than happy with the results. Dr. Hardt and the staff were professional, friendly and more than answered any questions I had. When I had a concern post-procedure the doctor saw me that day without a wait. I took advantage of one of the specials they offer and thought in comparison to other places the price was great. Besides doing her job well, I believe Dr Hardt loves what she does and really cares about her patients. I will return to Rejuvena and also refer others. Pros: friendly, knowledgeable, on-time, thorough, great results! Cons: none that I have found more

I am a happy camper 6/18/2010

I am so happy with my lipo results. Dr Hardt went out of her way to spend extra time on me and with me. I lost nearly 2 pant sizes. The staff was very helpful. I am definitely glad I chose Dr Hardt for my procedure. Pros: great results; good experienc more

Bad procedure, DR has poor skills 3/5/2010

I went for Lipo Treatment. Saw DR Hardt for the consultation. While the treatment was being done, DR Hardt stepped out multiple times to go do something else. Even had someone else take over, who was NOT a DR, just a staff person.\r . Plus the room that this was being done in, was not clean! The next day for follow up, DR Hardt didn't even check me, a staff person did! DR Hardt acted like I didn't exist! This was an expensive of treatment, and it did not work. The DR didn't follow procedure, as someone was to massage to get the best results during treatment. I would NEVER go back. \r Plus at the time they had a Big bird cage in the waiting area, and smelled very badly, as DR Hardt keeps the bird there all weekend.\r DR Hardt please go back to working in the ER. where no one will care about your poor bedside manners. Pros: Staff were nice Cons: Treatment didn't work, DR has poor skills more

Rejuvena is Terrible !!!! 2/28/2010

I had smart lipo done in June 2008, and again in April 2009. This is probably the most unprofessional office I have ever been in The staff is nice but untrained, I don't think any of them have any type of formal training. Bottom line, I spent 4000 for sub standard smart lipo and then had to go back again because the ""machine wasn't working right"".. I now have scar tissue in my abdomen that will have to be removed if I want a flat stomach. Fortunately I was not overweight and this was a vanity procedure but the scar tissue is still sore and will not go away with out seeing a ""real"" plastic surgeon. At the time I made the appointment I ""thought"" no other clinic had smart lipo available .. Do your self a favour and shop around for a ""reputable"" cosmetic clinic in Oklahoma City. Do NOT USE REJUVENA !! more

Dr. Hardt has poor bedside manners. 10/24/2008

The staff and workers who do most of the services are very nice, helpful and warm. But Dr. Hardt is none of those good qualities. I made an appointment after hours for laser hair removal. When I made the appointment over the phone, I was told that Dr. Hardt was staying late that day for a patient, so it would be no problem to come after 5 pm. After arriving to the office, I undressed and got ready for my treatment, Dr. Hardt came in while I was in a towel, I had never spoken to her before, ""We can't be doing this anymore and making special arrangements for you, we gave you a really good price and it just isn't worth it to us to stay for you."" The good price she is referring to is the popular ""We match any competitor's price!"" advertised in pretty much every issue of the OK Gazette. The technician who made my appointment made it clear that it would be perfectly fine for me to make my appointment this time. I told her I wish that she could have at least told me when I was dressed because I felt uncomfortable being talked to in this way, so vulnerable while I wasn't wearing any clothes. Dr. Hardt just dismissed my concern and insisted that she ""was a doctor"" repeatedly again and again, as if to say I shouldn't feel uncomfortable. A more tactful way to handle the situation would have been to tell me this while I was in the lobby and before I was undressed. I would have understood and not expected anything different the next time around. Additionally, she could have made a blank statement regarding all clients and not singled me out based on the price I paid for my treatments. Perhaps the money I paid was not a lot of money to her, but to me, it was a couple thousand dollars and she should respect my investment and decision to use her clinic over competitors. On the other hand; my treatments have been successful and I am happy with the results. Pros: Technicians are kind, thorough, helpful and good at their job. Cons: Dr. Hardt may be good at her job, but she has horrible bedside manor, she lacks tact. more

Dr. Hardt and Rejuvena ""REFUSE"" to correct their error. 6/10/2008

My wife went in for laser hair removal. Doctor Hardt burned my wife and removed half of her tattoo that her mother, who passed away 15 years ago, gave her. This was very sentimental and when my wife asked Dr. Hardt how she was going to resolve this, Dr. Hardt became angry and kicked her out of the office for being too emotional with customers around. PLEASE, do not go to rejuvena. A company's reputation isn't in the amount of successful treatments, it is in how they correct the damage and pain brought on by the trauma that they caused another individual. Dr. Hardt and rejuvena did not pass this test. Remember that accidents do happen, and Dr. Hardt does not correct her mistakes. Cons: Disfiguring: Rejuvena and Dr. Hardt did not correct their error in disfiguring my wife. more

Results were incredible! 8/1/2007

I had Radiesse and Botox at Rejuvena to help lift some areas of my face. The results were incredible. I can even tell by the looks I'm getting that I look sooo much better. Dr Hardt is great! Thanks. Pros: Great service, atmosphere and staff Cons: Wait was a little longer than I wanted more
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