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Hair Paradise


3317 Finley Rd, Ste. 100
Irving, TX 75062

(972) 870-0002
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Hair Paradise - Irving, TX
Hair Paradise - Irving, TX
Hair Paradise - Irving, TX
Hair Paradise - Irving, TX
Hair Paradise - Irving, TX
Hair Paradise - Irving, TX
Hair Paradise - Irving, TX
Hair Paradise - Irving, TX
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As I get older, I am always looking for professionals that can help to enhance my appearance. Henrietta is one of those individuals that has mastered the art of hair weaving and t...


All reviews seem positive

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/31/2013

She is the greatest!! I absolutely love when she does my hair it looks so great and makes me feel so confident :). I only trust her with my hair and the results are phenomenal :). more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/26/2012

I just had my hair done last week by Henrietta and I love it. I have beautiful long hair now and it feels so good. I lost all of my hair 5 years ago when I was treated for cancer. I am cancer free now, but my hair never grew back in. I went from having terribly thin short hair to long hair. I wish someone had recommended Henrietta years ago. I feel great. She is a wonderful person and extremely professional and sincere. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/20/2012

I am caucasian and have really wanted long hair all my life. I saw Henrietta's reviews online and was really impressed. She has an amazing reputation. I called her and set up an appointment for a consultation. She looked at my very short bobbed hair cut and took on the challenge. I now have beautiful long hair that matches perfectly to my own hair. My husband thinks it is ""HOT""!!!! We just celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary and hes chasing me around the house like a teenager. Henrietta is professional, talented, and amazing at what she does. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/19/2012

I am originally from San Antonio and recently moved to Dallas for my career. My hometown friend mentioned that she flies into Dallas for her weaves and suggested that I see her stylist, Henrietta at Hair Paradise Salon in Irving, TX. Henrietta is knowledgeable and kind, and takes great pride in her work. Specializing in sew-in weaves; Henrietta not only creates lasting styles but also provides hair care tips for her clients. Her shop is clean and welcoming, and she is professional and thorough when working with her clients. more

Henrietta is great 2/12/2012

As I get older, I am always looking for professionals that can help to enhance my appearance. Henrietta is one of those individuals that has mastered the art of hair weaving and the growth and maintenance of healthy hair. She is a very kind and caring individual that will personalize your hair care to you. I would highly recommend Henrietta to anyone needing a professional stylist. more

I am not easy to please!! Mrs. Henrietta enhanced my beauty! 10/31/2011

Well, I am going to make this as short and honest as possible. First of all, I am a very difficult person to please! I mean I am not happy to say this but it is the facts! Saying that to say this.... I was online searching for a new hair stylist because the one that I have been going to for 10+ years have lost my business.... ok.. So being a woman and trying to get the best beutician around can be hard to find... I called many beauticians, some nice, rude etc. So, I came across Hair Paradise salon and that is when I discovered Mrs. Henrietta... I was very skeptical because a sew in is not something you can just wash out also, everyone is not good with sew ins. ok... So to make a long story short.. When I called Mrs. Henrietta, she was very knowledgable, professional and advised me to come in to see her work. She did not rush me to just get my money, she explained to me the process to ensure that I understood what I neededto know about a perfect sew in. So, I finally went to visit her salon.. I was still nervous because I saw her work but still had doubt because I didn't know how my hair would turn out. Ladies, just know this... Mrs. Henrietta is the bomb! She is great with people, knowledgable, informative & please let me add she is very patient. I had an attitude half the time while I was there because I was nervouhs going to a new beautician. I must say ladies, when Mrs. Herietta finished my hair I felt confident wih her work, I felt more beautiful, I felt like I found me a new beautician that care about making me look good but more importantly... A beautician who care about the health and growth of my own hair. She educated me on ways to produce healthier hair. I felt good about my services and I will return to her over & over!! I love when I get my money worth! Feel free to ask me any questions : ) Until then ladies, take care more

My Hair and Lashes are beautiful 4/21/2011

I meet Henerietta by calling an ad I saw in my local paper, and decided to call her. I had her to do my hair, and she did a great job with my hair weave. I have known her for two years, and she has also become a good friend. I recently Just got my hair done, and Henerietta also offer another service of Eye Lash extention. I could not believe my ""EYES"".. they are so beautiful. I have long natural lashes, and I don' have to wear mascara. I laid on the table so relaxed, feel asleep and woke up with beautiful lashes. I have just moved from Arizona in the last three years, and was use to the person I use to go to their so it can be hard to make changes, but I'm glad I answer that ad. Henrietta is my Lady.. Please go get your Hair, and weaves done, and don't more

Henrietta is a true weavalogist! 3/19/2011

I went to Henrietta because I had read reviews that other people had posted and liked that she was able to work with people who have short hair and wants to keep hair healthy and help it to grow. I have had a short haircut for over 20 years and wanted to let my hair grow and decided that the best way for me to do that would be to get a weave. I went to a few places and they all said my hair on the back and sides was too short and that I needed to let it grow out to be at least an inch long. I knew that I would want to cut my hair before it made it that long so I called Henrietta and then had a consultation with her. She told me that she would be able to braid my hair in the shorter areas by using a pinch technique and put the weave in using a net weave technique. I will say I was skeptical, but after seeing pictures of some of her other clients I was confident that I had come to the right place. I was very anxious to get my hair done as soon as possible and Henrietta was great with sending me pictures of the different types of hair that I could order. She told me about the 100% virgin Indian remy hair and told me about the great qualities of the hair and that it would last for about a year if I took great care of it. After getting the hair put in she told me how to take care of and how to take care of my braided hair underneath the net. I have to say after having this hair in for a several days it is some amazing hair, it is very soft and doesn?t shed. It also doesn?t tangle even after the wind blew my hair all over the place I could very easily run my fingers through it without any tangles what so ever. This is some amazing hair. The only thing that I would do differently is go with the body wave instead of the naturally straight hair because after seeing the body wave pattern I fell in love with it. Don?t get me wrong the hair that I went with is great hair, but I just thought that because I wanted my hair to be straight it would be best to go with the naturally straight pattern, but this isn?t the case. Since the hair is 100% human hair it can be flat ironed and straightened. I had heard horror stories about people getting their hair braided too tightly and I had never had my hair braided before so I was a little nervous, but even with my hair being very short the braiding wasn?t too tight and only the first night was very sore, but after that it just felt tight, which is to be expected. Henrietta is in the DFW location, which was also important to me because I didn?t want to drive to far to get my hair done, but still find someone who would give quality results and with Henrietta you will get your money?s worth. The other thing that has really impressed me is Henrietta's customer service, it's been a week since I got my hair done and she has called to check on me several times to make sure everything was going ok and give me tips on any issues like the itchy scalp or even when I thought I had too much hair in she was willing to take out some of it at no additional cost to make sure I was very happy. She was able to talk me out of taking any of the hair out & I'm glad that she did. Since I've had short hair for so long I needed to get use to having so much hair and I must say I love it. I feel more confident about myself. Henrietta is truly a great stylist and takes great care of her customers! more


Henrietta is FANTASTIC! I am a white woman who has had hair extensions for over a decade on the West Coast. Recently, we moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth area and I went to two other salons (one of them highly rated in Plano) only to be overcharged for sub-standard work. Henrietta did a GREAT JOB, and she truly cares about her clients. Her personality and superior results are the BEST! You would be crazy to go anywhere else. more

So happy with my ""new"" hair! 5/2/2009

I've researched so many salons, and Henrietta's place was rated the best. Living out in Argyle, I tried looking locally, but I am so glad I made the trip to Irving! Henrietta makes appointments, so your experience is always personal. She even provides you with a free, no obilgation consultation. I am a caucasian, with severely damaged hair (no thanks to my old stylist!)... Henrietta gave me back my long, luxurious hair. We chose a weave for now, since my hair is so short and badly damaged. After it grows, we are going to do a strand ny strand. Thanks, Henrietta! Pros: Individual, private, personal attention more

I won't trust my hair to anyone else 4/28/2009

I have been a client for about a year and half now, and refuse to allow anyone else to do my hair. Henrietta's weaves are in my opinion top notch quality. For all intent and purpose, she spoils her clients for every other stylist.:) You will not go wrong trusting your hair in Henrietta's capable hands. Pros: Celebrity quality weaves more

Thank Heaven for Henrietta at Hair Paradise Salon 2/17/2009

Wow, were to start. I wanted what alot of us aging women want. A beautiful head of hair. My son was getting married in late 2008 and I went to what I thought was a great salon to have my life and hair brought back to life. Well, what I got was a death sentence. Between the hair extensions sticking out and poking me no matter how I slept, the little burns from the application process, the color to match my hair to the new hair. Well I think you have the picture. I did make it though the wedding...with my hair flat ironed and put up (tight) Afterwards my hair was so fuzzey and started to fade , I couldn't do anything with it. I took the extentions out (the ones that did not fall out) and started looking for a salon to fix what was left. more

Best hairstylist in Texas 2/9/2009

As a caucasian woman growing up in the bible belt of southern Missouri, I was not afforded the opportunity to have hair extensions - even though I have wanted them for a long time. Local salons did not offer them and the bigger salons in distant cities charged a kings ransom for extensions. I recently moved to Weatherford, Texas and one of the first things I did was to investigate hair salon's that specialize in this product. I knew the price was going to be higher than what I'm used to paying for a trip to the salon, but then, I was going to be getting something I'd never been able to have before. I checked several places out in Weatherford and in Fort Worth and was a little discouraged. The salon's I looked at either used glue or had astronomical prices. Then I came across Hair Paradise in Irving, Texas. I called Henrietta and explained what I wanted and she agreed to meet me first thing. Henrietta talked to me about my hair, the strand by strand extensions I wanted, the color and style that would look best on me, the maintenance of my new hair, simply everything a person could think of - and more! Let me tell you, spending time in her salon is a unique experience!! Plan to spend at least half the day, but you won't notice it until you finally drag yourself out the door, because the people you're going to meet are as wonderful as she is! I have had more fun in Hair Paradise that I have anywhere else since moving to Texas. I've found my stylest in Texas, and I won't be going anywhere else. My daddy always told me you get what you pay for, but sometimes, you get even more!! more

If you're considering any style of a weave, Hair Paradise is definitely worth a visit. 2/5/2009

I've been getting my hair done by Henrietta for four years now. There hasn't been one time that I've left her shop and been unhappy with my hair. She's very knowledgeable about what she does and she's always willing to help give you what you're looking for; whether it's the latest style or assistance with repairing damaged hair. I now live in San Antonio, but drive 4 hours back to Dallas every few months because I trust Henrietta with my hair. If you get your hair done by her, you will not be disappointed with the results. Her consultations are free, so if you're considering any style of a weave, she's definitely worth a visit. more

Natural looking hair - amazing work 2/3/2009

Henrietta really does care about helping you to look and feel your very best. When stress and medications caused me to loose my thick hair, it was very traumatic. I became too embarrassed to even leave the house; as a Caucasian with dark hair, it was impossible to disguise the thin and balding spots. Regular salons had no solutions to offer and I knew I'd need special help. Henrietta patiently consulted with me and explained my options. Her skill is amazing and she insists on quality priducts. When she finished, she hadn't just given me a new look, she restored my self-confidence! Friends can't get over how natural it looks and how wonderful it feels, and my husband is as thrilled with it as I am. more

THE place to go for hair extensions in Dallas/Irving 1/30/2009

The experience I had working with Henrietta could not have been better. Not only is she excellent at what she does but she also really cared about me getting exactly what I wanted out of the extension. She called me the very next day, as well as the following weeks after, to make sure that I loved the extension and also how they and I were doing. I visited many salons before choosing Hair Paradise and I can honestly say none of them treated me the way Henrietta did. I always felt like they were only after the money whereas more

My hair turned out beautiful! 1/28/2009

I recently started looking for a new hair stylist due to me problems I was having with my previous hair stylist. I started my search for a new hairstylist. I was online one day, I can?t remember exactly how I ran across it; but I came across a salon called Hair Paradise. I looked at the pictures of the stylists work and I loved the way her client?s hair looked. Even though the styles were weaves they looked healthy and shiny like your own natural hair and that?s always how I wanted my hair to look. I never will forget it was a Monday and I called the salon (most salons are closed on Monday?s) and a lady answered the phone. I told her that I wanted to come by and check out her work and she told me that I could come by the same day after I got off work and she would give me a free consultation. more

Best hair in Irving! 1/27/2009

My experience at Hair Paradise has been nothing short of terrific. I didn?t have to wait when arriving for my appointment and that is huge for me. I am pleased especially since the last hairdresser I went to would have me waiting on her (sometimes hours) to arrive to the salon in the mornings and then when I would have appointments in the evening there would be so many people waiting on her it would still take hours to do something simple in my hair like roller wrap or something like that. But with Henrietta I am taken care of quick. She is reasonably priced and I am always pleased with the results of my hair. Right now I have a sew in weave in my hair and in the past whe n I?ve worn this style after a week or so I would have to take it down because it felt like I had a rug on my head, but with Henrietta thin braids and expertise my hair feels and looks amazing. My hair looks like it is all mine and people comment all the time on it because they think that I grew it out of my scalp. I am so pleased with the work that she has done on my hair and I feel comfortable coming back time and time again to Henrietta. more

Best weaves in Irving, TX! 1/26/2009

I would not trust anyone else with my weave. Henrietta is an expert in color blending for a totally natural look. Many of the people I associate with believe it's my own hair. more
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  • Helping men and women with thinning hair and hair loss since 1999 has been the specialty of this Irving hair salon.

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