Goldworks Fine Jewelry & Design


201 S Estes Drive (at Estes Drive and Bypass 15-501)
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

(919) 932-1771
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Goldworks Fine Jewelry & Design - Chapel Hill, NC
Goldworks Fine Jewelry & Design - Chapel Hill, NC
Goldworks Fine Jewelry & Design - Chapel Hill, NC
Goldworks Fine Jewelry & Design - Chapel Hill, NC
Goldworks Fine Jewelry & Design - Chapel Hill, NC
Goldworks Fine Jewelry & Design - Chapel Hill, NC
Goldworks Fine Jewelry & Design - Chapel Hill, NC
Goldworks Fine Jewelry & Design - Chapel Hill, NC
Goldworks Fine Jewelry & Design - Chapel Hill, NC
Goldworks Fine Jewelry & Design - Chapel Hill, NC
Goldworks Fine Jewelry & Design - Chapel Hill, NC
Goldworks Fine Jewelry & Design - Chapel Hill, NC
Goldworks Fine Jewelry & Design - Chapel Hill, NC
Goldworks Fine Jewelry & Design - Chapel Hill, NC
Goldworks Fine Jewelry & Design - Chapel Hill, NC
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I love my engagement ring and wedding band from Goldworks. I have a unique situation - a blended family with 5 children combined. I wanted my ring to match my situation - and it d...


All reviews seem positive

My ring matches my marriage 3/1/2012

I love my engagement ring and wedding band from Goldworks. I have a unique situation - a blended family with 5 children combined. I wanted my ring to match my situation - and it does. Wren was wonderful about really understanding what I wanted. The sales associate, Cathy, was brilliant at helping me brainstorm ideas for the type of ring I wanted. And it was all within our budget. I was so happy when I saw my ring, tears came to my eyes. There is something about Wren's goodness that comes through in the jewelry. She is passionate about making artistic, unique creations and you can tell this when you see her jewelry. Goldworks had the only rings (and I looked at MANY places) that really struck me as special, unique and absolutely beautiful. I felt like I was in an art museum as I looked throughout the store. I'm so happy with my rings! more

Quality, creativity and beauty! 12/14/2011

Every week someone compliments my wedding ring. Most ask where I found it. Many ask if I will take it off so they can really examine it closely. They are usually flummoxed that they never thought about getting a unique, artistic masterpiece for their wedding band. Wren made a beautiful vine and leaf pattern that goes around the ring with 7 small diamonds. A bonus is that the ring is TOUGH! I am rough on my rings and a solitaire that sticks up could never have survived all that I do. This ring is unscathed. Rarely will I say something is perfect...this ring is perfect! I hope that one day my husband will get me a second one for the other hand...hint hint honey! Thanks so much Wren! more

Thank you for the beautiful perfect ring! 8/2/2009

Wren created a new-old wedding ring for me (added a stone and some design to my original band). She created the new ring exactly as I wanted it - It has gorgeous detail & a smooth profile ? both! It?s better than I imagined. How is that even possible? Thanks Wren! Pros: Great designs and quality Cons: I don't live near-by more

Amazing craftsmanship, GREAT customer service 6/27/2009

Everything in this store is beautiful, and it is full of original designs! Almost all of the jewelry in the store is made by one of three designers, each with their own unique style of jewelry. I got my engagement ring and wedding band made at Goldworks by Ken. He worked with me and my fiance to design exactly the rings we wanted within our budget. The rings came back looking beautiful, but I wanted a couple of small adjustments made. Ken said he just wanted us to be happy, and made the adjustments for no extra charge. All of the designers at Goldworks seem more like artists who love their trade than like business people, and their dedication to customer satisfaction is obvious at every step of the process. I HIGHLY recommend this place to anyone in the market for great jewelry! Pros: Best Local Jeweler - great people, stunning designs more

Thanks Goldworks!? 6/20/2009

Goldworks Studio is a fantastic jeweler for unique, custom designed jewelery. We had both my engagement ring and our wedding bands designed by Ken Weston at Goldworks. Not only did we get beautiful, personal, and high quality rings. We also really enjoyed the staff who are friendly and make you feel very comfortable even if you know nothing about gem stones, metals, and all the accouterments that go with shopping for that very special ring or piece of jewelery Pros: Everything more

Inpeccable service! 3/25/2009

My fiance had my engagement ring designed by Ken Weston and it was absolutely stunning. The quality of the diamond and setting was top notch. We moved from Durham to Virginia about a year and a half ago. When it came time to design our wedding bands Goldworks was our first and only choice. We traveled all the way from Northern Virginia to Chapel Hill just to see Ken. My fiance and I had no idea what type of wedding bands we wanted. Ken helped us through the process and made many helpful suggestions. He never tried to sell us something we didn't want. We are a young couple and price is very important. He helped us to stay well within our budget. Pros: Friendly, great prices, beautiful and unique jewelry more

Wonderful jewelry and amazing service! 10/3/2008

Both my wife and I got our wedding rings from Goldworks and we couldn't be happier! It was a wonderful experience to work with the actual goldsmiths who made our rings. Her ring is a beautiful hand-engraved platinum band with small diamonds wrapping around the middle made by Ken. We knew it was perfect the moment we saw it, and it was a pleasure to work with him to have it made to our specifications. I was a little more undecisive, but eventually settled on a very unusual style called mokume that you probably can't find anywhere else around here. The technique involves melding multiple metals and twisting and altering them until they reveal a pattern, and Ted can create an amazing array of patterns. There was an initial miscommunication about my ring that led to the wrong ring being made, but amazingly, Ted remade it in a day (despite being under the weather). When I, the undecisive person that I am, changed my mind on the pattern, Ted made me a third ring right away. The third time was indeed a charm, and the ring is perfect! Everyone in the store was helpful and kind throughout this long process, and were incredibly understanding about having to make 3 rings. Overall, both my wife and I highly recommend going with Goldworks for beautiful, unique jewelry and exceptional personal service! more

Goldworks made my engagement very special! 9/23/2008

I had an amazing experience working with Goldworks (Ted specifically) on designing an engagement ring. Ted gave amazing advice and worked with me to obtain the look I was going for...all over email! I live in Philly and was a little concerned about never visiting the shop...but the customer service was amazing, I received photos and updates and all of my questions were answered quickly. The result (when I received the ring in the mail) was incredible. The quality is superb! I would highly recommend Goldworks to anyone who wants a one of a kind piece of jewelry for a special occasion! Pros: Customer Service, Qualtiy, and Value! Cons: I don't have more reasons to use them! more

Truly Amazing! Fabulous Jewelry & Customer Service 7/5/2008

I got engaged 1 year ago..... have been searching for the perfect wedding band via on-line and stores ever since. The minute I came across the website... I knew I loved the work. As soon as I walked in the store and spoke to Wren and other staff I knew I would buy my ring and many others to come at goldworks. All off the designers are truly gifted. They are like no other. In a world where good customer service is almost obsolete... their Customer service is superior to everything I've ever encountered. I basically told Wren (owner) what I liked and didn't and said, do your thing. When I picked up my ring it was absolutely perfect. I can't wait to get married so I can hurry up and wear it! If you like one of a kind service and jewelry, go to Goldworks. Pros: Great jewelry, variety, and customer service Cons: Nothing more

Beautiful work, wonderful people 6/19/2008

I searched the net for weeks looking for the someone to make our wedding rings. I knew I'd come to the right place when I found the Goldworks site. Everyone I spoke with or emailed was helpful and knowledgeable. Their prices are fair, the materials and workmanship superb, and the artistry well, you won't find anything like their designs anywhere else. We now have two gorgeous, unique rings; one mokume-gane made by Ted and the other, one of Wren's pieces. We were able to do everything over the phone and the internet and I couldn't be happier with the results! Pros: Lovely custom work delivered ahead of schedule!! more

Great Service 6/16/2008

Every time I've walked into Goldworks, I have had an excellent experience. I have interacted with several different staff members, and they have all been incredibly helpful and willing to work with me. It does not have the feeling of a large, impersonal jewelry store, but instead has a much more welcoming atmosphere. They are also excellent at what they do. I now recommend them to everyone I know. Pros: Interaction with staff, price. Cons: Quality of service may not be quite as impeccable. more

Exquisite Jewelry made by Genuine Artists 3/12/2008

I have bought several pieces at Goldworks and highly recommend them. The jewelry pieces are works of art and each piece shows off the creativity and excellence of the artist that made it. It just feels great to wear something that is not only beautiful but also has meaning. Pros: Everything about this store is a ""Pro"" more

Best Jewelery Shop in Chapel Hill - beautiful stuff, great people, low key, great prices. 3/5/2008

I had done a lot of shopping around from online to on foot and but when I walked in and was greeted by Erica I felt right at home. Pros: Great selection, great service and great value more

The entire experience was FANTASTIC! 2/25/2008

My boyfriend proposed marriage to me in May 2007 and presented me with a beautiful diamond - the ring setting itself was simple because he said it was ""temporary"". He wanted me to meet with Wren at Goldworks and she would design a setting that I would like. Seven months went by before I could arrange the time. I recently met with Wren and we modified one of her previous designs to personalize it for me. I was very impressed with her personal approach and her expertise. Yesterday I picked up the finished ring and it was ABSOLUTELY gorgeous. So beautiful that it brought tears to my eyes. Wren said the design would make the diamond stand out and that is exactly what it does. It's almost like the diamond is speaking , saying ""look at me!"" One of the best parts about this experience is that my engagement ring is exactly that , it's MY engagement ring! Not just one bought from a store and given to me. It's personal! And, to me, that is very important. I can't wait to return to design MY wedding ring!!! I realize this reveiw is more of the ""right brain"" style, it isn't always about carats-color-clarity-cut, etc.-personal service is also very important. Yet all those things matter when buying diamonds and believe me my fiance had all those hard questions covered in his original meeting with Goldworks. Which is why his final decision, after doing alot of research, was to buy at Goldworks. Pros: Service, quality, great designs. more

Hands down, the best jeweler I've worked with 1/17/2008

Goldworks completely changed my perspective and attitude towards the whole engagement ring buying process! Prior to discovering Wren (the owner of Goldworks), I had spent weeks visiting store after store throughout Chapel Hill and the Triangle. Some places were ridiculously overpriced for what they offered. Some acted like used car salesmen, while others flat out lied to me about what they were selling. A friend finally turned me on to Goldworks and, after an initial call, my spirits picked up. Wren worked with me to figure out what's really important in a diamond that fits my specific needs. After sitting with me for over an hour, going over each of the diamonds to help me pick the best of the lot, it turned out that the nicest one was actually the cheapest of the three but, due to how she works, she had no incentive to stick me with the higher price tag. I truly felt like she was my partner in the entire process. So not only did I end up with a beautiful diamond, but I got a better deal than I could have found anywhere else! The next day I brought my fiance in to meet Wren and finish the ring design selection. She made the whole process such a great experience that she's landed a major role in the story of our engagement. The ring turned out beautifully, the diamond was nicer than any I had come across previously, the price was well within my budget, and I ended up finding a jeweler I can trust and enjoy working with. There's no doubt we'll be heading back to Goldworks for our wedding bands. As a side note, her store and display items are breathtaking. The designs are all so elegant and the sapphires and other colored stones have to be seen to be believed. She truly has an eye for picking gems! Pros: Knowledgeable, friendly service. Great prices. Beautiful work. Cons: None! more

Great artistic experience getting our rings 11/7/2007

Two different friends recommended Goldworks for their design ability and their willingness to work with unique designs. We worked closely with Ken on our ring designs. He helped us find similar designs on the Internet and then drew out a great design. He worked with the materials and the gems we wanted. Wren created a pair of custom earrings for us and we love the art that went into this piece as well. Pros: quality of finished work, collaboration with jeweler, unique artistry more

Unique custom jewelry in Chapel Hill 11/3/2007

My husband and I had been looking for new unique wedding bands for years and had not found the right jeweler. A friend recommended Goldworks to us. We met with Ted and Wren Hendrickson who helped us design the custom, unique rings we were looking for in the Mokume Gane style. We were so thrilled with the professional, knowledgable, down-to-earth, patient staff!! Everyone who contributed made this a great experience for us. The rings we had made surpassed our expectations in quality and design. And the prices were great!!! We recommend making the trip to Chapel Hill just to look at the beautiful showroom and other custom jewelry. Thanks Ted, Wren, Erica & Janet! Pros: professional, knowledgable, down-to-earth, patient, friendly, quality, price more

Beautiful jewelry, great customer service 11/1/2007

My husband and I were just recently married (October 6th, 2007) and we both have wedding bands from Goldworks. I can not begin to express how happy we both are with our rings. It?s not only the jewelry that makes Goldworks the best, but the relaxed environment and the warm, personable customer service. more

Fantastic Local Jewelry Store! A must go for all! 9/24/2007

Staff is outstanding and the quality is amazing! They worked on my ring till it was perfect, to their standards of corse. It was totally worth the wait! They had it in a size too small to fit me so they made one in my size but, it was not to the jewelers standards so they made the ring a 3rd time to make sure it was purfect!!! I Absolutely love it!!! We liked the store and staff so much that I had another ring custom made!!! Pros: Great staff and gorgous store! Cons: Waitting for the ring to be made. more

Amazing Design and Amazing Service 9/22/2007

Wren and Ken were simply amazing in helping us choose a diamond and then create our custom design for our wedding rings. Their talent is unsurpassed in this area and their level of service is unmatched. We know, we spoke to quite a few jewelers before choosing Goldworks. We cannot recommend them enough and will refer as many people as we can to them. Pros: Creatvity, Service, Knowledge, Experience, Price more
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Everything here, from the handblown glass vases to the hand-fabricated rings, is a one-of-a-kind.

Owner Message
  • Searching for the perfect piece of jewelry is an exciting yet often daunting process. Goldworks is proud to offer the option of creating custom, one-of-a-kind designs. At Goldworks, the designers and goldsmiths are experts at interpreting your ideas and desires, and turning them into beautifully crafted jewelry.
    Choose your metal, choose your stones, choose your design, choose your style. In the end, the results are truly as unique as you are.

  • In Short
    It's clear this shop is no Zale's. Glance at any object in the store--there's not an inch of ordinary. Not only are the designers here passionate about their creations, but...

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