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All Or Nothing Tattoo Studio & Gallery


2569 South Cobb Drive
Smyrna, GA 30080

(707) 435-9966
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All Or Nothing Tattoo Studio & Gallery - Smyrna, GA
All Or Nothing Tattoo Studio & Gallery - Smyrna, GA
All Or Nothing Tattoo Studio & Gallery - Smyrna, GA
All Or Nothing Tattoo Studio & Gallery - Smyrna, GA
All Or Nothing Tattoo Studio & Gallery - Smyrna, GA
All Or Nothing Tattoo Studio & Gallery - Smyrna, GA
All Or Nothing Tattoo Studio & Gallery - Smyrna, GA
All Or Nothing Tattoo Studio & Gallery - Smyrna, GA
All Or Nothing Tattoo Studio & Gallery - Smyrna, GA
All Or Nothing Tattoo Studio & Gallery - Smyrna, GA
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I went to get a tattoo on my back and while I was getting tattooed my girlfriend got her lip pierced. We both had a lotta fun and both the piercing and the tattoo turned out amazi...


I'm 50/50 on this... I love B.B.'s work, and when I moved to Smyrna a few years ago, I couldn't WAIT to get worked on there. I met the apprentice, John, (AWESOME ARTIST & INK SLI...

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/24/2013

Excellent work. I went in for my very first tattoo the beginning of April and I was extremely nervous. Flaco picked up on that and did everything he could to make the experience amazing. We spent the whole 3 hours talking geek stuff and I walked away with a gorgeous tattoo on my shoulder as a tribute to my aunt and grandmother, both of whom are breast cancer survivors.\r \r I was so impressed with the work that when I was in Atlanta again over Father's Day, my bff & I went back in (she'd had some previous work done there) and both got script tats from Mark over the space of two days. \r \r All the artists and various employees we talked to were fantastic and extremely friendly, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone in the area. If you're doing a bigger piece, set an appointment and talk to them about a budget. Flaco did an amazing job with my budget and I got a great tattoo that would have easily cost me 2-3 times as much somewhere else. more

Great Piercings AND Tattoos!!! 1/25/2012

I went to get a tattoo on my back and while I was getting tattooed my girlfriend got her lip pierced. We both had a lotta fun and both the piercing and the tattoo turned out amazing! more

perfect 10! 1/25/2012

There isn's a single thing I would change about my tattoo or my experience at All or Nothing Tattoo. In fact.... when my tax return comes back, that's the first place I'm going!! more

Repeat Customer 1/23/2012

I've always gotten my tattoo work from these guys! Ive been both a walk-in and Ive booked appointments as well. EVERY artist that comes through there is just INSANELY good at what they do. Im booked now with Brandon Bond and look forward to getting started on my back piece from him in just a couple months! more


I went to All or Nothing as a walk-in to get some script that was very important to me. I was helped right away and 30 minutes later I was getting my tattoo!! Its the most amazing custom script I've ever seen on anyone, I mean... its absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Thanks All or Nothing!!! more

I'm SOLD!! 1/23/2012

I made an appointment with Mike McMahon, whom I had never met before, but had seen his work. He had NO PROBLEM interpreting what I saw in my head into an even better reality... my tattoo is AMAZING!!! I will definitely come back to All or Nothing again! more

Bad experience a couple years ago, I'm over it. 1/23/2012

I'm 50/50 on this... I love B.B.'s work, and when I moved to Smyrna a few years ago, I couldn't WAIT to get worked on there. I met the apprentice, John, (AWESOME ARTIST & INK SLINGER) told him of a special back piece that I wanted done. I have a kid brother doing Life Without Parole in Missouri. As kids, he grew up always wanting to be a cowboy, I grew up always wanting to be a biker. As it turned out, prior to my brother's arrest, he WAS a cowboy, he owned a ranch in Missouri. And, I am a biker... I explained the tattoo on my back would be David Mann's ""Ghost Rider"" painting with me on my Harley and my kid brother on his horse. I explained that it was a tribute to our parents who encouraged us both to fulfill our dreams. John introduced me to an artist, I believe his name was Chris. He sat down and I went over what I wanted. He told me that he would need photos of the bike, me, my brother & his horse. We downloaded a copy of ""Ghost Rider"". He made me leave a deposit and told me to come back in 3 weeks, he would have it drawn up for my review and we would get started. I COULDN'T WAIT... The longest 3 weeks EVER. I was gonna get my dream ink done in BRANDON BOND'S SHOP!!! After 3 weeks, I went in 1/2 hour before my appointment time, and Apprentice John met me at the door. Come to find out, the ""artist"" that I had an appointment with, took a walk-in that was gonna take a couple hours!! As if my appointment & deposit didn't mean a f*cking thing!! So, my lady-friend & I sat there for 2 hours waiting. Then, when he was done with the walk-in, he must've told Apprentice John to ""stall 'em"", because it was well over ANOTHER hour before I insisted that Apprentice John get the guy out front to meet with me. Now I was pretty pissed off. After another rant, John walked back and, after ANOTHER 30 minutes, Apprentice John came to the front of the shop with his head down... He started off with ""SPIDER, I'm sorry that you're upset... Remember, this is just a TEMPLATE for us to get an idea if we got it right..."" I could tell that he was ashamed. I insisted that he hand me the paper that he was hiding behind his back. Once I saw it, I understood why he was embarrassed. This ""artist"" forced John to walk out front and present to me, what looked like a poorly drawn cartoon of a motorcycle. Nothing at ALL like ""Ghost Rider"", no horse, nothing. He knew to stay in the back of the shop cowering. I was WAY BEYOND f*cking pissed. THEN, he made Apprentice John tell me that my deposit was NON-REFUNDABLE!! The jack-off didn't do a friggin' thing for the 3 weeks, and then tried to pull off this stunt after making me wait, even though I had an appointment, for what was now coming up on 3 hours!!! What an amazing prick this guy was!! I asked Apprentice John if it was my explanation? Maybe I didn't explain how important this piece was?? I was LIVID. I wanted to beat the LIVING SH!T outta this A$$HOLE. But, if you know Apprentice John, he had a way of just calming the situation and making you feel like he would make everything alright...LOL!! I walked away from AON that evening with a friend in John, and a bitter taste in my mouth for AON. Later that year, I went to a party that Brandon was throwing there, tried to get an audience with Brandon to tell him about my experience, but I wasn't able to get near him... I was told that he would see me, so I sat down & waited for about an hour. I finally gave up waiting. After all this, I STILL love to see Brandon's work. He's a BRILLIANT artist. As is John!! That's the reason for the 2 stars, BRANDON'S TALENT and the AWESOMENESS of Apprentice John! My opinion is that Brandon should keep better tabs on what goes on in his shop. Apprentice John made up the deposit I put down by just being a good friend & my back STILL doesn't have my dream tattoo on it. more

Best Tattoo Shop 1/23/2012

I love this shop. They are extremely friendly and take good care of their clients. I will be sending all my friends there. I can not wait to return to get some more stuff added to my lower back tattoo more

Amazing Artists, impossible to book an appointment 11/9/2011

I guess they named it ""ALL or Nothing"" because that is exactly what you get, either a really bad ass tattoo or absolutely nothing. I'm very impressed with Brandon Bond's work and I don't want to get another tattoo unless it's done by a very skilled artist and I've been trying to set up an appointment with Brandon Bond for over a month now and only to get the run around from everyone up there. Nicole, Brandon's assistant, doesn't respond EVER. When you call them they tell you to just e-mail her again and wait. Still doesn't respond... Very frustrating. I understand they are really busy and obviously they aren't hurting for any business but if I was Brandon Bond I would make sure my staff booked as many appointments as possible no matter how far out they may be, because they require a $500 deposit. That's alot of immediate cashflow he must be missing out on because I'm guessing there have to be alot of other people going through what I am, which are $500 a pop without even having to poke their skin. I wonder if he knows his employees are being slack or maybe he doesn't want to book anymore appointments, if that's the case then I think he should post that he is not taking any new clients. Website says it's very easy to get an appointment set up, completely untrue. I have nothing against these people, I actually hope they will contact me to set up an appointment and I can delete this post or exchange it to a more positive one. more

World Class establishment, world class work 11/24/2010

All or Nothing has employed a bevy of world class artists since its inception. The names involved are a who's who in the tattoo community. The line up changes but the quality never wavers. Currently the shop is featured in print virtually every month of the year in publications all over the world. The artists consistently trophy at conventions with many first place trophies won. I ask you one are considering committing to wearing a piece of art for the rest of your life.....why not wear the finest? I currently wear nearly 200 hours I satisfied?...well the work and artists have been featured in print and video a dozen times, I am stopped on a daily basis with questions and praise..........yes, I actually couldn't express enough praise for Brandon, Nicole and the entire staff, they are truly world class! more

Awesome 11/22/2010

I wanted to write in to you guys to let you know how spectacular a job Nicole is doing. I have been speaking with her over the last few months and she has been nothing short of Amazing. Not only has she handled any and all questions I may have with the quickness, she has also done it all with a huge smile. I hear she had quite the accident a few months back, but even this couldn't stop her positive energy. Through it all she has been there to help whenever needed. Thought it would be a great idea to show my gratitude towards Nicole and let you know she is a keeper! The hard work is very Appreciated! Thank you! more

The Best tattoo studio and piercing ever 10/27/2010

I have been tattooed and pierced at a LOT of shops in Atanta and all over America. All or Nothing is unlike anywhere else. They do unique custom tattoos, all artists are imported from elsewhere so they are ALL amazing. The body piercing is superb it is by far, hands down the best tattoo and piercing parlor on earth. Just the because they are world famous, does NOT mean they act like it. They are actually amazingly inexpensive, I was shocked to find out the studio has a 40$ monimum! That is TINY compared to a LOT of shops. more

I love all or nothing tattoo 10/26/2010

Ill never get tattooed anywhere else more

love it! 10/23/2010

my headline says enough, i love it! more

The best 10/23/2010

I walked in on a saturday without an appointment and was able to get a beautiful flowers tattoo on my foot, i was suprised i was able to be seen without making an appointment, and it was with one of their best artists! more

If I can, you can... 10/22/2010

I went to all or nothing and had a HUGE tattoo done by one of the awesome artists there....I thought it was gonna hurt really bad because it was on my ribs. But, it wasnt that bad, and the artist made every attepmt at making sure i was as comfortable as i could be and that it was a good experience for me. it took about 6 hours and it was worth every second. in fact, im going back soon to get my other side done. I CANT WAIT!! more

Pierced and Inked 10/18/2010

Ive been both tattooed and pierced at All or Nothing, and both were made awesome experiences by the staff and artists there. There isn't anything I would change about it. more


If you haven't been there yet, you are missing out. GO NOW, and get some ink from these amazing artists. more

Sick, and Professional!! 10/15/2010

This Shop is hands down the best in the biz!!! You wont find better artist anywhere!!! You guys rule!!! more

Kick Ass!!! 10/15/2010

Like I said they kick ass son!!! more
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