Skydive Snohomish


9912 Airport Way
Snohomish, WA 98296

(360) 568-7703
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Thank you so much for making our first jump an AMAZING experience. Honestly, I had never once had any desire to jump out of a plane, but put it on my ""30-before-30"" list to try...


Emily and Caroline at Skydive Snohomish are the least helpful people I've ever met. I made a reservation to skydive for the first time with a jump date set for August. On the m...

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/1/2013

""From the time I walked into the building, everyone was friendly, and very professional. Great videos on what to expect and then continued instructions by an instructor. I was teamed with Kelly, who from the beginning was professional, friendly, informative and helped me feel comfortable. He took care of me on the ground and on the plane, making me feel very special. I just turned 65 and this was my first jump. I wasn't nervous but unbelievably excited. My son and his friend who are already jumpers were also on the plane (making my special day even more special). I got chills watching them jump first (although a little nervous watching my son jump out of a plane). Kelly kept checking my gear, which was great! My turn was unreal, fantastic, cannot be described but can honestly say, the greatest thrill of my life. From the moment we left the plane, the adrenalin rush started, wow! The view was breathtaking, every moment memorable, even the smooth landing. Thank you Kelly!"" more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/22/2012

My experience at Skydive Snohomish was positively fantastic. It started out with helpful and professional customer service during the reservation process, and it ended with an exhilarating tandem skydive that was one of the best experiences of my entire life. Everything in between was incredible too. The training video was extremely helpful to know exactly what to expect, and then it was off to the outdoor ""observation area."" I watched skydivers from the previous group free fall, deploy their parachutes, gently float to the ground, and then cheer with excitement as they landed. When it became my turn to get geared up, I was paired with my Tandem Instructor, who was genuinely kind and had a big smile on his face. I think all the instructors were smiling at this point. You can tell that they really love their job. The airplane ride to get to 12,000 ft was absolutely breathtaking. I could clearly see Seattle, Mount Baker, the San Juan Islands, and so much more. I was already enjoying myself thoroughly, but the real fun was about to begin. The plane door opened and when it was our turn to jump?INDESCRIBABLE!!! Exhilarating, invigorating, incredible, amazing, I would even say ""life changing."" It?s a moment in life when you really ""feel alive"" through and through to the depths of your core. The free fall was a total rush, and then the parachute deployed. The peace of the quietness in the air and the beauty of the surroundings would have made me ""speechless,"" except I was screaming with excitement. Our landing was picture perfect, and the incredible memories I made will never be forgotten. My entire experience from beginning to end was absolutely excellent. I felt very well cared for and knew I was in good hands. Thank you Skydive Snohomish! Your reputation in the industry, your safety record, the kindness and professionalism of your staff, and the skills and training requirements of your instructors are all greatly appreciated. I have already booked my next skydive adventure. WAHOO!!! ? Nancy M. more

The best rush ever! 8/31/2011

Thank you so much for making our first jump an AMAZING experience. Honestly, I had never once had any desire to jump out of a plane, but put it on my ""30-before-30"" list to try something new and totally outside of my ""norm"". I LOVED it!!! My friend and I jumped with Todd and Sonja, and they made us feel comfortable, totally eased our nerves, and kept us laughing the whole time. It's now 5 days later, and I still have the same stupid grin on my face that I had when I jumped. We can't wait for our next jump next month!!! Pattie more

Flyin' High! 8/26/2011

YO! My friend Julie and I tandem jumped last Saturday morning with you guys. We had an absolutely awesome time! Three words for ya...FA BU LOUS!! I jumped with Spotty. I love that I got paired up with him! He made it super fun for me, I was completely comfortable, and felt safe the entire time. Plus he has a bad ass accent! Gotta love the accents! I love that I got the video, it helps me to remember the adrenaline and anticipation build up. In fact my stomach does a happy little dance inside me every time I watch myself dump out of that plane! Yes I said dump, it was not graceful enough to call it a jump. I particularly like the fact that during the free fall all you see is my eyes get huge, and my mouth fly at the speed of light with every excited phrase I could possibly muster, and my arms flail about light a chicken with two broken wings (I think I even grabbed Spotty's arm and shook it like a tambourine). This was followed by the removal of spittle that had accumulated on my cheek as I was flying towards the ground at 120 mph . After that it was a very leisure ride provided by Captain Spotty as he spun me one direction and then back the other way to take in the breathtaking view that we had on that perfect day. In fact Julie said I laughed louder than she had ever heard in her life (reminded her of Julia Roberts). The finale was the landing when Spotty told me that was probably the most fun thing I will ever do with my clothes on.....I would agree :) The entire experience was very intoxicating, and it won't be the last time that you see me! Thanks again for the great ride Spotty! And thanks to everyone for making our experience so great! more

best skydive ever! 8/12/2011

So I just got back from my skydive at skydive Snohomish. This is my 4th jump and I think each time it gets better and better. Jordan was my instructor and he was awesome! Seems like each time gets easier and I can relax and enjoy. Jordan was very thorough in telling me everything, and made sure my jump was memorable. Thanks you guys, all of you do such an amazing job, can't hardly wait for my next birthday to come and do it again! I now look forward to getting older! Patty Kossak more

Skydive Snohomish - Awesome day! 8/11/2011

Just wanted to drop you all a quick note to say how much fun I had during my first dive this past Sunday. I was with 2 other friends and the 3 of us came away from that experience as changed people. The staff and instructors were fantastic and obviously enjoy passing on their passion for the sport. I'm already hooked, and looking forward to my next jump. Thanks again, see you soon! Patrick Dutra more

What a great skydiving experience!!! 7/30/2011

Thanks to all at Skydive Snohomish for making my first tandem skydive - my first skydive - a fantastic experience. Loved it - after leaving the plane! A special thanks to Kelley for making the skydive a thrilling yet safe ride. I now have 1 skydive to his almost 5,000 skydives! Hope to do more, but don't think Kelley has to worry about my catching up to him. Tom more

Skydive Snohomish 7/28/2011

I just have one thing to say, I had an amazing time. The service was great, the people where great, and the jump was great! I really can't think of anything that would make jumping out of a plane more fun. When my friends ask me how it was, I have a hard time finding word to describe the wonderful experience I had at Snohomish Sky Diving. It was all I expected and much much more. I more

I'll Be Back 7/27/2011

Dear Skydive Snohomish, A few days ago I was lucky enough to participate in one of your tandem skydives, sharing the experience with my girlfriend. We sprung for the higher altitude drop which I do not regret in the least. Overall, I could not have asked for a better experience, but here is the story in full detail. My instructor was Jordan and her's was Todd. I'll speak mostly from my own experience because Sherah will be writing her own testimonial, but I can safely say that we both had an amazing experience which was a direct result of being matched with these two guys. I was extremely scared to jump out of a plane. This was all my girlfriend's idea. Although I enjoy climbing and mountaineering, I am incredibly scared of heights. I'm not sure if Jordan could read this on me or if I just lucked out, but he was exactly what I needed: calm, reassuring, and straight to the point. It was very professional how he matter-of-factly told me what was going to happen and what he needed me to do, but he was also very personable and friendly. Todd was a bit more exciting and joked around, which was still enjoyable, but Jordan's calm confidence made me feel calm and confident. There was never a doubt in my mind that we would land safely. On the plane Jordan pointed out all of the major landscape features: Rainier, Baker, San Juan Islands, etc. We even had enough time to get to know each other a little better on the ride up to 14,000 feet. Although the freefall and parachuting felt like it went by quickly, we had enough time for Jordan to allow me to drive the parachute. He and Todd also brought my girlfriend and I next to each other during the parachute down. This was a very special experience to be within 20 feet of each other, and it was a much appreciated gesture on their part that made our skydiving together even more of a shared event. Bottom line: we had fun, I faced a fear, it was more personalized than I could have imagined, and I will definitely be back as soon as I can. AND I will be asking for Jordan specifically. Thank you so much more

Best day in my life!!!! 7/17/2011

I won't forget this day for the rest of my life. Jumping off a plane was a wild dream of mine since childhood. At the age of 57, I finally did it at Snohomish , WA . Of course I was nervous as any first timer should be. But Vlad, my tandem buddy made me comfortable enough before take off. Then shortly after the briefing I was away. Into the skies, on a clear sunny day. I was the second one to dive. Was I tense? Hhhmm!! Just before,....when I was about to jump...was the most difficult part. And the most exciting!!! Then came the 'Free fall'. 60 seconds of Ecstasy . It was a feeling, I felt, I never felt before. At around 4000 feet , the calm came after. Looked around and saw the snow capped mountains and lakes. I even got to see the Seattle skyline. The soft landing took away another great fear of mine. Thanks Vlad...Thanks Snohomish Skydive at Harvey Field. Will I do it again? Actually I felt like doing it right away. Stephen From India more

Great People to Jump Out of a Plane With! 6/11/2011

Skydive Snohomish, thanks for all that you do there and the excellent job in which you do it! I just had my 1st skydive experience with you guys today and it was AMAZING!!! My friend and I went to celebrate my 27th birthday and I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate! I don't know what I'm gonna do next year to top this one! From the moment we walked in the doors your staff made us feel welcomed and relaxed, helping put our nerves at ease. Our instructors, Vladimir & Jordan, especially made the experience all the more fun and entertaining! We had a fantastic time and as soon as I hit the ground I wanted to do it all over again! I will definitely be recommending your company to all my friends and those even remotely interested in jumping out of a plane. And, I hope to be back myself sometime in the future! Thanks for your part in helping me have an amazing birthday! more

Hi Emily and Caroline! 10/3/2010

Emily and Caroline at Skydive Snohomish are the least helpful people I've ever met. I made a reservation to skydive for the first time with a jump date set for August. On the morning of my jump, I awoke to pouring rain. I figured the jump was cancelled, but if you don't show up and it's NOT cancelled, you forfeit your reservation fee. I called several times that morning without getting an answer. As I was getting in my car to drive an hour towards the airport, someone from Skydive Snohomish did call me to inform me thatI would have to reschedule. I did- for today. This morning I awoke to blue skies and got ready to go. Nobody called to say that the jump was delayed or cancelled, so I drove an hour north to the airport, nervous about what my first skydiving experience would be like. EVERYTHING changed when I went inside. A family of 4 was already standing at the counter being ""assisted'. A smug teenaged girl (either Emily or Caroline, I don't know which is which. They were equally awful) asked, ""Are you with this group?"" ""No, we're not."" Her response (I kid you not): ""Well, what do you want then?"" What do I want? ""We have a 10:45 reservation."" ""Well, that jump was cancelled due to weather."" ""It was? I wasn't informed."" ""It's YOUR responsibility to call and check ahead of time."" ""Really? Last time you guys rescheduled on me, on a day that was actually cloudy and rainy I tried calling several times with no answer before someone called me to inform me. I figured since no one called today, and it's nice outside, that we were set."" ""No. We don't have to call you. That was a courtesy last time, but we don't have to do that if we don't want to."" And that was it. No, ""I'm so sorry, let's see what we can do to get you rescheduled."" Just a blankstare. I asked for her manager. ""The manager will tell you the same thing."" ""That's ok, I'd still like to speak to him."" She walked down to the end of the counter and started speaking to another smug teenaged girl (either Emily or Caroline, obviously angry at the world). They stood there talking about me- IN FRONT OF ME- loud enough that I could hear them. ""This guy is pissed because his jump was cancelled. No, he didn't call ahead. Blah blah blah"" I walked down there to speak to them. ""No, I'm not upset that the jump was cancelled. I'm upset that nobody called me and now I'm being treated as though I'm the one who has done something wrong."" ""It's YOUR responsibility to call. We don't have time to call, our phones are ringing off the hook."" I looked around. Other than the family of 4, there was no one there but us. No phones had rung since I'd been there. ""Apparently,"" I said. ""It sounds like you are really busy."" ""Well, the phone doesn't ring ALL the time."" ""Here's a tip, when the phone ISN'T ringing, that's where you make time to call people to give them a heads up- hey, don't spend an hour in the car driving up here because we won't be able to help you today."" Still, blank stares. Not one offer to reschedule me or do ANYTHING. I finally asked: ""Can I reschedule for later today?"" ""We're all booked. If you had called us earlier, we could have gotten you in."" ""Can I get a refund?"" ""There are no refunds."" ""Again, why did no one call me this morning?"" ""That's not our job."" ""So what IS your job?"" ""To take you skydiving."" ""So let's go!"" ""You can go. If you make a reservation when the weather is nice. YOU are the one who wanted to skydive in October in Seattle. YOU should have known better."" She said that. Word for word. One of the girls finally gave me the manager's name (Tyson Harvey), and rest assured, I will be calling every day until I am refunded. Emily and Caroline, I hope you someday outgrow your awkward years so you can stop taking out your teenage angst on customers. more

Skydiving Skydive Snohomish 8/20/2010

After many months of talking about skydiving, my 18-tear-old son and I finally signed up at Skydive Snohomish at Harvey field. From the minute we walked in the door, we were greeted by friendly staff whom walked us through the paper work and got us ready to watch the instructional video before our dive. Zach, a trained skydiver, met with us to answer any of our questions and reviewed the procedures of the dive. We then headed outside to suit up. My son and I were diving tandem and my diving instructor was Vladimir. Vladimir came over, introduced himself to me and the other family members who came to watch me take my first skydive. Throughout the whole process, Vladimir talked me through everything that was going to happen and what to expect so that the dive ended up being the best experience I could have. Skydive Snohomish listens to their customers and customs the dive to be the experience you want it to be. I cannot recommend them enough. Thank you!!! Karen Sundell more

Best Experience of my Life! 8/20/2010

My boyfriend told me that he was signing up to go skydiving, and at first, all I could do was tell him off for being insane. But after a few days, I told him I wanted to do it as well! I called up Skydive Snohomish to ask about their safety record, and they assured me that they have a perfect student safety record, whew! From the moment I entered Skydive Snohomish, I felt very safe. They walked me through what to expect during my skydiving experience and I could see that their #1 priority is safety. My instructor, Kelly, has done over 5,000 skydives without an incidents, and he definitely helped to make me feel like skydiving is fun (and not terrifying). However, by far the scariest part was crawling up to the open airplane door after watching the people in front of me jump out. But after getting over that, the freefall was amazing!! After the freefall, Kelly, asked me how it was. I said, ""I loved it, but I'm never going to do this again!"" Kelly replied, ""Just wait until you see the video."" I saw the video, and I definitely want to do it again now! I even looked up how to become a licensed skydiver through the student program at Skydive Snohomish. Kelly will definitely see my slightly less terrified face at least one more time! more

Most Amazing Experience Ever at Skydive Snohomish! 8/18/2010

Thank you all so much for giving our girl?s weekend an Amazing finale. A special thanks to Gui my instructor and partner in the sky. From the second I met Gui, he really helped me feel at ease and gave me the confidence I needed for my first jump. Thanks for giving me a 3-2-1 count before pulling the parachute cord. It was exactly what I needed. I enjoyed every second of the fall. Everyone must go for the higher altitude! You?ll totally regret it if you don?t. Everyone on staff was equally great. From the moment we arrived, we felt welcome and part of the family. It's a memory that won't soon be forgotten and an experience I can't wait to repeat! I?ve been telling all my friends and family they must experience the ultimate freedom of skydiving. I have never been an adrenaline junkie, in fact often too scared for large roller coasters. But after completing my first jump this weekend I am confident anyone can do it, everyone will enjoy it, and nobody will forget it! more

Amazing Skydive Location 8/18/2010

I went skydiving with Skydive Snohomish on Sunday August 15th. more

One of the most amazing feelings you can have 3/5/2010

So my skydiving experience was on April 19, 2009. Pros: Everything Cons: Nothing more

skydive snohomish is amazing 2/17/2010

That was one of the most amazing things I've ever done and I can't wait to go again! I went on June 27, and after watching their training video a felt a lot more at ease about taking the jump since all of their staff had been so well trained and qualified. My instructor, Aimee, made the experience awesome. She was so enthusiastic about skydiving that you could tell she loved this job. Pros: amazing experience more
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Washington's Premier Skydiving Center. Only 20 miles north of Seattle. Perfect Safety Record with Highly Experienced Certified Instructors by USPA.

  • Located 20 miles north of Seattle, the field can accommodate both first-time and licensed jumpers; also offers packages towards licensing.

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