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Pup Scouts


2909 Armory Dr
Nashville, TN 37204

(615) 255-2909
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We absolutely LOVE Pup Scouts. Both of our dogs go to classes at Pup Scouts and we (and our dogs) just couldn't be any happier. Our new rescue dog started out in the Good Pup ...


PupScouts is a good idea, in the eyes of the first time dog owners it must be a perfect and inexpensive training facility. It is though not developed to its full potential. As a p...

The Best!!! 10/19/2011

We absolutely LOVE Pup Scouts. Both of our dogs go to classes at Pup Scouts and we (and our dogs) just couldn't be any happier. Our new rescue dog started out in the Good Pup class and has now moved onto the Canine Good Citizen Workshop. Our 5 year old lab has been attending flyball classes for a couple of months. We're even trying day camp for the first day today. Our dogs know whenever we're getting close to Pup Scouts and start whining and barking in excitement. Jane Kline is such a wonderful person and appears to be truly passionate about the dogs. Even in a large group setting, she knows when a dog may need individual attention and really takes the time to work past the rough spots or issues a dog may be having a hard time with. I can't say it enough. Pup Scouts is awesome! more

Pup Scouts is one of Life's Great Blessings 7/13/2011

As far as value for the money - Pup Scouts Rocks. As far as PEACE OF MIND about the care and nurturing of your dog - Pup Scouts provides THAT!!! I toured some ""home grown"" cheaper dog sitters and it was scary (no checks, any dog AT ALL allowed, etc) I toured more expensive facilities and the dog's play time was severely limited and I had to PAY EXTRA if I wanted additional minutes for my dog to be able to romp and play with others! Pup scouts makes no such maddening fees for puppy play, they watch your pup carefully AND, if you desire - can provide training as well. The owner Jane Kline has been passionate about the care, nurturing and training of dogs since she was a little girl. It is a treasure to find a business who has such inner core sincere dedication to their posted buisness mission (some businesses are just a business - Jane is hands on). OUR LIFE IS GREATLY ENHANCED because of the blessing of Pup Scouts. more

It's okay.. I would not return back though 6/22/2011

PupScouts is a good idea, in the eyes of the first time dog owners it must be a perfect and inexpensive training facility. It is though not developed to its full potential. As a professional I can say that they lack a lot of things. They try to socialize pups which is great and they have good ideas and programs, agility is great too, but the training ideas are very old fashioned. One example: They think that lots of excitement is going to help you with training which is not quite true (some dogs react on that kind of excitement very well, and it's beneficial but lots of doggies dont care about the human emotions in that way.. PupScouts put a TON of emotions into their training, lots of annoying high pitch tones), by lots of excitement they're only creating a very anxious environment - doggies are very excited and it's challenging to keep their attention, mainly if you have a hyper young dog. There are many things that would need to be fixed, but they're an okay facility. more

Pup Scouts is My Favorite! 4/14/2010

Pup Scouts is my favorite place in the world! I started going there when I was 3 months old and I have to admit, I was a pretty badly behaved lab puppy. I chewed everything, couldn't function on a leash and had trouble with general listening skills. I also had a jumping problem and wanted to bite everything and everyone with my sharp puppy teeth. When my owners were at their wits end, they heard about Pup Scouts from a family member and thought they'd give it a try. It took some time for me to catch on, but after graduating with flying colors from 3 puppy obedience classes and a K9 Good Citizen training, I felt pretty proud of myself. I had learned to walk on a leash, sit, lay down, fetch, roll over, go on my pillow at command and stay. I also made some great friends along the way and even dabbled in agility and flyball. Although I still sometimes like to get off my lead and around the pup scouts warehouse, I would say I am pretty well would my owners. Along the way, I've also made some great friends. I attend camp at least once a week and have a blast playing outside in the kiddie pool and lounging around inside on the doggy couches. And at the end of the day, I'm so tired that I usually just crash and give my owners a guilt-free date-night out out on the town! One more thing...Jane Klien and her staff are great! They are alwats patient and willing to lend advice and support to my owners who usually have no clue what they're doing! I highly recommend Pup Scouts to any dog owners, whether they're looking for obedience classes, recreational sports or just a great day camp. Pros: Patient trainers, Great outlet for puppy energy more

Not sure what we would do without Pupscouts!!! 3/16/2010

We began bringing our dog to Pupscouts when she was four months old for basic obedience training and were immediately impressed with Pup Scouts, and particularly with Jane, the owner. Since that time, we have taken advantage of many of the training classes offered at Pupscouts (obedience, Agility, and also fun ones like Games class and Tricks class). The classes (all positive-reinforcement based) are a great way to bond with your dog and to benefit from a highly experienced dog trainer . My husband and I have really enjoyed all the classes and learned so much, not to mention that we now have a very well trained dog! She even passed her Canine Good Citizen test, no doubt due to the excellent training she received at Pup Scouts. We plan to train our dog to be a therapy dog in the future and this would definitely not be a possibility were it not for all the great training she has received at Pup Scouts!\r \r Our dog also comes to Pupscouts for daycare on a weekly basis. She absolutely loves it, and like some of the other reviewers have also noted about their dogs, she begins wagging her tail and letting out happy little whines of excitement when we turn on Armory Dr. In fact, we can't even say ""Pupscouts"" unless we are headed out the door to go there because she knows what it means and gets so excited! \r \r The facility is always clean and I've always been amazed that it doesn't stink or smell ""doggy"" at all. The staff is kind to my dog. The dogs are carefully screened for compatibility with the other dogs prior to coming to daycare. They take great care of the dogs when they are there. They have a ""nap time"" each day and the staff even put out a baby pool in the summer for the dogs to splash around in. There is a large area indoors to play in if it is too cold, hot, or rainy to be outside. She is always exhausted when she comes home and a tired dog is a happy dog! I am very protective of my dog but I don't worry a bit when she is at Pup Scouts because she is in the best of hands and having a great time! \r \r We are so glad we found Pupscouts and can't say enough good things! Pros: Great services-Day care, training classes are all excellen Cons: needs more outdoor lighting near entrance more

5 Star Service, kind people who love dogs 3/9/2010

Jane Kline is the best. She truly cares about the dogs. She has great systems in place to make sure that the dogs are always under human oversight and guidance. She has a difficult job, retaining caring and attentive dog care providers when her business model does not allow her to make them full time employees with benefits.\r \r She works 12 + hour days regularly and is careful to only accept dogs that can can get along with the other dogs and the staff.\r \r I don't many people that work as hard as Jane and know as much about dog training and care.\r \r Keep up the great work. Pros: Nashville's Oldest and Best Doggie Day Care Cons: Only open 5 Days a week more

The very best doggy day care 3/9/2010

Jane Kline and her staff welcome every doggy client, especially the big dogs. My dog has been a daily Pup Scout camper for over 5 years. When I ask him every morning ""do you want to go to school?"" he can barely contain himself. He can't wait to go to Pup Scouts and play with his ""friends"". The environment is clean, safe and most of all loving. We're fortunate to have them in our lives! Bentleysmom Pros: Jane and her staff are the best Cons: They aren't open 365 days a year more

Pup Scouts is for Nashville's Coolest Dogs 3/9/2010

My owners starting bringing me to Pup Scouts as soon as I was big enough so that's been almost four years. They thought I needed to learn that I am a dog. I play in the pack at Pup Scouts. Sometimes I get a bath (ugh!). Owner Jane Kline comes in every day and makes sure everything is going smoothly. Sometimes she even lets my owners come for special classes, like obedience (I am a canine good citizen), agility (lots of fun for me because I can run faster than my mom) and flyball. I get to spend some holidays and weekends with Jane -- we have a big dog party and a sleepover at Pup Scouts. Jane knows all about dogs and has a great staff that watch out for all of us. Pros: Fun for Dogs (and Owners) more

No worries when Daisy goes to Doggie Day Care 3/4/2010

Initially I came to Pup Scouts for training of my ""wild child."" I have since learned the merits of doggie day care. \r \r My dog LOVES to go to Pup Scouts. Whether for day care, classes helping me ""connect with my dog"" or just to have fun, it is obvious that my girl loves the facility and the all the folks there. The minute I make the turn on to Armory Drive, she starts whining. Loudly! And I find Pup Scouts to be very accomodating for those of us with complex lives and schedules. \r \r The owner Jane Kline is a very knowledgeable trainer. She sees and thoroughly understands canine behaviors, and helps those of us who might otherwise be clueless. No, Pup Scouts may not be as high tech as some of the newer facilities. But I do not need ""puppy cams"" for me to check on my girl. Her demeanor tells me all I need to know. I have no worries while my dog is at Pup Scouts. Pros: Genuine understanding of and love of dogs Cons: I wish I could afford to send my dog every day! more

Pup Scouts is a 10********** 3/3/2010

I work long hours and it was wonderful to drop my puppy off earily in the morning and pick her up at 6:00pm and know that she had had a great day playing with other dogs and learning her manners. Our dog is four years old and still wags her tail like crazy the minute we pull up to Pup Scouts. She can not wait to get inside to see Jane, the Pup Scouts staff, and her K9 friends. We heard about Pup Scouts for years before becoming a client. I recommend it to eveyone that needs the service. It has been a life saver for us. It is important to me to know that my dog is happy and well cared for when she is with Jane. To me Pup Scouts deserves 10 stars********** Pros: Great puppy classes, daycare, and overnight holiday camps. more

I love Pup Scouts and Jane Kline 3/3/2010

I have been going to Pup Scouts for almost 5 years. i started going when I was 4 months old. I took two puppy classes and learned how to sit, stay, and lie down. Jane thought I had potential and she convinced my owners to let her train me to become a Flyball Dog. Last year, I was the 25th highest point earner in the North American Flyball Association (out of over 12,000 dogs). \r \r I love playing Flyball and have traveled with Jane and the Flyball Team to Houston Texas three times, to Chattanooga and Birmingham many times, and to other cool places to play in Flyball Tournaments. \r \r My closest dog friends all go to Pup Scouts and we have a great time. My hero is Rodeo, and I love Belle, Abby, Brodee, Louie, Fred, Lilly, Cedar, Bindi, Rachel, Chinnook, Wager, Bryce, Shea, Simon, Gordy, Coda, Griffin, GQ, Cash, Daisy, and Natalie. I am just getting to know Cedar, Nike, Bossie, Wiley, Molly, Marvin and Jewel. Our team keeps growing. I really look forward to our Wednesday night practices.\r \r I have been to many camps and love spending the holidays with Jane. She spends lots of time with me and the other dogs. She keeps us calm when the fireworks are going off on the 4th of July. She sets up a Christmas Tree for us and gives us great treats.\r \r If you are a cool dog, that likes to play, and doesn't beat up on other dogs, then Pup Scouts is the place for you. Pros: She gives great treats, she taught me how to be a good puppy Cons: She won't let me chase other dogs more

My Dog Loves Pup Scouts 3/3/2010

Pup Scouts is Nashville's first and best Dog Day Care Center. The are especially good with puppies. They are reasonably priced and offer great classes for puppy training, agility, flyball, and other dog services. We especially like the camps they host on holiday weekends and during the Christmas time period. Jane Kline, the owner, is an experienced dog trainer and handler. She cares about dogs and has always treated our dog as if it were one of her own. Her whole life is about dogs. I highly recommend Pup Scouts. Pros: Knowledgeable, caring staff more

Great Place for Dog 3/3/2010

I have been a customer of Pup Scouts for several years and have used both the day camp and the training services. I find the staff to be very caring toward my dog always attempting to keep my dog safe and happy. I find the staff to be very accommodating as I have a very busy schedule. Pup Scouts has been wonderful for my family because it has enable us to have a well trained dog that we keep on a good routine that involves activities and socialization. The staff works hard to keep the facility clean and comfortable and goes overboard to assist dedicated owners in care and training of their dogs. Pros: Good socialization experience for dogs more

A great place for dogs to play. 1/2/2009

I've been taking my dogs here almost every day for about six years. Most of the others I know who use Pup Scouts are, like me, loyal and long time customers. It is very clean, spacious and the owner (jane) is one of the most knowledgeable people in Nashville. (As she will admit, she gets along better with dogs than with most people.) It's not hard to tell how dogs feel about going somewhere. There are some kennels where my dogs clearly never want to enter again, but they are always happy to go to Pup Scouts. They enjoy playing with the other dogs and especially lying on the large couches. (The only criticism I have is that there has been a lot of turnover in staff over the years.)\r I heard recently about one of the incidents described here. All the dogs are kept in individual crates during nap time, after hours, or if the dog needs a ""time out."" Two crates are in a bathroom near the play area where a dog can be kept away from the others.Sometimes a dog needs to be isolated either to calm down or as punishment. Apparently the owner of this dog did not understand that.\r As a visit to a dog park will illustrate, not all dogs belong in a group environment.That's why dogs are ""interviewed"" before being admitted to Pup Scouts and why some dogs get asked not to come back. Sometimes the same is true of the owners. Pros: convenient; friendly staff, they will give your dog a bath. Cons: staff turnover , hard to get on the phone during work hours more

unsafe doggie day care 8/20/2008

Why is this place still in business? I had not read any of these review before I took my dog there and was basing my choice on a friend who had used them about 5 years ago. Obviously the facility has declined because my young dog was at Pup Scouts for an hour yesterday when they called me to come get him because of a ""minor"" scratch. That minor scratch ended up being a gaping ragged hole in his side caused by a sharp metal fence. It required him to be sedated and get over 7 stitches and cost me over $200. \r \r This place should be reported to the Humane Association and I plan to do that. more

Not A Safe Facility 12/14/2007

We started going to Pup Scouts when our dog was about 9 mo old. He is a hyper breed, so we needed a place where he could get energy out. First day, we took the dog and got a tour of the facility. Immediately a red flag went up for me. This place is a dirty warehouse with a tiny mulch area out back. They take 50 dogs a day for daycamp, and sometimes more. They don't have the facility OR the staff to safely accomodate 50 dogs at daycamp! If you walk towards the back of the warehouse, you will find a back room with wire fence everywhere. Light weight wire fence. Red flag! My dog is large and hyper. I know he will attempt to jump over that fence. ""Oh no..we never have problems with the dogs in this area."" Hmm.... Two times my dog has come home cut. Not just a scratch, but a pretty deep slice in his skin. When I point this out to the staff, they tell me they didn't notice it before...or ""are you sure it happened when he was here?"" The place is dirty - piles of junk everywhere. Stuff that dogs can get into! Small and unsafe. I have no doubt in my mind that there are too many dogs and they are neglected because they are getting into wire fences or something that is hurting them. Based on the other review listed here, my dog isn't the only one.\r Office staff is extremely unorganized. I have had staff admit to me that they are under staffed and are ""working on being more organized"". The dog care-takers tend to have a big chip on their shoulders too. As if they are thinking someone is always out to get them. Is this because they've been in trouble before? We decided we would give them one more chance. I called them the night before to tell them we're coming in for one last time (already paid). I explained how he had been hurt too many times, and we weren't coming back. Later that night I got a phone message saying ""Don't bring your dog in. We'll refund your money and send it to you."" That tells me they are terrified of getting in trouble for neglecting these dogs. UNSAFE!! Pros: Easy to get to Cons: Unsafe environment, too many dogs - not enough staff (dogs neglected), never answered the phones! more

Daycare not recommended 3/20/2007

My dog is over three years old and has been going to various dog daycares since she was a puppy. I decided to try Pup Scouts about a year ago. The staff was friendly but I found the facility to be small and over crowded, especially the outside play area. On my dog?s second day at daycare she came home with a laceration on her abdomen (not a dog bite). It required 14 stitches. Once she recovered I sent her back to daycare to give Pup Scouts a second chance. After all, dogs can be dogs and play rough at times. A few weeks later, Pup Scouts called me at work to tell me to come get my dog because she was injured. She had to have stitches again in the same exact place. My vet guessed that my dog kept cutting herself on a fence or fixture at the facility. Needless to say we have not been back to Pup Scouts. Pros: Friendly Service, location Cons: Facility small and overcrowded, dogs not monitored closely more
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