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9776 Holman Rd NW 102
Seattle, WA 98107

(206) 782-9335
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I have been a patient of Dr. Slack for many years, and I could not be happier with how professional and knowledgable he is. He always answers my questions thoroughly. I find the...


My wife and I are half way through our first pregnancy, and I just told them we're through with them. We aren't going back. I don't even have any other doctor in mind, but right n...

Great doctor and staff 4/13/2011

I have been a patient of Dr. Slack for many years, and I could not be happier with how professional and knowledgable he is. He always answers my questions thoroughly. I find the staff to be very nice also, always very cheerful and kind more

Good doctor, HORRIBLE staff 10/25/2010

Dr. Slack is very kind, and seems knowledgable. However, the staff is absolutely awful - as others have said, be prepared to have appointments canceled, calls not returned, and generally be treated rudely. I'm switching doctors after waiting over a month to have surgery scheduled. (They still haven't called me.) more

Highly recommend Nurse Farnham 7/14/2010

Nurse Farnham is wonderful! She is attentive, caring and was a wonderful resource during both of my pregnancies. Her knowledge and advice was invaluable. more

Great Experience, Would Highly Recommend 7/12/2010

I had a great experience at this office, especially with the Nurse Practitioner, Mary Farnham. She was thorough and supportive of all of my needs, and answered my questions leaving me to feel comfortable and confident about my pregnancy, labor, and delivery. more

Great Doctor and Nurse Practitioner 7/12/2010

I began seeing Dr. Slack and his Nurse Practitioner, Mary Farnham this past January for some Gynecological problems. They are wonderful! I was nervous about seeing a nurse practitioner instead of the doctor at first, but I shouldn't have been. Mary was so knowledgable and kind. I will definately recommend this office and doctors to all of my friends! more

Mary Farnham, Fantastic Nurse Practitioner 7/12/2010

Good: My experience at North Seattle Women's Specialists couldn't have been better. Having just had my first baby, I was very particular about my care. I saw Mary Farnham, the Nurse Practitioner in the office for many of my OB appointments. She was so kind and caring, and I always felt like she had plenty of time to listen to my concerns. She returned my calls promptly and always in person, which I really appreciated. I feel lucky to have found Mary and this office for my care and that of my baby.. more

Rude Staff 6/24/2010

The front desk staff could not be more rude. Every time I call or go in it puts me in the worst mood. Dr. Miller is great, but it's not worth dealing with the front desk. So unprofessional and just nasty people. Don't bother with this place at all. The office gets zero stars from me. more

Mediocre at Best 4/23/2010

My wife and I are half way through our first pregnancy, and I just told them we're through with them. We aren't going back. I don't even have any other doctor in mind, but right now, no doctor is better than working with this staff. Dr. Slack and the ultrasound guy are great, so the rest of this doesn't apply to them. It pertains to EVERYBODY else in that office, however. They are not quite RUDE, but they certainly aren't NICE.. and they certainly don't give a sh*t about you, your wife, your situation, or anything else. They obviously hate their job and lament the fact that they have to be there everyday. This is generally true for the population, but I'm having my first baby! I don't want to put up with your half-ass, indifferent, passive aggressive attitudes. The RN, Mary Farnham, handled 50% of our case. She clearly is unhappy with her job and is thoroughly incompetent at it. First, she doesn't know her biology and is wrong on some anatomy (ask her about the thyroid gland... she'll tell you it isn't a gland, it's a hormone!!); second, she gets offended and defensive if you ask her questions for clarification; THEN, she LIES to cover up her mistakes! When I called her to ask about the results of the blood test for down syndrome, she had the nerve to tell me she didn't run that test because both my wife and I DECLINED it!!! I couldn't believe my ears. I'd been waiting to take that test and to find the results since the first time I visited this office. It's really quite astounding that she made it through the cracks of the RN educational system. How does a person like this get to the position to take real physical care of other human beings? Especially human beings getting ready to give birth? I am honestly more disappointed with my experience at this office than I ever imagined I could be with any doctors office. I told them that on my way out, and all the lady at the front desk said was, "ok. let me know if you want me to send your files somewhere else." No apologies, no nothing. more

Good Dr. Slack and Farnham 4/3/2010

I think Dr. Slack and Nurse Farnham do a great job. They both take the time to listen to me. I've called with several emergencies and Mary Farnham has always called me back. The other nurse has been nice as well. No complaints on the acutal visit. The office staff is mixed. I've had 2 experiences. 1 lady was incredibly nice and helpful but 1 is just not helpful! more

Dr. Slack is great, but the nurses and Dr. Miller are horrible!! 3/23/2010

Dr. Slack is an amazing doctor!! He takes his time and even helped me out when I didn't have a scheduled appointment and needed an adjustment with my treatment. My labs were done in a timely manner and I had the best blood draws (hardly felt them at all). That being said, the nurses are rude and unprofessional - they gossip about the patients (the clinic is very small so you can hear them - I've overheard them talking about patients being "fat" and ) and are even rude to each other! They do a shoddy job at scheduling so expect your appointments to be re-schuduled if they mix things up. If you ever ask for copies of your medical record, expect to be treated rudely... just a warning - weigh the costs yourself!! Once again, Dr. Slack is excellent, but I would steer clear of seeing Dr. Miller (one of her patients left crying saying she didn't take time to even listen to her) or the nurse Farnham (who is abrasive and loud-mouthed). What a terrible atmosphere!!! Dr. Slack is great and it is unfortunate his staff is sooo terrible! more

Anonymous 3/22/2010

I met with the nurse practitioner who was excellent and really nice, also the office staff is excellent and kind. Dr. Slack is an awesome doctor too. I would really recommend this clinic for any OB/Gyn care. more

mixed 11/27/2009

it all depends on the doctor. Dr. Brandon was wonderful (no longer there). But I had a terrible experience with Dr. Leslie Miller who was very insensitive to patient issues and was very research talk rather than personable; I have had others independently have just as bad an experience with her in particular. more

Unprofessional 9/1/2009

I was ok with Dr. Miller, but ended up switching doctors due to a 100% preventable mistake with my blood tests (they labeled my blood samples with the wrong name!!??) and rude office staff. That was early August and I still haven't received results of genetic testing... I keep getting the run around. Awful office staff and lab team. more

Not worth the wait 8/14/2009

Do yourself a favor and don't use this practice. I heard that Dr. Brandon was great so I called and found out he is no longer with the practice. He is also no longer delivering babies, so I went with another doctor with the practice. Big mistake. At 8 1/2 months along I ended up switching doctors. The office is just run so poorly. Long waits, no calls back when you call, mistakes with billing, etc. Save yourself the headache. more

horrible office staff!! 7/2/2009

Bad: First time mother.... I left three messages asking for a nurse to call me about an urgent message, someone finally called me three days later after I had already been to the hospital..Office staff was very rude when I asked why no one called me back.. more

Excellent Docs and Staff! Highly recommended! 6/3/2009

I have been a patient of Dr. White's since I found out I was expecting my first child, almost four years ago. During the pregancy, I was under the care of Dr. White and Maggie (nurse practitioner) and my baby was delivered by Dr. Brandon. I have also had the opportunity to get to know many of the nurses and support staff. In my opinion the entire staff are incredibly knowledgeable, caring, and kind. Whenever I have an OB GYN related issue, I know I can trust these guys to 100%. more

Dr. White 5/27/2009

very good and caring doctor. more

Dr Miller is wonderful 1/20/2009

I met Dr Miller in Dec 07 and she turned out to be a wonderful doctor. She remembered information about me from visit to visit and was well organized. I continue to visit her now and will stay with her for our second child. As for the office staff, sometimes things seemed disorganized but they improved over the 9 month period I was visiting them. I think they have some new office staff and things are really improved! more

The Office Staff SUCKS! 1/8/2009

I don't know if this fish stinks from the head down, but all during my pregnancy I had staff cancel and schedule appointments, without calling first. I had tests put on the back burner until the last minute, and had not a single person in the office take ownership of their mistakes and actions. I was called by the wrong name by the doc I was seeing and was given VERY devistating news about my baby. A nurse there actually told me "Its too bad you're 7 months pregnant, you could have had an abortion" When I went for a second opinion, the doc told me that I should return to the specialist, because she wanted to be certain things were fine. The were. If I wasn't so far into my pregnancy I would have switched clinics. I would not take a dog I liked to this place! more

Good doctors TERRIBLE staff and nurses 11/3/2008

I had been a patient of North Seattle Women's for several years. It always seemed fine UNTIL something was actually wrong and I actually needed medical care and not just my annual visits. Several times since then I have experienced nurses refusing to give the medication that the DOCTOR prescribed, nurses not giving doctors messages, nurses outright lying about what care the practice offers, and a nurse calling me "overweight" when I am 126lbs and 5'6" tall. I will never go back there obviously. more
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