Coyote Ugly Nashville


154 Second Ave N
Nashville, TN 37201

(615) 254-8459
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Coyote Ugly Nashville - Nashville, TN
Coyote Ugly Nashville - Nashville, TN
Coyote Ugly Nashville - Nashville, TN
Coyote Ugly Nashville - Nashville, TN
Coyote Ugly Nashville - Nashville, TN
Coyote Ugly Nashville - Nashville, TN
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I was on a business vacation in Nashville and I went to downtown every night I was there. The place was packed and full of energy every night! It was definately a happening plac...


I was actually kind of seemed more like a strip club than I had thought. Mostly just 1 bartender on the bar doing her own thing.

Alot of fun 7/30/2010

We had a blast. when arriving in nashville for vacation we asked the hotel staff about it and they all said it was over rated but we would have to truely disagree. we had a blast. everyone was full of energy and having a great time. we recommend that you visit this for a night of fun. Pros: Full of energy and great staff Cons: alittle small more

Crazy, Stupid, Fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7/28/2009

I was on a business vacation in Nashville and I went to downtown every night I was there. The place was packed and full of energy every night! It was definately a happening place. I had a blast of fun! I wouldn't recommend going there if you're too calm and are easily offended. If you love to drink, dance, get crazy and shake it off on top of a bar without no care, then this is the place for you! Its just like the movie, the bartenders/waitresses do their ever so famouse coyote dance and call up all the girls to dance on the bar as well. I love Coyote Ugly! Definately going down in my book of memories! more

disrespectful and immature 6/21/2009

Walked Sunday around 9:30 and one of the coyote girls was behind the bar doing disgusting gestures with a small inflatable love doll. Now I was with my girlfriend whom is country and very old fashioned. We sat down and ordered a beer. The girl playing with the doll was talking on the microphone in a vulgar manner. I hadn't said a word to her when out of the blue she announces over the microphone that I look like I would be a dead fish. My girlfriend was offended and I was humiliated. Needless to say after I was disrespected and humiliated we hurried up with our beers and left. I thought this was supposed to be a southern-type saloon not Zanies comedy club. Hello! real southerners don't act like that! Me nor my friends will be back. And I will negatively blog this place to the best of my ability. Pros: none Cons: disrespectful and humiliating more

Total Waste 3/16/2009

I have taken my girlfriend to this C.U. on several occasions on the weekend when we have been in town. It is sort of amusing to watch people that think they need to be on the bar but don't. We are more people watchers than drinkers. Having said that. I have videos I have taken inside that show people falling down drunk and still being served. Now 2 weeks ago I was in town on business and went by (alone) to stop in to see what was going on. I had a couple of drinks earlier at the hotel bar but by no means was drunk. I was turned down at the door for being TOO INTOXICATED. I was like you have got to be kidding me. I could care less what this little fella thinks, but I was like I have witnessed people drunk as a skunk in there still being served and have videos of them. And watched girls so drunk they were about to fall off the bar and not told they need to leave. Double standards just a total waste of your time and money. Do not go to this location under circumstances. Trust me. We will not be back for any reason. Pros: They Serve Drunks Inside Cons: Overpriced and Extremely Cheesey more

Potty-Mouthed Tramps 2/25/2009

I recently moved to 2nd Av N, and continue to call to report the vulgar language that the "women" who work at this dive broadcast.. In order to "attract" customers on 1st Avenue N they have a speaker outside the building that blasts not only the music, but these "women's" attempts to be cute while using every 4-letter word they can think of. I don't think Nashville needs to be remembered by what tourists and residents alike hear from this dive while they are at Riverfront Park, or just walking on 1st Av N. I will continue to complain until they are forced to keep their "entertainment" confined within their establishment. Pros: None Cons: Potty-mouth tramps who work there more

Very rude staff 2/16/2009

I was very disappointed. The red headed door guy is so rude. He wouldn't allow us in because he claimed I was too intoxicated and I was not. I had only consumed one cocktail prior to going to coyote ugly. I was joking around and told the door guy that I was 19 years old. I am clearly not 19 years old, as I am 34. I was told before we went to coyote ugly, not to go, as they have a terrible reputation. Well I learned first hand. I have never been treated so badly in my life. Since Nashville has so many awesome establishments with live music, coyote ugly should be your last choice. Don't even waist your time Pros: none Cons: everything more

Abuse. Insults. Coercion. Really Bad Karaoke. Havin' Fun Yet? 11/22/2008

... a friend arrived in town and, as we were walking around Lower Broadway and 2nd, we decided to pop into C.U. Here's what happened: I stopped by the men's room - some one had taken a gigantic dump in the urinal. nice. that should tip you off to the type of crowd. we wander into the bar and are standing at a table near the bar. I ask my friend, " so do you want a beer or something harder?". While we debate beer, whiskey, vodka, etc ... the waitress is walking up and down the bar crucifying a Journey song. She then raises a bottle and makes some sort of unintelligible toast. She states that hardly anyone is drinking and of those who are, it looks like it's mostly women. She then BERATES HER CUSTOMERS for not drinking and for being freeloaders (yeah... she said "freeloaders"). whatever. she walks down toward our end of the bar, looks directly at us and as I'm about to ask for Vodka & 7, she goes off on a some kind of sarcastic monologue about how we men like to see "coyotes in their natural habitat" but that she is "not just performing for [her] health ... so buy a damn drink". Yeah. that's pretty much a direct quote. This has to be the worst bar I"ve been to in Nashville. If you've read everyone else's reviews you've probably figured out that the only people who will enjoy Coyote Ugly are those with a) more money than brains combined with b) a deep-seated desire to be verbally AND/OR physically assaulted. And that's what we call a good time out on the town folks! Not. We left and went back to Layla's ... cuz it's Music City, right. So go hear some real good music, friends. You'll thank yourself for it. (The only other thing I can't figure out, is with so many LOUSY reviews on this site, how is CU still getting 4.5 stars? ... hmmm) Pros: two exits Cons: uh... there is not any number of adjectives to sum up... more

Disappointing 10/12/2008

I was actually kind of seemed more like a strip club than I had thought. Mostly just 1 bartender on the bar doing her own thing. more

This place is a LOSER! 10/5/2008

This place is the over-priced tourist trap from hell! Don't waste your time and especially not your money! It's just awful! Pros: none Cons: you name it! more



if i could choose zero stars i would... 4/19/2008

Me and three friends were in town for a conference at the capital, we were excited to go to coyote ugky because we had never been, little did we know how HORRIBLE it would be.... red flag 1: we walked in and noticed we were the only women red flag 2: a man immediately approached us, before we were even seated, and asked if we wanted him to buy us beer, uhm no. red flag 3: all the bartenders were up on the bar dancing, none were serving patrons. red flag 4: one bartender looked directly at us and turned the other way. red flag 5: two barteders began giving "body shots," which looked more like groping and s e x, on top of the bar five feet from where we were sitting. and finally: as we left the bar, one of the negligent bartenders CHASED us while asking us what we wanted to drink. no thanks, you had your chance. we went down the street to graham central station and had the BEST time! Pros: nothing Cons: everything more


WOW COYOTE UGLIES in Nashville Ten is AMAZING My husband and I were there march 8 2008, and we had a blast this is our third CU bar that we have to, and by far our favorite the CU girls arw awesome entertainers I did not like the cocktails, but they were drinkable if used a straw ,and downed them quickly We cant wait to go back to CU in Nashville Beard from St Louis Mo Pros: fun crazy a good time be open mindede Cons: drinks not so hot more

Confused by reviews! 1/24/2008

I agree with last review had a blast last time I was there! Give it another chance. Will be back next time I am in TN. Girl's did a great job entertaining us all and getting everyone involved! more

Just like the movie 1/21/2008

Whats up with these reviews, been there several times. Never forced to dance on the bar, I did but wasn't forced. Was a night I will never forget. Had a wonderful time. No one tried to rip us off. Just had alot of fun. Maybe the people writing these reviews need to get out a little more. Not a bar for a stick in the mud. I'd love to be a COYOTE UGLY Pros: Wild and Fun Cons: Not enough seating more

Don't even bother 1/6/2008

I and my wife stopped by there during the Christmas holidays. I hadn't even had my first beer yet and the bartender ripped me off. She was dancing on the bar and she asked us what we wanted to drink. She climbed down off of the bar and gave us our two beers. Before I could give her my money she'd already hopped back up on the bar. I handed her a twenty and then she said to wait until she was finished dancing and she's bring me my change. Well she finished her dance, then walked over to me and asked for money to pay for the beers. I told her I already gave her a twenty and was waiting for my change. But she insisted that I hadn't paid her yet. Mind you I hadn't even finished my first beer and she was already ripping me off. We just left. We don't associate with thieves. But one thing is for sure. She did truly live up to the bar's namesake. Pros: It has a restroom Cons: Thieves run it more

Coyote Ugly? 12/13/2007

The coyotes are a bunch of butterfaces, and there are always some 40 somethings on the bar trying to relive her youth. Pros: Great Atmosphere Cons: Butterfaces, and old people more

Distgusting; out of control bar staff and bouncers 6/16/2007

First off, I wasn't to thrilled to be going to Coyote Ugly in the first place, but the majority of the group I was with wanted to go, so I tagged along. As soon as we got there, a bouncer was in our faces saying we (ladies) HAD to get up on the bar. I said no several times, but he tossed me up there anyway (he was HUGE guy). I had bruises on my upper arms from the guy. A girl in my group had recently had a child, and was very self conscious of her weight. The bouncer made her get up on the bar, but acted like it was a huge strain to lift her up there. She was mortified, nearly in tears. It was obvious that the primary reason why they want girls on the bar is so all the guys will rush up there to try to look up their skirts (and order a beer at the same time) Then the bartender realized that there was a bachelor party in the house. She took the bachelor's belt and strapped him to the bar, and playfully spanked him a few times, saying it was "punishment for the times he's made his fiance cry" Then the bartender loses it, beating him with her belt, over and over again. It got to the point where people in the crowd where asking, "where's security? what is her problem?" The bartender then ripped of the bachelor's boxers-while was was still clothed. She had his face pressed against the bar, so his protests went unheard. As soon as he was un-hooked from the bar, the poor bachelor and his party left. Needless to say, we left in a hurry and will never go back. The bouncer needs to learn what "no" means, and not force girls onto the bar to be ogled by drunken men if they don't want to. The bartender needs therapy and her waling papers. Overall, it was dark, all the bar tops were nasty and sticky, I was was overcrowded, and none of the men there were worth looking at (to be fair, I know Coyote Ugly can't control that part!) I would not be surprised if it only last a few more months. Don't waste your time. Pros: it is in a good location, but that's it Cons: the bar itself is a HUGE con! more

Don't get drunk, get ugly 12/14/2006

Great bar where the women rule. Plenty of eye-candy for the guys, but beware as the girls behind and in front of the bar control the atmosphere. Great biker bar feel. Staff are friendly and talented at song and dance. Not for all tastes, but a MOST see when in downtown. more

The best bar I have ever been to 9/17/2006

I LOVE THIS BAR!!!! Coyote Ugly is a great place. The food, the girls, and the rest of the staff are great. The girls are very friendly and make you feel very welcomed. I love to watch them dance on the bar and do their body shots. I would highly recommend this bar for anyone that lives or is visiting Nashville. It is like the movie, but the real thing is so much better. Pros: The girls, the bar, dancing Cons: Not enough places to sit more

Big, fat, hairy deal 7/24/2006

Watch drunk women dance with their clothes on -- to a juke box that you have to feed. Woo-hoo! Overpriced drinks, too. Pros: If you like to be groped by ugly women, go. Cons: No parking, too dark, way too loud more
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  • In Short
    This faux-dive chain, which features hot waitresses dancing on the bar and lip synching to loud rock and roll, is part of the ever-growing Coyote Ugly franchise made popular by the 2000 feature film of the same name. The playfully rowdy Nashville version, on heavily trafficked Second Avenue below Buffalo Billiard's, stays true to the concept, with added bits of country and western decor. The 8,000-square-foot main room features Nashville's longest bar at 108 feet.

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