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City Pet Center


504 S Haven St
Baltimore, MD 21224

(410) 732-8292
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I have been taking my dog to city pet center for 2 weeks now and she absolutely loves it there. I have never seen her get so excited to go anywhere until we started going to dayc...


This ""groomer"" has put my wife and I through a living hell. We dropped our cat off to get a simple bath. They said it would be 4 hrs and then he could be picked up. 4 hours late...

Worst Experience EVER!!!!! 6/7/2011

This ""groomer"" has put my wife and I through a living hell. We dropped our cat off to get a simple bath. They said it would be 4 hrs and then he could be picked up. 4 hours later they called my wife to ask if she could come help find him! After attempting to bath him in a room full of barking dogs they mishandled him and he escaped. It turns out there was an electrical junction box near the floor that not properly covered. He plunged through the hole in the drywall and has been missing for 4 days now. I could say so many things after dealing with these people since then but I will simply say DO NOT ever even consider taking your pets to these people. They are negligent, unprofessional, have no sense of urgency in finding our cat and worst of all the owner has been nothing but absolutely rude, uncaring and almost completely absent from our current nightmare. DO NOT PATRONIZE CITY PET CENTER. We may never get our boy back and it is ALL their fault more

I'm satisfied 11/29/2010

When my family has to travel we usually have our dog stay with friend. This year no one was available and I had to look at other options. I choose city pet center because of the good reviews and affordable cost. I wasn't disappointed. My dog came home to me smelling great and fairly happy. Because dog's love their owner's so much, kennels are hard on the animals. Thanks, CPC for making things easier for my dog. more

Jury is still out... 7/21/2009

I'm still not sure about this kennel after boarding my dog for 2 days/nights. I brought him in on a Friday at 4:00 and it was literally like a zoo in there. I asked to go back to the kennel with some young girl (with her belly hanging out of her shirt and wearing very short shorts) to say goodbye to my dog and ensure that he was given the kennel I asked for. He was placed in a smaller stacked kennel (not the glass front I was paying for) and I asked if he would be moved. They said he would, but I have no way of knowing that. When we went to pick him up 2 days later (during their Sunday hours), an assistant ran back to get him before I could ask to go back with him. My dog was WILD coming out of there (leading me to believe that he was not exercised that day at all). I asked for his items and a towel was lost. It turned out that the towel was being washed. I had just washed it prior to taking it in, so it was not soiled (furthermore, my dog is past the point of ""going"" in his crate).....this also leads me to believe that he ended up going in his crate and they washed the towel to hide the fact. They said that they sometimes wash the pet's items (also, only one towel was washed, not both that I left with him; why wash one and not the other?) We exercised him immediately and gave him bath....he's as good as new now. Again, I don't have solid proof that anything too shadey was going on, but some details just don't add up. That's enough for me to find a different place next time. Pros: Convenience Cons: Unprofessional more


I have been taking my dog to city pet center for 2 weeks now and she absolutely loves it there. I have never seen her get so excited to go anywhere until we started going to daycare. Wow she really loves it and is tired when i pick her up in the evening. Its a great place and she gets a free bath with her daycare package which is a big plus for me. Pros: affordable-clean-my dog is tired when she comes home more

will NEVER return 5/12/2009

I left my dogs there in the same kennel for a week. They had urine on them and were filthy when they were picked up. When I called the owner was EXTREMELY rude saying that it was my dog's fault and how dare I accuse her kennel of being dirty. Well, its dirty when your dogs come home in urine. She said my dogs ""peed all the time."" I doubt they were taken out the allotted times they say. I have never had any other kennel say this about my dogs. I will never take my dogs here again. Its a cheap kennel for a reason!! Cons: rude owners, dogs in bad condition more

Beware 4/22/2009

Would not recommend! To many other nice places to kennel my dog. Owner ""Karen"" is rude. No customer relations here. Cons: Owner is rude, uncompassionate! more

Friendly and helpful! 3/21/2009

Left my 2 dogs there for a few days and was very impressed. When I toured the building I couldn't believe a place full of animals could be kept so neat and clean. All the dogs seemed happy and comfortable and I felt very good about leaving my 2 dogs. Pros: excellent cleanliness Cons: meter parking only more

My Dog is Currently int he Emergency Room 12/30/2008

I left my dog with City Pet Center over the 2008 holiday (10 days total). I picked him up last night, and at the kennel he seemed kind of lethargic. I chalked it up to him being homesick and sad about his bath earlier that day (he's not a fan of baths). When I got him home, he would not get out of the car or even stand up. I then notices a puncture wound on one of his back knees, oozing infection. I lifted him out of the car, and walked him home. He limped the 1/2 block to the house, and had loose stool 2 times. He went straight to bed when he got home, and I proceeded to examine him and clean his wound. He seemed bony, and as if he had a fever. All of his joints were scabbed over as if he has been sleeping on concrete (I had brought a nice, thick bed with him to the kennel). He was also dehydrated. Pros: Close to downtown Cons: The neglected and injured my dog more

Not just your ""ordinary"" boarding kennel! 12/27/2008

What an awsome place! I needed a place to keep my dogs for the Christmas holiday while we were out of town. It was a little last minute and I called every place nearby, just going down the list in the yellowpages. At City Pet Center I was told they were full, but they were kind enough to put me on a waiting list. Someone actually called me to say a spot had become available! When I went in to drop off the dogs I asked to see where they would be staying. I got a full tour of the building, including the neat little indoor area where they go potty. It's really just like being outside with gravel covering the floor and a bunch of built in drains. They just scoop, rinse, and it's clean for the next dog! I've never seen anything like it, very cool! The kennel where my dogs were kept was very large, the front all made of plexiglass so they could see out. They got to go to a playroom 3 times a day where they could play with other social dogs. My one dog is a bit shy with other dogs, so the employees spent some time playing with her themselves so she could be properly excercised. I really couldn't be more pleased with the place, and I know my dogs had a great time! Pros: easy to find location, helpful and friendly employees, great care for the animals Cons: n/a more

First time customer, very happy!! 12/23/2008

Our 3 dogs recently stayed at City Pet Center. A friend of ours recommended the place and I am so glad we left them there. We were away for a week and a half and while boarding our youngest dog became very ill. The caring staff noticed right away when he was not feeling well and called me. At that point it did not seem serious, I asked them to keep an eye on him and keep in touch to let me know how he was doing. Late in the evening, after regular business hours, he took a turn for the worse and the staff made the decision to get him medical treatment right away. Thank goodness they did! The vet discovered that he has a rare condition affecting his liver. Had City Pet Center not taken the time to get him to the vet he would have died. After he was released from the vet, the girls at City Pet took excellent care of him, making sure he was kept quiet and comfortable and given his meds. They called me every day to let me know how he was doing. I cut my trip short by a few days, but when I got there and realized how well he was doing I realized that it was unnecessary. During a follow up visit at my vet, I was told that I should be very grateful I left the dogs at City Pet and not one of those ""regular"" boarding places where the dogs are just tossed in cages and forgotten about. Thanks again, ladies, for a job well done. Bullwinkle, Pixie, & Kaylee say thank you too! Pros: The staff really pays attention to the animals in their care! more

Our dog's home away from home 12/23/2008

I can't say enough great things about CPC. Our dog has been going to CPC for her entire life, almost 5 years, and she is truly treated like a member of the family there. The staff has always gone out of their way to pamper our dog, give her breakfast if she was too excited to eat, trim her nails for us if they get too long, make sure she has toys to play with if we have to board her for the weekend. She always has a great time at doggie daycare, she goes a few times a week -- she gets so excited as soon as our car pulls up to the door. (and she sleeps like a rock at the end of the day!) The staff has been amazing over the years, staying a few minutes late if we are stuck in traffic, thinking ahead and reserving our dog a kennel for the holidays, and even offering a warm place to stay for newborn kittens we found in our backyard! Above and beyond! I recommend CPC to anyone who wants a clean, bright, friendly, happy doggie daycare/boarding facility with a staff that truly will treat you dog like their own. Pros: clean, spacious, lots of options Cons: n/a more

Excellent service and quality, you get what you pay for and then some! 12/22/2008

My wife and I took our dog in the other day after he'd been given a bad grooming job at a different place. They fixed him up and made him look and smell ever so much better. They fit us in for an appointment at the last minute. Even though they were obviously very busy, they took care of him right away and we were able to get him back within just a couple of hours. We will not be going anyplace else ever again. Pros: friendly, easy to get an appointment, great grooming Cons: n/a more

If there truly is a doggie heaven, I think it's here..... 12/22/2008

I have been boarding and having my dog groomed there for several years, both at the old location and new one. The staff is always so friendly and helpful, the place clean beyond all expectations. Most importantly the dogs all seem to be happy to be there. My dog is older and has a special diet and meds that need to be given, these are all critical to her health. I have total faith that her needs will be met while she's there. They also have an open door policy, anyone can have a tour and see that all the animals are well cared for at all times. There was one groomer there for a while who I must say was a bit sloppy, but the groomer who wasat the old location on Eastern Avenue is back and I could not be more happy. She always does the hair exactly like we want, and my dog is so clean and fresh the good smell lasts for days. She also always gets her done pretty quickly. I used to go to Petsmart and they would keep the dog sometimes for 8 hours. That has never happened at City Pet Center, unless I just can't come back for her right away. In those cases I know she is kept happy and comfortable until I return. He tail always wags when we pull up outside and she can't wait to get in, this is all I need to see to keep taking her back! Pros: clean, friendly staff, quality care, excellent grooming more

Sweet smelling puppies and a great Staff 12/21/2008

You go girls I too board and have my dogs groomed at City Pet. Pros: FUN PLACE more

I LOVE THIS PLACE 12/21/2008

I'm glad someone finally spoke up - this place is great . I agree with buehla only someone with out a clue or an ax to grind would write such junk. My dogs have been going there for at least 2 years I own a large locale restaurant and my Vet recommended the place. I needed a safe fun place for my guys to run and play with friends. Pros: Freindly Staff Cons: N/A more

Fun Friendly and furry 12/21/2008

I've been taking my dogs there for over 4 years whether its for a bath, boarding or doggy day care I have never been dissapointed. I'm not easy to please when it comes to my babies. Sadly a few bad reviews ,one from a disgruntled ex-employee should not sway you. My dog Zoe has been going to doggy day care there since she was a pup. Its ashame that a forum such as this one thats supposed to be used to inform the public, can also be used to air lies. Don't believe the negative. Pros: Great for socializing and comfort of mind that your baby is having fun more

Beware: Awful dog kennel, do not go. 12/21/2008

I had a bad experience here with my dog. We left him there for a week in November 2008. They said they would allow him to play with other dogs in the ""daycare,"" but I really have no way of telling if he did get to play or not. Also, this is an indoor-only kennel. The dogs do not get walked. They don't go outside to relieve themselves. They say they take them into some room that has pebbles so they can relieve themselves there. I did not get to see this room. Cons: They don't take good care of your dog. more

Not the place if you are a concerned pet owner 12/1/2008

This is not the place if you are genuinely concerned about the welfare of your pet. The owner - Kim has a real issue with having to answer concerned owners questions. She doesn't like repeating herself. My dog came home with a sore on his mouth and a pink eye. I inquired about the injuries I saw on my dog when I picked him up, and was told by Kim that I was being too picky and pushy. Cons: customer service is horrible. They seem to be very secretive when you ask them if they are hiding something. more


the owner has her employess children working there at age 13 and up. the employess all of them do not be mistaken including owners are abusing these pets. i know longer work there and can speak now i quit . i couldnt take watching it any more. the animals are locked in at 7pm final for the night pitch dark , the employees often forget or are just to lazy to even give the dogs water before leaving for the night. they use the bathroom on there self's and have to stand in it all night there paws are sore and wet in the morning. the paws of the dogs are washed to keep owners of knowing right before they go home so if you leave your dog there a week there paws stay like that with body fluids on them untill the last day.they are fed once a day and they lie and tell the customers 3times a day ect...not true. if your dog has medicine stay away from city pet they will forget or lose your dogs medicine..9 times out of ten. the food sent for your dog is NEVER given to them . they keep it and give your dog generic dry food even if they have a special diet.the dogs in the kennels never get out even when you pay for ""play time"" ....thats a complete rip off the dogs go to the bathroom and right back in the kennel. sometimes you might pay for an exspensive kennel and they will give your dog a cage thatmost likely way to small for its body and they cant even turn around. i hae seen dogs get knee'd in the jaw ect. they lie and say someone is there at night incase a dog uses the bathroom or needs water NOT TRUE go ahead and see the building is dark and unattened. please people if you care about your pet stay away from here any chance they get to take your money and abuse your animal they will.. i recomend dogma for grooming...and find someone else to board!!!!!!! more

great doggie day care- below average grooming 10/6/2008

Our dogs always come home happy and they always get excited when they arrive at City Pet. However, the dogs have come home with extreme dandruff and itchy due to not all the soap being rinsed out... Pros: great service Cons: grooming needs improvement more
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